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Chewing and New Food

Oh the joys of puppy parenthood.  We left April alone on Thursday, and she found some new “chew toys”.

My flower girl basket that I’ve had for 27 years.

The DVD player / surround sound remote (it needed to be replaced anyway).

We have no learned our lesson.  The house is pretty much clutter-free now!  ARGH!  Thank goodness she’s going to day care three days a week.

Moving on to food . .

The other day I had this random idea to take some pasta roni (parmesan flavor) and add some tuna, peas, and spinach.  Voila!  DINNER!

Since I had the peas, tuna, and spinach, it used some food, and was super easy!  I should do things like this more often.

What are some of your new foods or fast and easy foods that you’ve tried recently?

And since you might have been wondering where I’ve been all weekend, it was bells.  Handbell concert Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  I spent all day Saturday at WGBH studios (five minutes from my house! WOO HOO!) recording for our new handbell CD.

I recorded a CD my freshman year at Purdue, but this was WAY more intense.  We spent about 45 minutes on each song doing different takes.  It was exhausting work!  We spent 6 hours recording 9 songs!  We will probably go in again this summer and finish it.

Two littlest members of the wedding party

Well it’s been a busy day in the family, which reminded me that I should introduce the two littlest members of the wedding party.

The funny thing is, that over the past few years no one I know has had any girls!  Seriously.  It’s like there was an epidemic of the Y chromosome.  Therefore we will be having two little ring bearers and no flower girl.  This makes me a little said.  See I still have my flower basket from when I was a flower girl at 19 months, and thought it would be so cute to use it.  Maybe if I have a girl, she can use it in someone’s wedding.  I told Matt that April will be our honorary flower girl, but will not be attending the wedding.  Wouldn’t she be adorable?

Ha!  She looks none to pleased in that picture!  She was sleeping (as she has been almost all evening.  YAY DAY CARE!)

Anyway, we will have two ring bearers.  One is my nephew:

He will be 4 years old at the time.  His dad (and Grandpa) LOVE music, so it’s fitting that he is “rocking out” on a guitar.  I think this picture is hysterical.

The other ring bearer is my cousin’s son:

He will be 3.5 years old at the time.  He loves his ice cream.  Guess we’re related?  Maybe he’ll add some chocolate syrup and peanuts and stir it up into soup.  That’s what we always did at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

Now I have ZERO expectations of these guys.  They’ll get some spiffy outfits, be sent down the aisle, and let the cuteness unfold.   My brother was a ring bearer when he was 4.5 years old, and did well with a buddy.  Hopefully this will go smooth.  And if it doesn’t . . . whatever!

April, Day 2

I’m sure you are all wondering about how our little April is doing.  Well I’m going to tell you regardless.

Neither of us slept well Sunday night worried about our little dog.  She is sleeping on the floor of our room (not in the bed), and woke up a few times.  (Plus I was still worried about her escape from earlier that day.)    Anyway, she woke up at 6:30 and went out for a short walk with Matt.  She was not satisfied with that, and I took her out for a longer walk before we had to leave for work.  It was so difficult leaving her.  I can’t imagine what it’ll be like with children.  She whined and barked for a while after we left.  Luckily our landlady wasn’t annoyed by it, just sympathetic (“Poor puppy” is what she said.)  By the way our original plan was to keep her in the kitchen for a few days to see how she did.  Her foster mom thought she would be fine in the whole apartment, but we wanted to test it out first.  Unfortunately our baby gates don’t work with our out-of-alignment doorways.  So she got full reign of the apartment (except for bedrooms and bathroom with closed doors).  I could hardly sit still for those 3.5 hours at work.  I raced home to find a happy puppy and a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary apartment!  YAY!  We both came home for lunch and took her out twice before returning to work.

After work I had my usual Monday night run, but I had April join us.  She did well.  For the first mile she would run really fast, then stop and sniff, then run really fast.  The second mile she kept a pretty good jogging pace for 2/3 of it.   This pooped her out, and she was asleep by 9:00pm.  Oops!

