First Day of School

Well, I’m officially a student again!  I LOVE SCHOOL!!!


While I’ve been on campus for about two weeks doing some early research stuff (that’s a technical term), today was my first day of classes.  It’s amazing how the campus suddenly has so many more people in it!  Finding a parking space in the garage was a bit more difficult, and the line for food at the union was incredibly long.

Yesterday, I visited the athletic facilities for my first workout on campus.  I realized that they were having some “Welcome Week” activities around the complex.  In the gym was FREE FOOD! (YAY COLLEGE! FREE FOOD!)  So I picked up some dinner.


Gotta love the gym giving away such healthy foods. (not!)  At least I got a free gaudy orange frisbee!!

Also going on outside the gym was a fair for the different athletic clubs for people to join.  Ah, to be back in college and participating in extracurricular activities.  I was pretty active during undergrad with the Purdue Bells (handbell group) and my sorority.   As I was looking at these clubs, I kept thinking of how my priorities have shifted.  Now my husband is my extracurricular activity . . . wait, that sounds weird.  What I mean is that when I come home at night, I want to snuggle with Matt and April, go on walks and runs with them, curl up on the couch, not necessarily rush off to some practice or meeting.  It’s not that I can’t do anything else, I’m just afraid of overextending myself.  I decided that this first semester is going to be crazy busy with three classes, research, house hunting, and half-marathon training, therefore I’ll hold off on adding too much more to the mix.

Anyway, hooray for back to school!  I felt so silly in my one and only class today.  I was the only PhD student, and when we had to say where we were from, I said “Well . . . I’m originally from Cincinnati.”  It’s been a while since having introductions of “Name, hometown, major”. 

Tomorrow is my long day of classes.  Perhaps there will be more women in those classes . . .

Did you participate in extracurriculars in college?  What about now if you’re out of college?

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  1. Um, that hot dog doesn’t look very burnt…

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