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Another Month, Another List

Another month, another list of things to do.

It’s like the list of tasks come down the queue!

Another month, another list of things to do.

At night I dream of them; it’s true!

Oh, yeah, I’m the REAL MCCOY!

It’s February and it’s going to be a BUSY MONTH!!  Here’s the updated master Excel sheet:

I’ve received parts of the invitations and started assembling them.  I even went to the craft store yesterday to pick up some more glue, so that I can work on them while we’re snowed in (insert diatribe about how much snow Boston has already received and will again get tomorrow!).  At the end of the month, we’re traveling to Cincinnati for a big wedding trip.  We’ll be having hair and make-up trials, premarital counseling, and tasting food.  Also planned?

YAY!!  My awesome bridesmaids are putting on a bridal shower!!  I can’t wait!  That means that the wedding might actually be coming soon!  Not much else to report.  Just stressing about how much needs to be done, how I need to go to the gym, how the snow just won’t quit, etc.

How about a cute picture of April?

She likes to pretend that she’s human and chill in the car.  It may be difficult to tell, but her arm is actually resting ON the arm rest.  I finally got a picture of it.

Always Look on the Bright Side

I’ve been having a crappy few days.  I had to get fitted for my crown on Tuesday, and I ended up crying at the dentist.  It hurt so bad.  I ended up taking the rest of the day off.  However, I’ve decided to look on the brighter side of things.  Here goes the eternal optimist:

  • Wednesday night brought my return to personal training.  I’ll be going once per week for the rest of the year.  I love my trainer and our sessions.  Of course, I haven’t been able to walk for a two days now!  We did step ups, side squats, and wall sits.  I seriously could barely walk down the stairs to do my laundry.  I LOVE FEELING SORE!
  • Thursday night, Matt had to work late, so it was up to me to take April on her long evening walk.  Unfortunately it’s getting late in the year, and the sun is going down by 6:30pm now.  (In the winter, it’s about 4pm.)  I had to find a new path that had lights.  We actually did a nice 2 mile walk in 60 minutes in a big loop around our area.  It was actually a really nice change of pace.


Is April a cat or a dog?


  • Since I had to walk the dog (and was feeling pretty crappy due to allergies), Matt brought home dinner!  Okay, okay, McDonald’s isn’t the best, but at least it was the kids meal.  And it came in a fun bucket:
  • Mr. Potato Head Halloween Bucket

    And speaking of Mr. Potato Head, guess who won Structural Ingenuity and Juror’s Favorite at Canstruction!  WE DID WITH OUR MR. POTATO HEAD


  • My birthday flowers have opened up and they are gorgeous!

Pretty Flowers

And when my florist wants to know what I mean by BIG OPEN ROSES!  I’ll show them this picture.  They just make me happy.

  • I don’t have much to do at work.  So I come home a bit early today and finished up my BM project:

Yup, that's my foot!

And with that, it’s time to go head to the airport to visit Jen and Jan (along with Kathleen) in Minneapolis!  YAY FOR A GIRLS WEEKEND!

MOH comes to visit!

This past weekend, my maid of honor (and college roommate for five years), Kathleen, came to visit in Boston.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Boston College football game (they barely beat Kent State)

Boston College Football Game

Don’t you love the view from our seats?  (If I haven’t mentioned yet, we have season tickets to BC).  Kathleen can fully credit herself with getting me into college football.  While my dad was a football (and baseball) coach, and I went to almost every single high school football game, I never truly understood the ins and outs or cheered very hard.

After the game, we returned home and invited some friends over to chat, eat, drink, and watch (what else) more football!!  Emily and Jon brought over Trouble, so the dogs had a great time.

April and Trouble

Sorry it’s so blurry!  They were going fast! (Had nothing to do with wine that I imbibed).

There they go!

I was trying to get a picture of them “sharing” a bone a la “Lady and the Tramp”.  It was so funny!

Speaking of my crazy dog, let’s discuss her antics over the past weekend.  I have now learned that dogs have a surge of energy when the weather gets cooler (similar to our spring fever).  In the summer, the weather can be too hot for them, and they get worn out.  April has shown us her energy in the form of going bonkers at 5, 6, 7 am.  She wakes up and wants attention.  When she can’t find one of us and wants us to give her attention, she does something bad.  Sunday morning (note that all of this is AFTER her 3.5 mile run with Matt), we found our dining room like this:

Shredded Paper Towel Roll

Shredded cardboard box

This was her third cardboard box for the weekend.  Thank goodness I don’t need to return those clothes to J. Crew!

Anyway, I’ve just spent 5 hours working on a wedding project.  I’ll post about it pretty soon.  Here’s a hint:

What's in the box?

A box arrived from Vistaprint on Monday!  What do you think it is? (And if your my FB friend, you already know!)

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Everybody remember this viral website from back in the day?  I can remember looking at it in Jen’s apartment while doing like our materials homework sophomore year of college.

