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Oh Purdue Oh Purdue, You’re My Chosen School

With your parking wall and reflection pool

where the men are many and the women are few

oh so few (clap) at Purdue (clap)

Oh Purdue, oh Purdue how you make me shiver

With your old sweet shop and your Wabash River

Oh I love you with my heart and I love you with my liver

Oh Purdue (clap) by the river (clap)

Guess where we went last weekend!  Good ol’ West Lafayette, Indiana for a Purdue football game!

Friday night we flew to Indy where we were picked up by Kathleen.  It then took us almost 2 hours to drive up to Purdue (stupid accidents and traffic on I-65) when it should have taken just over an hour.  We met Jess, Devin, Mellissa, and Emily (and Emily’s sister, Becca, and friend, Jackie) for some tasty supper at Scotty’s!


Saturday, we put on our Purdue gear,


and headed to campus for some tailgating.  Matt and I made our way across campus to meet up with my grad school roomie (who also went to Purdue), but alas, I have no picture to show for it.  We then made our way back to the stadium to meet up with our friends and find some tailgating food.  Since it was Matt’s first Purdue (and Big Ten) football game, I made sure that we made it in time for the full pre-game.  Oh who am I kidding, I wanted to see it!

I especially wanted to be there for "I am an American".



Of course, right after kickoff, it started raining!  And the game got interesting (or sloppy).  Each team turned the ball over 5 times.  By gosh we stayed until that clock turned 0:00.  We ended up losing the game, but what can you do.


Nov Michigan Game Weekend 005

Mellissa is sad!

Nov Michigan Game Weekend 002

The half time show was awesome.  After watching the Virginia Tech and Boston College marching bands for the past five years, I had forgotten what a GOOD marching band was.  Purdue . . . YOU ROCK!  I mean there were formations and stuff, even straight lines!  And they learn it all in one week!  The midwest is just awesome!



Guess who was also at the game?  Neil Armstrong!


I swear that is him waving the flag.  At least that’s what the announcer told us.  After the game, we walked by Neil Armstrong Hall, and I walked in the footprints of a man on the moon.


We went back to the hotel to dry ourselves off (there was FREE laundry on the third floor) and watch some more football.  Then headed to Chumley’s for some beer (wine for me) and reminiscing.

DSC02712Nov Michigan Game Weekend 016Nov Michigan Game Weekend 018Nov Michigan Game Weekend 021

Sunday, Kathleen (the former tour guide) gave Matt and me a driving tour of campus.  Look what we found:


Yeah, that’s right.  I went to school with Drew Brees!  (No seriously, he was a senior when I was a freshman).  I heart him.

We also did a little shopping, and brought back April a present (she loves representing Purdue)


It was an awesome trip.  I love Purdue and my friends and football (despite their losing season).  BOILER UP!

Not Your Average Customer Service

It’s no secret that one of my favorite restaurants is Not Your Average Joe’s, which is conveniently located within walking distance of our house.  If you join their email list, you get an email certificate for free entree and dessert for your birthday.  I was so excited to get mine this year (especially when you’re on a budget!).  But I never received it.  I found a link on their website named “If you didn’t receive your birthday email”.  I filled out the form.  Ten days after my birthday, I ended up finding my birthday email.  I received it when I was on vacation and must have missed it.  I was so bummed.  Luckily, that night I received another email from NYAJ apologizing for me having issues with my birthday certificate (nope I’m actually just an idiot).  And I got another certificate!  YAY!!  NYAJ seriously has the best customer service (not only with this but with special requests for your food at the restaurant.)

Guess where we went for our Friday night date?

One of the best parts of NYAJ is the bread and dipping oil.  Sometimes we ask for a second basket:

I'm such a dip!

My entree was a sweet potato cannelloni.  I need to figure out how to make these, they were deliciouso!

Enchiladas? No! Cannellonis!

And dessert (for free) was peanut butter thing.  It is supposed to come with caramel and hot fudge, but we asked for double hot fudge.  Our server agreed that it sounded like a good choice.

We like PB & Chocolate

YAY!!  I love that place.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Chestnut Hill to see Clemson take on Boston College.  We couldn’t believe how much purple and orange there was.  Even the band was there.


The game didn’t really go so well.  Clemson (or Clemsoooon as they are usually called in our house) doesn’t know how to succeed or beat team’s that are 2-5.  Saturday night we spent some time training April.  Guess who knows how to shake now!?!

And finally the biggest wedding news of the day:  MY DRESS IS IN!  I will be going down to Priscilla’s in the next few weeks to check on it, but won’t start fittings until February/March.

MOH comes to visit!

This past weekend, my maid of honor (and college roommate for five years), Kathleen, came to visit in Boston.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Boston College football game (they barely beat Kent State)

Boston College Football Game

Don’t you love the view from our seats?  (If I haven’t mentioned yet, we have season tickets to BC).  Kathleen can fully credit herself with getting me into college football.  While my dad was a football (and baseball) coach, and I went to almost every single high school football game, I never truly understood the ins and outs or cheered very hard.

After the game, we returned home and invited some friends over to chat, eat, drink, and watch (what else) more football!!  Emily and Jon brought over Trouble, so the dogs had a great time.

April and Trouble

Sorry it’s so blurry!  They were going fast! (Had nothing to do with wine that I imbibed).

