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Trying Something New

Recently I’ve been lamenting the loss of my flexibility (that’s what happens when you don’t stretch like you used to) and contemplating taking some yoga classes.

So when I received a Groupon email for Prana Power Yoga (which is near my house), I took them up on it.  I got a coupon for $30 (a $75 value) for 5 classes in a time period of 8 weeks.  I finally dug my yoga mat out of the closet and made my way to my first class this afternoon.

First of all, it was hot!  The studio was a balmy 90 degrees, at least.   I was seriously dripping and towards the end I could barely keep my hands in place during down-dog.  I also severely underestimated my in-shapeness (or maybe it was the veggie burger I ate an hour before), but I kept feeling sick and could barely catch my breath.  In a few warrior poses, I had to pause and go into child’s pose.  But the good news:  I still have tons of my flexibility and balance!  I can’t wait to try it again (this time with less food in my stomach) and see how it goes.  The instructor was also great, and didn’t make me feel bad at all for going into child’s pose.    And luckily, while I’ve only take about 2 yoga classes in my  life, I’ve taken Body Flow classes, which are tai chi, yoga and pilates, and knew many of the yoga poses he would call out.  I think that if you’ve never taken yoga, starting out with hot power would not be my recommendation.  Take an easier beginner class.  But it felt so great to move my muscles.  Four classes left!

For dinner this evening, I decided to actually make food at home (SHOCK!) and use the tomatoes our landlady gave us from her garden.  Matt wanted to order pizza.  I compromised and made home made pizza!  Guess which pizza belongs to which of us?

Veggie White Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Mine is the white pizza made with garlic (and garlic salt! I love garlic), spinach, tomatoes, and fat free mozzarella.  Matt’s is made with BBQ sauce, chicken, mozzarella, and cheddar.  I actually didn’t have any olive oil (who doesn’t have olive oil?), so I brushed the crust with canola oil.  No good olive oil taste, but still pretty darn great!  Matt said that he liked it (I don’t think he would say differently), and now we have lots of leftovers!  YAY!!

Update:  I took the hot power yoga on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday morning, I AM SORE!  My arms, shoulders, and abs (especially obliques) are definitely feeling it!  YAY!!  I love being sore!

Healthy Food Pictures and an Announcement

As promised, I have pictures of examples of HEALTHY food that I have been eating over the past few days.  Let’s accentuate the positive:

PB&J Oatmeal:  Quaker oats, skim milk, peanut butter, and strawberry preserves.  SO GOOD!!  And keeps me full all morning.

Lunch of baked sweet potato and vegetarian baked beans.  I have eaten this many times since I saw it on Caitlin’s blog.

A banana for snack.  Don’t you love Chiquita’s stickers?  They make me smile.

When I saw these apple cupcakes on Angela’s blog, I knew they were too cute to not be made. Plus, I mean, I love peanut butter and add an apple . . DELICIOUS!! Cut an apple in half, core it (I don’t have a corer, so I didn’t cut my finger off when taking out the middle), and add some peanut butter.  I also added some snowflake sprinkles.  Trying to think cool thoughts in this heat wave.  Very filling dinner.

Had any new healthy foods or twists on foods you already love?

And now for an announcement

I have been asked to be a blogger on WedLoft!!!  The focus of the posts will be more general wedding (not specific to mine).  Although I will try to use topics that are current to my wedding process.  Now just have to figure out how to get started!

Any wedding topics you’d like to see discussed?

Have a great Labor Day!  We will be braving a hurricane and heading to the Cape with our families.

Living up to the standards

Another weekend without plans.  So nice, but weird.

Friday night we went to Chili’s, since Matt has been drooling over their new cheeseburgers.  I got make your own fajitas, mostly just to get some guacamole.  :)

The before:

The after:

Pretty tasty, although the chicken was a bit charred.  But the service was outstanding!  A+!

Saturday we made our way to cheap housewares Mecca:

Matt has never actually been to IKEA!  I was looking for some candles and vases for a centerpiece mockup.  But of course we had to start at the cafeteria.

Matt got some spaghetti and meatballs. I wasn’t so hungry, so I got some veggie soup and a chocolate chip cookie.  Of course, something happened to my chocolate chip cookie while I went to refill my drink:

SOMEONE TOOK A BITE OF MY COOKIE!  Matt wiped the chocolate off of his face and gave me an innocent look, before going to get a piece of chocolate cake.

Anyway, the weekend started on a bit of a sad note.  My great aunt Jane passed away Saturday morning.  She was almost 85.  I can’t begin to tell you how close my family is, so this was very sad.  She was an amazing woman.  I am always so proud of the accomplishments of the women in my family.  Born in 1925, she went to school to be a registered nurse and work with the Army Nurse Corps during WWII.  She received a bachelors and masters in nursing.  She went to Purdue for her masters and lived near there for most of her life.  So she loved the fact that I (and her daughter and granddaughter) went there!  I heard a story last Thanks giving about how Aunt Jane was instrumental in helping all of the cousins (my mom’s generation) during their weddings.  At my mom’s (or aunt’s, I forget) wedding, the wedding topper fell over and broke the night before.  Aunt Jane to the rescue!  She fixed it and saved the day!  Our family will surely miss her.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to Indiana for the calling and funeral.  But I will go there in a few weeks for my grandmother’s 80th birthday.