This means that she woke up at 5:30am this morning.  Did you know that the sun is up that early?  Matt took her for a half hour run, but she, again, was not satisfied.  I took her out twice through the morning before we made our way to Doggy Day Care!!  We plan on day-tripping her (8-5:30) three days per week.  Today she came home pooped again.  YAY!  She slept for about 2 hours, then we just took her on another 45 minute walk.  Let’s hope she sleeps well tonight.

Here is our tired puppy, who made it to 10:30pm:

She’s all curled up in the corner of our living room.

So piggy-backing on Kelly’s post about sleeping: did you know that dogs need 16-18 hours of sleep?  Our problem on Monday was (most likely) that she slept while we were gone, so she didn’t need as much at night.  Hopefully she didn’t sleep at all at day care.  Taking bets on what time she wakes up Wednesday morning . . .


We picked up April today!

We picked her up at the Whisker Walk (a fundraiser out in Lancaster, MA), then we drove to my bells show in Medfield, MA.  On our way, we spotted a park for a little jog.

Matt took her home and kept her occupied with running and walking until I got home.  Then we went over to our friends house to play with their puppy, Trouble.  That’s when the “adventure” started.  We weren’t sure if she could go off lead, but she was being very good.  So we kept the leash on her, but let her go in their 3/4 fenced backyard.  The two were playing so great for about half an hour.  She took off once, but she didn’t go far.  We got a bit too cocky!  After a while, she BOLTED!  She ran down the street, across the street, to the grocery parking lot.  Nobody could stop her.    We were screaming and running after her (in flip flops).  It was so scary.  People were helping us.  We thought she was cornered, and then she took off again . . . holy crap!  We finally caught up with her (actually these guys helped us and so did our friends).  I can’t believe that happened.  We learned our lesson . . .

After that, we decided to settle in and watch the new season of Bridezillas.  April took my spot on the couch!

So, the first episode of Bridezillas takes place in Cincinnati.  It turns out, we were out for Amy’s bachelorette the same night that she was out for her bachelorette.  Therefore . . . we made national television!

From right to left are: Jeff, Nikki, and Sheryl.  In Beckey’s picture you can also see Amy:

She swears I’m there somewhere as well.  I’ll find out.  We don’t have it in widescreen, so we can’t see everything.  CRAZY!

Time for some more Bridezillas and to calm down from today’s excitement.

June is Bustin Out All Over!!

Our June is starting with a bang!  This week is a bit crazy.  Monday we had Memorial Day. Wednesday we went to the Red Sox game.  Today we were supposed to have volleyball, but it rained out, so we went to the gym.  Friday I’m in a golf tournament!

Biggest news of the week:  WE ARE GETTING A DOG!

It’s been a long process.  Let explain . . . no too much . . . let me sum up!  Those of you in the midwest and south may not believe it, but getting a dog in New England can be difficult.  There aren’t that many strays up here due to the weather and the fact that people tend to take care of their dogs.  Many of the dogs in humane societies and rescues are actually from the midwest and southeast.  Our puppy was found in South Carolina (where Matt went to college) where she was tied up to a refrigerator after her owners moved away.  Anyway, we applied, there were calls to our references (thanks Rachel, Emily, and Nikki!) and a home visit over the weekend.  Finally we got word Tuesday morning.  So guess what we filled our one open night of the week with?  SHOPPING!

The house is all ready for her:

Her crate and toys

Doggie treats (of course any dog of mine will love peanut butter treats!)

Dog food (sweet potato and bison!)

Baby gates to keep her in the kitchen.  Her foster mom thinks that she’d be okay in the entire apartment, but we’ll try this for the first week or two.  Of course our old house doesn’t have “straight” door frames, so she might be able to nose her way out of them!

Oh, would you like to know about our newest addition?  She is a one year old White German Shepherd Corgi mix.  So she looks like a White German Shepherd, but has tiny little legs like a Corgi:

We get to pick her up on Sunday!  Many more pictures to come.  Oh how our lives will change.


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