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Dog Day Afternoon (& Evening)

Before I start blabbing on about my dog again (are you sick of her yet?  I’m not, although maybe I was Saturday afternoon.  See below for further details).

First thing’s first:  WE’VE BEEN BLOGGED!  Sneak peeks of our engagement pictures are up on my photographer’s blog, Fyrefly.  This one is my favorite:

Oh yeah, and my wedding planner even got in on the blogging action! We’re so popular! You know what else is funny?  My mom commented on the photographer’s blog, and she told me “That’s my first time blogging!”  So cute!

Anyway, back to discussions on my dog!  DOG PARK!! I mentioned that Saturday we went to a dog park with some friends to let April and Trouble run around.  See, we’re working on her recall.  She was absolutely perfect at our usual place (four enclosed tennis courts), so we graduated to a giant dog park.  Unfortunately, the dog park is huge and has woods on one side.  I’d never walked the perimeter, so I was very afraid that there was a hole in the fence.  After meeting and playing with the dogs there, April decided to take a walk in the woods THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE PARK.  Me being an over-protective dog mommy, followed her little jaunt.  I was so afraid that we would lose sight of her and she would be off down the streets of Newton.  Have I mentioned how fast she can run?  Anyway, her recall was nonexistent, but Emily and Jon assured me that with all of the distractions, they weren’t sure if Trouble would be able to respond to being called back.  Oh well, we didn’t lose her!  Here she is after we’d been there a while and new dogs showed up!

Then she decided to wander off alone again (day care tells us that she started doing this.  I guess we have an Independent Woman!)

And the resulting scratches all overmy legs from following her through the woods.  Thank goodness I’m not allergic to poison ivy!

Tonight we went to Yappier Hour at the Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston.  It’s a pet friendly hotel, that has a happy hour every Wednesday where you can bring your dog.  There were so many people and dogs there!  Even big dogs!

That’s our friend, Rachel, with “her” German shepherd, Dash.  (She helps to train dogs that will eventually be “assistant dog”, like seeing eye dogs, etc.)  April was pretty tired and hungry from day care, so she and Matt sometimes went off on their own.

And of course the most popular place to be was near the people with food!

It was a pretty neat event, especially if you have a dog in the city.  If we go again, we’ll make sure to eat before we go downtown.  Matt was not so happy about having his dinner hour pushed back.


All right, Mr. DeMille.

I’m ready for my close up!

Well, it’s a gorgeous weekend here in Boston.  Seriously, the high today is only supposed to be about 77 degrees.  The forecast called for “abundant sunshine”, and the humidity is way down.  Perfect for our engagement picture session!

We met our photographer, Nathan of Fyrefly Photography, and his wife down at the Boston Garden last night.  We took pictures in the garden (I don’t think we needed a permit!), and then in Beacon Hill and Back Bay. Afterward, Matt and I had some Maggiano’s for supper and came home to crash.

This morning, we woke up bright and early to meet up with him in the North End.  Here’s the final product of my dress:

Do you love my 4″ heels?  On Friday I wore flats, and we were joking about how short I was compared to Matt (he’s 6′-3″).  No problem today!  Of course I did wear another pair of shoes to walk around in, then just changed to my shoes for the picture.

We had a great time walking around the North End, and there should be some cool shots.  Since we were right there, I bribed promised Matt a cannoli.  Guess where we went?

Three chocolate chip cannoli’s please!  Here’s the last bit of mine (I forgot to take a picture at first).

So delicious!  Now time to relax before enjoying the weather at the dog park!  April doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to have fun today!

It's decision night!

I’ve decided to stay in Cleveland Boston!!

Geez Louise!  I had to switch if off of ESPN quite early tonight.

Anyway, now for a real decision that actually affects my life:  DRESSES!  You might recall my attempt to find a dress for our engagement pictures. I exchanged and got new versions of the original dresses.  So here are the latest contenders:

April was taking a nap next to a surprised Anne.  I wish I could say my face was like that, because she had just farted or something, but nope, I just made a goofy face!