This picture is from her granddaughter’s bridal shower.  She’s modeling the lingerie that the bride received.  This picture makes me laugh!

Here is a picture of her granddaughters (and me) at the bridal shower.  Aunt Jane, I can only hope to live up the standards that you and your mother and sisters have set for us.  Your granddaughters are already well on their way!

No sin for sauce on your chin!

I thought of tonight’s dinner while trying to sleep last night.  First of all we have some Montgomery Inn BBQ chicken thawing the chicken breasts that I bought last week.  Secondly, I have been eying those nut-crusted fries on Meghann’s blog (originated from Angela).  I mean coat sweet potatoes (one of my favorite foods since I was a baby that I have rediscovered) with a nut butter (one of my addicitions)?!?!!  Sign me up for that!  I finally tried this out for myself using sweet potatoes and barney butter.  I didn’t have any olive oil, so I used canola.

It was so tasty!  Even Matt loved them!  They somehow reminded me of the fair.  I couldn’t put my finger on it though.  Either it was some reminder of a sweet and salty combo (kettlekorn) or those roasted almonds.  Whatever they were so delicious!  The only thing is, I think I used too much oil.  The fries ended up soggy not crispy.  Next time . . . next time.

After dinner (and some quality MTV True Life reruns), we made it to the gym.  I did a great quick lifting session.  On paper this looks pretty easy, but as long as I kept the pace (and my heart rate) up, I was breathing pretty heavily and my arms were tired by the end:

  • Chest press on stability ball, 12lbs, 12X
  • Knee ups, front and side, 12X each
  • Bicep curls, 12lbs, 12X
  • Sit-ups with medicine ball, 15X
  • Squat jumps, 12X
  • Overhead press, 8lbs, 12X
  • Bent over row on bench, 12lbs, 12X each arm
  • Tricep kickbacks on bench, 8lbs, 12X each arm
  • Repeat 3X

Hope I’m feeling it tomorrow (I love that feeling).

Oh yeah, and s
peaking of Montgomery Inn (like I how did that?), guess who now already has their rehearsal dinner planned!?!  WE DO!!  We’ll be down at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse overlooking the city and the Ohio River.  Matt and I love this place.  Here’s a picture of us from his first visit:

We had only been dating about 2.5 months in this picture.  I’m so excited to share it with our bridal party.  I mean what’s more southern than BBQ?

Let's Make a Meal

Matt and I made another trip to BJ’s for some more sweet tea (yes, my Southern boy is obsessed), and I found something tasty for dinner:

Grilled chicken and mozzarella ravioli!

When we got home, we were both hungry, but didn’t have any sort of sauce to put on it.  What did we do?  Improvised!

We took some soup that Matt has yet to eat for lunch.  And voila!  A tasty meal in 20 minutes!

What you can’t see under the ravioli are my peppers and onions that I defrosted to add some veggies.  It was pretty good!  Might try some actual tomato sauce or a pesto next time though.

We took April to an enclosed tennis court to work on the “come” command and to let her run.  I just wanted to show you guys just how fast this girl can go (and why we can’t let her off lead outside of an enclosed space):

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a huge, deluge of rain on Saturday, and then back to hot on Sunday.

A Plethora of Fruits and Veggies

Ahh, with the horrible heat and the amazing availability of produce (combined with my lack of eating them recently), I woke up this morning with a plan!


Green monster!

Like my pudding maker that doubles as a to-go cup?  Inside it are two cups of spinach, one cup of skim milk, one tablespoon of peanut butter, one banana, and one tablespoon of ground flax.


No picture, but it was a 6″ sweet onion chicken teryaki with onions, green peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce.  I’m sure you know what it looks like.


Slow cooker chicken with chipotle salsa, corn, and black beans.  Garnished with avocado (a necessity!).  Served over brown rice.  Mmmm.


This lifting session almost killed my arms:

  • Push, press, fly with cable, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Tricep pull with cable, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Axe chop (low to high) with 12lb medicine ball, 12X each side
  • Single leg squats, 12X each leg
  • Push ups (the big girl kind!) 12X
  • Bicep curls with squats, made harder by doing it on an upside down Bosu ball, 12lb weights, 12X
  • Bicycle situps, 12X
  • Burpees, 12X
  • Single arm rows, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Repeat 3X

Woo, my arms were pretty tired!  And my legs after those burpees.  Glad our gym has A/C!!  I was rather wet.

Evening Snack:

Strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar.  Rather Patriotic, no?  Red strawberries, white hand, blue bowl!  Oh yeah!

And guess who wanted to cuddle when we got home?

See my sweaty nastiness after the gym?  But she just wanted to cuddle!!  So adorable!

How many colors have you had today?

I guess I’m missing some orange.  Should go eat some baby carrots.

