If you’ve clicked over here, then you must be a stalker!  HA!  Just kidding, you’re just curious.  Don’t worry, I’m nosy, too!!  My name is Anne, and welcome to my blog.  I originally started blogging at TheFitBridesmaid, Click my Wedding Page for details on that fabulousness.

Now onto the honeymoon!  My husband, Matt, and our little dog, April, and I just moved from Boston, Mass to Knoxville, Tenn so that I could begin work as an engineering doctoral student.   This blog is about documenting our lives whether they be about food, fitness, or football.  Enjoy!

The Cutest Dog in the World

  1. YAY!! Your new blog! Love it and love the wedding picture. You looked stunning!

    • Thanks!! So glad that I found your new one, too! Be prepared for some picture heavy recaps. Just awaiting on the CD from the photographer!

  2. I love the new blog layout and I’m so happy to see your wedding was a success! Nothing but best wishes for you two :)

    • Thanks!! I’m sorry to hear that your time at Purdue is coming to an end. I’m sure Penn State is to you what Purdue is to me. But I’m glad that you’re embracing the changes and moving on. That is such a courageous move.

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