Anyway, from these pictures, the sash dress is definitely the way to go.  It seems like it hits in a better place.  Now I just have to figure out how to get some alternations done.  What you can’t see in the picture is how much my boobs are truly hanging out!

And for today’s foods:  think of yesterday’s foods except for strawberries in the GM in lieu of peanut butter. (PB going back in tomorrow!  Strawberries weren’t a strong enough flavor).  Also, salsa chicken for lunch, and cereal for dinner.  Still got in a bunch of veggies.  Except for those pesky orange ones. Time for some carrots.

Best. Date. Ever.

Two years ago, while visiting Vegas, Matt and I had a wonderful date.  We ate dinner “outside” at the Wynn, saw “Spamalot” (HYSTERICAL), walked the strip (seeing the fountains at the Bellagio), and ended with Ben & Jerry’s!!

Tonight rivaled that night at first, and then blew it out of the water.

Starting at the beginning.  We went to P. F. Chang’s for dinner.  Both of us thought that we’d only been there once before and it was at least 5 years ago.  I decided to be adventurous and try the coconut curry with TOFU!

Still unsure on the texture, but I didn’t gag.

Then we headed over to the Boston Opera House for “The Lion King”.

Holy cow!  What an absolutely amazing show!  I actually teared up as the “Circle of Life” started and all of the animals walked in.  We were sitting in the tenth row, so we got to see all of the facial expressions of the actors and the mechanics of the puppets up close.  My favorite costumes were the hyenas and leopard.  I was also amazed at how the lion faces would be above the head of the actor and then SUDDENLY in front of it.  Matt’s favorite costume was the giraffe.  I was also happy that they kept to the script of the movie.  All of the silly jokes were in there with Timon and Pumbaa.  Well with one exception: the “what do you want me to do?  dress in drag and do the hula?”  They changed it to “charleston”.  So I had to come home and sing the original song for Matt.

There were lots of kids there.  I couldn’t help but think that the original movie was way older than the four year old in front of us.  I remember seeing the movie in the theater in 1994.  Such a big part of childhood.

Anyway, the show was seriously incredible (as I knew it would be). I saw the commercials for it back in November and thought “Matt would enjoy that”, and then TA-DA!  He got me these great tickets for Christmas!

After the show we made our way over to Finale for dessert.   Matt got a hot chocolate (since the silly boy forgot his mittens and was a bit cold).

We shared the pudding parfait with warm chocolate chip cookies

and hot fudge sundae.

There wasn’t anything on the menu with peanut butter and chocolate, however AFTER we ate, I saw a peanut butter cupcake and whoopie pie in the pastry case.  Next time . . . next time.

You would think that was where this BEST DATE EVER ends, right?  Yeah, not so much.

It was midnight and time to start heading home.  We were walking over to our car in the Boston Common garage.  Matt puts his arm around me, starts to tell me how much he loves me, then stops, pulls me to stop me, and drops to one knee.

Yup, WE’RE ENGAGED!  How pretty is this ring?  He knows how much I love blue and sapphires, so they are the accent stones.  I also like to think about how sapphires/blue represent love and faithfulness.  OH SO SHINY!

Since we got engaged at midnight, I couldn’t call anyone.  I promised my mom that she would be the first person I tell.  However, I did send my brother (who is currently in Kyrgyzstan or Afghanistan) a facebook message, in case he is still able to get online.  If not, he won’t know the official news for a month or two.

My mom was coming for dinner Saturday night, and I told Matt that we should focus on studying and not calling people all day Saturday.  Then tell my mom when she showed up and break the news to everyone else.  Matt didn’t think that I could wait ALL DAY, so I said “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

HARDEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!  It was so weird knowing that we were engaged, but no one else knew it.  We stopped studying early (4pm) and came home to call his family.  I don’t know which was more frustrating:  watching Purdue struggle with Illinois at basketball, or listening to Matt try to get the attention of his mom and sisters who were more focused on their drink orders at Sonic than anything he wanted to say.  I JUST WANTED TO TELL SOMEONE!

Anyway, everyone who needs to know (and be told by phone / in person) is in the know now, so I can put it on my blog. (And more importantly, make it official on facebook!)


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