Shape Up the Nation, Round 1

Ahh, yes, Shape Up the Nation Round 1 is now in the books.  How did I do?  Over two weeks (14 days) I:

  • Lost 0.4lbs (yeah, not so great)
  • Exercised 1,070 minutes (76.43 minutes/day)
  • Walked 160,047 steps (11,432 steps/day)

YAY!  How do you like (most of) that?  Yesterday was actually my highest step count day.  I walked April twice (45 minutes and 30 minutes) and walked around the mall for a total of 18,000 steps!!  DANG!  Maybe I was just shaking my booty extra hard . . . :/

What should I do for the next round?  Go for more of course!  Goals for Round 2:

  • Exercise 80 minutes/day
  • Walk 12,000 steps/day
  • Lose . . more than a pound!?!

How do I achieve this?  I will join Matt on Friday morning runs with April.  And volunteer to take her on a weekend day.

And the biggest thing?  EAT BETTER!  I’ve seriously been absotively, posolutely SUCKING at eating well.  Therefore stopped at the grocery (after a gym visit doing this lifting session) and got:

  • Strawberries (they are in season and smell absolutely delicious)
  • Bananas
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Chicken breasts
  • Salsa

Trying to start the week on a good note.

Want a picture for the day?  Yesterday Matt and I went shopping.  We both needed new running shoes and, unbeknownst to each other, ended up buying the EXACT same pair of shoes (okay slightly different colors), but the same model:

Isn’t that funny!?!

Chewing and New Food

Oh the joys of puppy parenthood.  We left April alone on Thursday, and she found some new “chew toys”.

My flower girl basket that I’ve had for 27 years.

The DVD player / surround sound remote (it needed to be replaced anyway).

We have no learned our lesson.  The house is pretty much clutter-free now!  ARGH!  Thank goodness she’s going to day care three days a week.

Moving on to food . .

The other day I had this random idea to take some pasta roni (parmesan flavor) and add some tuna, peas, and spinach.  Voila!  DINNER!

Since I had the peas, tuna, and spinach, it used some food, and was super easy!  I should do things like this more often.

What are some of your new foods or fast and easy foods that you’ve tried recently?

And since you might have been wondering where I’ve been all weekend, it was bells.  Handbell concert Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  I spent all day Saturday at WGBH studios (five minutes from my house! WOO HOO!) recording for our new handbell CD.

I recorded a CD my freshman year at Purdue, but this was WAY more intense.  We spent about 45 minutes on each song doing different takes.  It was exhausting work!  We spent 6 hours recording 9 songs!  We will probably go in again this summer and finish it.

Taste of Cincinnati

Isn’t it going away that makes you miss your hometown?  We had a great weekend in Cincinnati.  Saturday we went to lunch with a photographer then to the Museum Center for a venue meeting.  If you ever go to Cincinnati, one of my recommendations is heading the to  Museum Center.  It’s in the old train station at Union Terminal and is a beautiful, old Art Deco building.

If we had our reception there, it would be in the Grand Rotunda (this is where we had prom senior year). There are huge mosaics there.

The catering manager was great and let us go into the museum itself.  I haven’t been in at least ten years, and had fond memories of the cave in the Natural History Museum.  It’s obviously fake, but I swear it was better than I remembered.

There are multi-story water drips and stalagtites (or stalagmites, I forget).

After exploring the museum, we headed to see my brother, future sister-in-law, and dad.  Then on to dinner with my mom at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse.  This is a restaurant famous for their BBQ ribs.  The sauce is nice and sweet, and has ruined me for all other BBQ sauces.  We were supposed to wait for 30-45 minutes for our 8:00pm reservation, so we got some appetizers to share.  Of course the minute you do that your table’s ready, right?  Anyway, we enjoyed some onion strings

And fried mozzarella for those of us who DON’T like onions (*cough* Matt *cough*)

I, of course, got the ribs (and a not-so-great sweet potato)

Matt got the Big Ted’s plate:  ribs, brisket, and pulled pork with Saratoga chips:

Obviously the restaurant might not be the greatest for a vegetarian.  But delicious nonetheless.

As far as the wedding goes, it was a very productive weekend.  We saw four venues, met with two photographers, and picked out bridesmaid dresses.  I really can’t decide between the two photographers.  I change my mind every minute or two.    How did you choose a wedding photographer?

Look what I got!

I got a new toy tool for work today:

I’m very lucky that my company gives blackberries or iPhones to most of its employees.  They are very useful for when we are on jobsites.  Also for when I am on vacation! :-)   Obviously my question you all is:

What are you favorite/most useful apps?

Facebook and Urban Spoon are already downloaded.  Matt is currently watching stuff on YouTube.

Speaking of Matt, I’m very proud of him.  Guess what he took a sip of this morning:

My green monster breakfast!  He actually didn’t say it was horrible.  In fact, he said it tasted like peanut butter (a testament to the amount of peanut butter I put in it).  WOO HOO!!  Maybe he’ll drink one himself someday.  It’s a great way to get a serving or two of green vegetables! And some fruit!  Maybe next I’ll take a cue from Caitlin and add some Nesquick.

What’s your favorite green monster combination?


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