Anyway, this has been a main staple in our house for the past two months.  Basically, we’re lazy and don’t want to make food.  So we have this multiple times per week.

My PB&J is made with smooth peanut butter and grape jelly on whole wheat.  For some reason, strawberry just doesn’t belong on a PB&J.  I enjoy strawberry on toast or in my oatmeal, though.  Mmmm strawberry jam or preserves will suffice.

What’s on your PB&J?

I really need to get back to making food.  This is too convenient!

How was your weekend? Let’s back up to Saturday morning.  April woke up about 6:15, and I decided to be nice and let Matt sleep.  So we did a nice slow walk/jog for 3.5 miles.  All I could think about was returning to my bed.  Upon returning home at 8am, I crawled back in bed until 1:30pm!  HOLY COW! I know we didn’t go to sleep until after midnight, but still!

What’s the latest that you’ve ever slept?

After putzing around, we made our way to a new dog walking path at Fresh Pond.  It’s a 2.25 mile loop around a big pond in Cambridge.  I tried to take a picture of the view across the pond, but the camera would only focus on the fence.

Those two tall buildings in the background are the Prudential Building and the John Hancock Tower.

Action shot of April and Matt:

She loved how many dogs we saw on the path.  And they were all so friendly.

The path also took us by the Cambridge Water Works, which I thought was a cool building.

After our walk, Matt and I head out to dinner and some shopping at Michael’s.  I don’t think boys understand the awesomeness of craft stores.

Why were we at Michael’s?  Getting some wedding centerpiece mock-up stuff.  I went out to my mom’s Sunday afternoon to work on the centerpieces for my grandmother’s birthday party and for our wedding.  Stay tuned for the progress we’ve made.  I’ll post it tomorrow (AKA later today).

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Dog Day Afternoon (& Evening)

Before I start blabbing on about my dog again (are you sick of her yet?  I’m not, although maybe I was Saturday afternoon.  See below for further details).

First thing’s first:  WE’VE BEEN BLOGGED!  Sneak peeks of our engagement pictures are up on my photographer’s blog, Fyrefly.  This one is my favorite:

Oh yeah, and my wedding planner even got in on the blogging action! We’re so popular! You know what else is funny?  My mom commented on the photographer’s blog, and she told me “That’s my first time blogging!”  So cute!

Anyway, back to discussions on my dog!  DOG PARK!! I mentioned that Saturday we went to a dog park with some friends to let April and Trouble run around.  See, we’re working on her recall.  She was absolutely perfect at our usual place (four enclosed tennis courts), so we graduated to a giant dog park.  Unfortunately, the dog park is huge and has woods on one side.  I’d never walked the perimeter, so I was very afraid that there was a hole in the fence.  After meeting and playing with the dogs there, April decided to take a walk in the woods THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE PARK.  Me being an over-protective dog mommy, followed her little jaunt.  I was so afraid that we would lose sight of her and she would be off down the streets of Newton.  Have I mentioned how fast she can run?  Anyway, her recall was nonexistent, but Emily and Jon assured me that with all of the distractions, they weren’t sure if Trouble would be able to respond to being called back.  Oh well, we didn’t lose her!  Here she is after we’d been there a while and new dogs showed up!

Then she decided to wander off alone again (day care tells us that she started doing this.  I guess we have an Independent Woman!)

And the resulting scratches all overmy legs from following her through the woods.  Thank goodness I’m not allergic to poison ivy!

Tonight we went to Yappier Hour at the Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston.  It’s a pet friendly hotel, that has a happy hour every Wednesday where you can bring your dog.  There were so many people and dogs there!  Even big dogs!

That’s our friend, Rachel, with “her” German shepherd, Dash.  (She helps to train dogs that will eventually be “assistant dog”, like seeing eye dogs, etc.)  April was pretty tired and hungry from day care, so she and Matt sometimes went off on their own.

And of course the most popular place to be was near the people with food!

It was a pretty neat event, especially if you have a dog in the city.  If we go again, we’ll make sure to eat before we go downtown.  Matt was not so happy about having his dinner hour pushed back.


Lazy Weekend

We’ve had a nice relaxing weekend.  It’s still hot in Boston, so enjoying our time in front of a fan has been nice.

Saturday I got a haircut (growing it out for the next ten months, so just a trim):

Then we saw Inception

Great movie!  Loved the end! I also found it very easy to follow.  I won’t say any more, although I don’t know how much I’d give away.

Sunday we went down to the Esplanade for the AccesSport America Mayor’s Cup Regatta.  Despite being a very warm day, the breeze off of the Charles River made it so nice, especially in the shade.

We found a bench right on the water and watched the race.

Our team did pretty well.  They got 9th out of 30!  And they whooped the women’s hockey team that they rowed against in their heat.

April also had a good time chewing on her bone in the shade:

And playing with Trouble and other dogs as well.

Dog pile!

