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Chewing and New Food

Oh the joys of puppy parenthood.  We left April alone on Thursday, and she found some new “chew toys”.

My flower girl basket that I’ve had for 27 years.

The DVD player / surround sound remote (it needed to be replaced anyway).

We have no learned our lesson.  The house is pretty much clutter-free now!  ARGH!  Thank goodness she’s going to day care three days a week.

Moving on to food . .

The other day I had this random idea to take some pasta roni (parmesan flavor) and add some tuna, peas, and spinach.  Voila!  DINNER!

Since I had the peas, tuna, and spinach, it used some food, and was super easy!  I should do things like this more often.

What are some of your new foods or fast and easy foods that you’ve tried recently?

And since you might have been wondering where I’ve been all weekend, it was bells.  Handbell concert Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  I spent all day Saturday at WGBH studios (five minutes from my house! WOO HOO!) recording for our new handbell CD.

I recorded a CD my freshman year at Purdue, but this was WAY more intense.  We spent about 45 minutes on each song doing different takes.  It was exhausting work!  We spent 6 hours recording 9 songs!  We will probably go in again this summer and finish it.

Hark How the Bells

Another busy weekend, but bells is over!  We played at two gorgeous venues this weekend.  Here are a few pictures:

M decided to try out the crockpot first, so I came home to a cuban pork roast.

It was okay.  Very moist, but not very flavorful, considering it had been marinating overnight.  I ended up having a bit with some Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce.

My mom and stepdad came to the concert on Sunday, and my mom gave me a tree skirt that she had finally finished making for me.  TA DA!

So plan for the week:  first of all, stop with the snacking!  All weekend I was very into eating cookies at our concert receptions.  Luckily, they are finished, so no more temptation (until our cookie swap on Thursday).

Monday: running (since tap is canceled)

Tuesday: personal training

Wednesday: ballet

Thursday: lifting

Friday: running

Saturday: rest?

Sunday: lifting


Busy Busy Busy

Sorry to be MIA for a few days.  It has been a bit crazy with bells and visitors and work and the like.  So here’s a recap of what I’ve been doing:

First of all, Thursday I actually got up EARLY (for those of you who don’t know me, I am NOT a morning person) and went to the gym.  Look here’s the clock in my car on the way there:

At the gym I did one of my PT routines that has a lot of jumping in it (one legged jumps up on bench, jump squats, and jump rope).  So I was inspired to listen to the “Jump” songs on my iPod.   I have FIVE songs that start with JUMP:

  • Jump (For My Love)
  • Jump in the Line (think Beetlejuice)
  • Jump Jive An’ Wail
  • Jump On It
  • Jumper

I especially was inspired by “Jump (for my love)”, which reminded me of Hugh Grant in “Love Actually”.  (LOVE THAT MOVIE)

After working out, I decided to be adventurous and try a new recipe (part of my December Goals).  So I went with a bowl of oatmeal based on Susan’s Best Bowl of Oatmeal Ever.  Here’s my creation:

It included:

  • 3/4 c. oats
  • 3/4 c. milk (I learned don’t listen to what the back of the canister says, it has 2x as much milk and ended up with milk oats)
  • 1 tbsp. of cashew butter
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Sweetened coconut

Well, it was okay.  I have decided that I’m not very sure about the cashew butter.  Therefore I must figure out what to do with the remainder of the jar.  Also, it was very filling.  I ate about 2/3 of the what’s in the bowl.  Although I wasn’t full all the way until lunch.  I DID NOT include protein powder.  I am still undecided as to its nutritional validity.  Also I don’t have it, and it’s expensive!

For lunch I had my leftover Chinese from Wednesday:

Then . . . my roomie from Purdue came into town (for a night after work stuff) and we got to hang out!  YAY!!  We took her to one of my our favorite restaurants “La Casa De Pedro”, where I had Camarones Tropicales de Kristofer

Shrimp in half coconut shell with coconut sauce, yucca, beans and rice, and plantains!  SOO GOOD!

Afterwards, we returned home to watch some college football, chat and drink some wine!  YES WE FINISHED THE WHOLE BIG BOTTLE!