There they go!

I was trying to get a picture of them “sharing” a bone a la “Lady and the Tramp”.  It was so funny!

Speaking of my crazy dog, let’s discuss her antics over the past weekend.  I have now learned that dogs have a surge of energy when the weather gets cooler (similar to our spring fever).  In the summer, the weather can be too hot for them, and they get worn out.  April has shown us her energy in the form of going bonkers at 5, 6, 7 am.  She wakes up and wants attention.  When she can’t find one of us and wants us to give her attention, she does something bad.  Sunday morning (note that all of this is AFTER her 3.5 mile run with Matt), we found our dining room like this:

Shredded Paper Towel Roll

Shredded cardboard box

This was her third cardboard box for the weekend.  Thank goodness I don’t need to return those clothes to J. Crew!

Anyway, I’ve just spent 5 hours working on a wedding project.  I’ll post about it pretty soon.  Here’s a hint:

What's in the box?

A box arrived from Vistaprint on Monday!  What do you think it is? (And if your my FB friend, you already know!)


Sorry to be MIA all weekend.  I’d like to say it’s because I was out having a fabulous time, but not totally.  Saturday we studied for five hours, and then played games with some friends.  Sunday I went to the gym in the morning and finally did two complete rounds of this kettlebell training session.  It kicks my arss!  Then I had bells rehearsal.

Onto the drama of the super bowl!  Well I had bells an hour and a half away, meaning that I wasn’t going to be home until at least 7:15pm.  The Super Bowl started at 6:30!!  AHH!!  Now I am definitely more of a college football fan, but there are two teams that I like to root for in the NFL:  the Colts, since I lived in Indiana for 5 years while going to college, and since Peyton Manning is just so nice and funny! (LOVE HIM!); and the Saints, since Drew Brees was the quarterback my freshman year at Purdue, when we went to the Rose Bowl.    So this was MY SUPER BOWL! (Talk about conflicted!)

Anyway, Matt cheers for the Colts, since he’s from the Knoxville area and Peyton is a UT grad.  I decided to cheer for Drew, because Peyton already has one super bowl ring.  However, I really just wanted it to be a good game.  Due to the fact that I would be home after the kickoff we set the DVR and informed all of our friends NOT to call us with any news.  (Reminds  you have the episde of “How I Met Your Mother”, right?) 

There I sat in my Purdue sweatshirt, and Matt in his Tennessee orange.  It was an exciting game no doubt.  On side kick, WHAT?!?!  And I’m so happy that Drew finally won, HAIL PURDUE!!  (Although I do feel bad for Peyton, he looked so sad).

I’ll leave you with one picture, Drew Brees, his wife Brittany, and their son, Baylen after the Super Bowl, because it’s so darn cute!

Healthy Food Lovers Beware: Part 2

Part 2: Atlanta, Bowl games, and New Year’s Eve

So after my nonhealthy food adventures north of the Mason-Dixon line, we returned to the south for some true southern fattening cooking.

New Year’s Eve morning we headed to Atlanta with Matt’s parents to go to the Chick-Fil-A bowl. Again, started the day out innocently with healthy apples and peanut butter.

I have OD’d on apples, plus they usually make me MORE hungry.  But everything’s better with peanut butter!

On our drive down, we stopped at Arby’s (something that we don’t have up in Boston) and I ate one of the very few versions of red meat that passes my lips . . AN ARBY’S REGULAR!!  Mmmmm . . .

Finally made it to Georgia.  We stayed with some of my family and headed down to the game with my mom and step dad where the six of us ate at the Varsity!  You wanna talk about a greasy spoon!  I had a grilled chicken sandwich (to get SOME sort of protein) and the tastiest onion rings EVER!!

Matt had a chili cheese burger, a chili dog, and french fries.  Can’t you just feel the arteries clogging up?

On to the game!  The Chick-Fil-A bowl was University of Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech.  Matt and I went to Virginia Tech for grad school (where we met, awww!) and his parents (and many members of his family) have degrees from Tennessee.  We got tickets with his parents in the UT section and were proudly wearing our maroon!  I don’t want to bad mouth the UT fans, but they were kind of obnoxious. I mean seriously, VT was #12 going into the game with a 9-3 record.  UT had a 7-5 record and was not ranked.  Although who knows what the VT fans were like in their section, and I wasn’t about to open my mouth until we put some points on the board.  Our UT neighbors were especially miffed when we pulled a “Texas” and made the officials put two seconds back on the clock to kick a field goal at the end of the first half.  I won’t bore you with more football talk, so long story short . . . HOKIES WIN!!  We dominated the second half and won 37-14.  I had a two bowl game losing streak going into the game (in bowls that I had attended), so I was VERY happy for VT!! YAY!

Here’s Matt and I at the end of the game:

Perhaps I should have put the flash on . . .

After the game, we walked to Five Points to watch the Peach Drop and ring in 2010.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Resolutions and Back on Track goals are soon to follow.  Now back to watching football . . . the Big Ten is doing well!  Ohio State and Penn State both won.  Purdue beat WVU in basketball (to become 13-0).  Also, Purdue practically won the Rose Bowl!  (Since they are responsible for one of OSU’s two losses!)

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year and are preparing for an even better 2010!!


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