We walked back through the Boston Garden, ate some lunch at Boloco (burritos) outside, and returned home.  Matt and April are now pooped from our 4 hour outing and taking a nap!  A tired puppy is a happy puppy!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far!

Let's Make a Meal

Matt and I made another trip to BJ’s for some more sweet tea (yes, my Southern boy is obsessed), and I found something tasty for dinner:

Grilled chicken and mozzarella ravioli!

When we got home, we were both hungry, but didn’t have any sort of sauce to put on it.  What did we do?  Improvised!

We took some soup that Matt has yet to eat for lunch.  And voila!  A tasty meal in 20 minutes!

What you can’t see under the ravioli are my peppers and onions that I defrosted to add some veggies.  It was pretty good!  Might try some actual tomato sauce or a pesto next time though.

We took April to an enclosed tennis court to work on the “come” command and to let her run.  I just wanted to show you guys just how fast this girl can go (and why we can’t let her off lead outside of an enclosed space):

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a huge, deluge of rain on Saturday, and then back to hot on Sunday.

A Plethora of Fruits and Veggies

Ahh, with the horrible heat and the amazing availability of produce (combined with my lack of eating them recently), I woke up this morning with a plan!


Green monster!

Like my pudding maker that doubles as a to-go cup?  Inside it are two cups of spinach, one cup of skim milk, one tablespoon of peanut butter, one banana, and one tablespoon of ground flax.


No picture, but it was a 6″ sweet onion chicken teryaki with onions, green peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce.  I’m sure you know what it looks like.


Slow cooker chicken with chipotle salsa, corn, and black beans.  Garnished with avocado (a necessity!).  Served over brown rice.  Mmmm.


This lifting session almost killed my arms:

  • Push, press, fly with cable, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Tricep pull with cable, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Axe chop (low to high) with 12lb medicine ball, 12X each side
  • Single leg squats, 12X each leg
  • Push ups (the big girl kind!) 12X
  • Bicep curls with squats, made harder by doing it on an upside down Bosu ball, 12lb weights, 12X
  • Bicycle situps, 12X
  • Burpees, 12X
  • Single arm rows, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Repeat 3X

Woo, my arms were pretty tired!  And my legs after those burpees.  Glad our gym has A/C!!  I was rather wet.

Evening Snack:

Strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar.  Rather Patriotic, no?  Red strawberries, white hand, blue bowl!  Oh yeah!

And guess who wanted to cuddle when we got home?

See my sweaty nastiness after the gym?  But she just wanted to cuddle!!  So adorable!

How many colors have you had today?

I guess I’m missing some orange.  Should go eat some baby carrots.

She is one HOT DOG!

Seriously, feel bad for us my dog!  It is freaking HOT in Boston!  The high today at Logan Airport reached 100 degrees for the first time in EIGHT YEARS!  And, no, we don’t have air conditioning.  Since it’s Tuesday, April stayed home by herself today.  And I’m guessing that a lot of dog naps occurred.  She has been in a position similar to this all night:

What you can’t see in the picture is her panting like a maniac!  To help ease the heat, we have multiple fans going around the house.  Also, her water bowl is constantly being filled with ice cubes.  We switched out her hour long evening walk and short night walk so that we walked in the dark, when it was only 84, not 98 degrees!  Also, my friend reminded me of a frozen dog treat, so I picked some up on the way home:

Mmm!  Peanut butter ice cream for dogs!  She loved it. The funniest part was her trying to lick it out of the bowl, and with every lick, the bowl moved away from her.  Eventually is was stopped  by the edge of the wood floor.  Silly puppy!

Let’s hope this heat wave ends and ends soon, although I’m not holding out hope for it.

No Plans Weekend

Wow, what a relaxing weekend.  I had almost ZERO plans!

Friday night

A friend of mine that danced with me in high school (that I haven’t seen in like 8 years) was in Boston for work.  I love living in a city that people like to come to for entertainment/business.  I forgot to take a picture of us while she was here, but I found a really old picture:

That’s Anne and Stephanie, June 1998, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We were there for dance nationals!  I can’t believe I found this picture so easily.


April woke up for her morning walk at 5:45am.  We were trying to ignore her, but it was difficult.  Since Matt has taken her EVERY day, I let him sleep and went on a nice three mile walk/jog.  So pretty at 6am!

Saturday afternoon we finally got our membership at BJ’s (wholesale store).  It just opened up literally across the street from my office, so I figured we should get a membership.  However our first BJ’s adventure wasn’t that lucrative:

We like peanut butter (and filtered water).  What do you get at a wholesale club? I need to make this membership fee worth it!

Saturday night we went on our weekly date.  Dinner at Bertucci’s and then TOY STORY 3 IN 3D!!!!  So awesome!  Totally lived up to the first two, and almost made me cry!


I did four loads of laundry, played with money, and did more kettlebells at the gym.  Seriously not much to show for the day.  So I will leave you with a super cute video of April and her stuffed animal squirrel:


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