Friday morning came way to early.  Took Kathleen to the airport, reported to work and had 3 hours of post-disaster assessment training, and then SUSHI FRIDAY!  Anyone who wants to can put in $10 and we get TRAYS of sushi from Whole Foods!  Here’s my  plate:

Friday evening had bell concert in Keene, NH.  Then Saturday bell concert in Bedford, MA.  THEN I drove in the snow (really not a great night for driving) out to my mom’s to watch the ACC football championship (Clemsoooon! lost). 

Also, I had my mom measure my BM dress for a hem.  And we discussed jewelry and what not.  I asked her about the top being big and she replied “Actually, this dress is too big for you!”  YAY!!  Of course, now I just have to have it modified so that it doesn’t fall down and give everyone a show!

We woke up to the first dusting of snow for the season:

M and I went for a quick 20 minute jog Sunday morning, lunch with the folks, then back on the road.  Bell concert in Westborough.  And now it’s Monday . . . BOO!!!

Plan for the week:

Monday: Tap

Tuesday: Training

Wednesday: Ballet

Thursday: Lifting

Friday: running

Saturday: Lifting

Sunday: rest

Pretty aggressive . . .

Also, I can now announce what was my “upsetting news” from Wednesday.  My brother, who is a Marine, informed us that he will be deployed in late winter.  Not surprising news after the announcement by President Obama, but upsetting nonetheless.  He survived his first 7 month tour in Iraq two years ago.  And we always thought that he would have a second tour, but weird things went on.  Anyway, he was going to re-enlist, but become a corrections officer, which doesn’t involve involuntary deployment.  Now plans change . . . please keep him in your prayers for the next year.

Thanksgiving Foods Part 1

Busy weekend.  Saturday woke up about 10ish to go to the gym where I did one of my personal training exercises.  I did the HARD routine involving pullups and dips!  Sore!  Stats: 48 minutes, 383 calories, 135 avg HR, 170ish max. Then quickly came home to get ready for bells rehearsal in Greenfield.

Saturday night I got home in time to watch a bit of football.  Really what did we do?  Maybe watch a movie.  I know we ended up watching the highlights from the day.  The ESPN ticker was stuck on the Purdue vs. IU score for about an hour!  Must have been happy that Purdue won!  =-)

Sunday, made M go running for 20 minutes.  Actually it started with a walk up the HUGE hill right by our house, and then walk/run for about 17 minutes. Stats:  about 200 calories, 180 max HR, 150 avg HR, 22 minutes. My calves are killing me today!  Seriously, I almost couldn’t walk since my legs refuse to bend!  Must stretch a bit better next time.  Probably didn’t help that I then spent a few hours in heels during our FIRST BELLS CONCERT OF THE SEASON!! 

Anyway, while I was gone, M was home experimenting with sweet potatoes.  Since he is from the south, he enjoys sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.  My family usually does not have them, so I decided we should make some for him this year (since he’ll be joining us.)  He called his family and got two recipes: “Sweet Potato Balls” and “Sweet Potato Casserole”.  The recipe for Sweet Potato balls was a big vague (a bit of this, a bit of that, add to taste).  So he did a trial run of the casserole.  It’s basically a bit of mashed sweet potatoes, covered in brown sugar, pecans, coconut, and butter.  Here’s a picture of the final product:

Notice the fork in the dish.  We would go by the stove and take bites.  Finally he put it away.  The sweet potato to topping ratio definitely rules out any definition of this casserole as “healthy”.  In fact, it almost makes it a dessert.  We might try to add more sweet potatoes when we make it on Thursday. 

I also had an experiment in the kitchen last night.  Since we had turkey left over from Practice Thanksgiving I decided to make Turkey Tettrazinni from “Clean Eating”.  Here’s the finished product (looks rather brown) and then my lunch for today:

I actually did a half recipe (since the turkey stockpile had dwindled), but included the full amount of carrots, peas, and mushrooms to bulk it up.  I had a bite this morning.  I’m not sure about it.  There’s a weird taste (maybe the thyme?) that I’m not crazy about.  Maybe more salt/pepper will help. 

Plan for the week:

Monday: Tap (unless it’s cancelled, I should check)

Tuesday: Personal trainer (lifting)

Wednesday: running before DRIVING TO THE BEACH!

Thursday: THANKSGIVING! (maybe a walk if it’s nice)

Friday: if it’s nice, a run outside

Saturday: driving back from Thanksgiving

Sunday: lifting

Here’s to another great week!


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