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2012 Resolutions

Wow, it’s that time of year again.  My 2012 resolutions are going to be eerily similar to last year’s.  I guess I should review them more.

1.  Read more:  well one book down!  I got so many books for Christmas (Violets of March, American Wife, the new Jennifer Weiner, and the first two Hunger Games.).  I already finished Violets of March and I can’t wait to join the discussion with Julie.

2.  Attend church: somehow sleeping in and running with the dog has trumped any sort of church attendance.  That’s not good.  So Matt and I have a date to try out a church this next Sunday.

3.  Get on a better schedule:  I have been working CRAZY hours the past month or so.  Seriously 50-60 hour weeks.  In my office, we are typically “work at night” people (thus why I stayed until 5am a few weeks ago), so I’ve been getting in at 9:30/9:45.  I don’t like that.  I should be aiming for 9pm.  This means going to bed before, say, ONE AM!!!

4.  Make more meals at home:  To save money and eat more healthfully, we really need to do this more.  I’ll try to post some of our meals and maybe even some planning.  (WHAT?!?!  PLANNING!?!)

5.  Run a half marathon:  The tickets are bought!  Disney Princess Half MARATHON!!  I’m 4 weeks into training.  I think I need to be a bit more strict on the training.  I’ll be glad of it in 8 weeks.  I have a time goal, although we’ll see how realistic it actually is. 

6.  Go to Europe:  I haven’t been there, and neither has Matt.  We have plans to go this year.  Especially since I have a cousin in Paris and Matt has a friend at Oxford!!

7.  Buy a house:  That whole saving money thing . . . yeah, it has a purpose.  We’re looking into being first-time home buyers, starting with reading a book (I couldn’t find the book “Home Buying for Dummies” at the Library.  Matt laughed at me and thought it was ironic).  And this week we start a 4 week course on First Time Homebuying. 

8.  Be more green:  Not sure what this all involves and perhaps more ways will be implemented once we buy a house and can do things (e.g. compost).  But I’d really like to cut down on our waste and energy use.

9. Finish wedding and doggy 5k recaps:  This is embarrassing.  I need to do that.


That’s it for now.  Do you have any resolutions?  Or goals?

Graeters Sighting and Announcement!

Well, Saturday was a great day.  I actually made it back to the gym for the first time in almost two months.  Do you know what happens when you don’t go to the gym for a while?  You lose your fitness!!  At one point my biceps started cramping up after some bicep curls.  ARGH!!  Must get back in this habit!

Anyway, Saturday evening, we made a short (40 minute) drive to Hingham.  Why were we going to Hingham?  For GRAETER’S ICE CREAM!  Jen sent me a message the other day informing me that the incredible Cincinnati based Graeter’s had made its way to Boston!!!  Of course, Matt and I made a trip to Fresh Market as soon as we could to pick some up.  I actually had a dream on Friday night that they had run out of Graeter’s, so we called before we left.   Thank goodness I checked, because they looked as if they were running out.


And don’t worry, we brought a cooler (just purchased at CVS) for the trip!

Six pints in our basket, please!


We walked around the area, to make it seem as if we didn’t just drive 40 minutes for ice cream.  Unfortunately, this teeny-tiny mini-golf had just closed.  BOO!


So we drove home and packed our freezer full of yummy goodness!


We also picked up some sweet potato chips (we’ve been on the hunt for them for 6 months), wine, and a new leash on life for April.


Oh, and speaking of fitness . . . (remember when I talked about that earlier in the post), I have an announcement!!  I SIGNED UP FOR A HALF MARATHON!!!


OH YEAH!  Now I just have to get my 5k groove on and prepare for training to begin in October/November!

Weight Watchers Update

So seven weeks into Weight Watchers PointsPlus Online:

  • Lost 7.4 lbs
  • Down 2 inches in my bust
  • Down 1 inch in my waist
  • Down 0.5 inches in my arms
  • Thighs and hips remain unchanged (not surprisingly, I have rather slender hips and thighs).


This means that I am currently at my lowest weight in about 6 years.

Thoughts on the new program?  I really enjoy the emphasis on fruits and veggies and NOT 100 calorie packs.  I am also approaching it differently.  When I was last on WW, I did a lot of distorted eating.  I would freak out about things that I did leading up to weigh-ins, such as making sure I went #2 or not drinking in the hours before hand.  Now I’m just going with the flow a bit more.  Yesterday, I went to the gym and lifted.  On previous times with weight watchers, I might not have done that the day before a weigh-in, since lifting can cause you to hold water.  I told myself that I was being ridiculous, and just went to the gym.  And you know what?  I lost 2 lbs since last Monday.

I’m also taking weigh-in’s with a grain of salt.  How much I weigh on a given day does NOT measure my self worth.  And if I want to go to Cold Stone with Matt, I can!

Anyone have any success weight loss or fitness related recently?

2011 New Year's Resolutions

Am I too late to this party?  Sorry, I had to blow dry my hair (which is a total joke if you knew that my hair takes all of 2 maybe 3 minutes to dry).

Anyway, it’s that time of year again.  If you’ll notice, some may be repeats from last year.

  1. Enjoy the Wedding: the first five months of the year will be pretty busy with wedding stuff.  I’m kind of starting to freak out.  So far I’ve been pretty laid back, but I’m very afraid that I could turn into a


    Actually, I don’t think that I will yell at anyone, just get stressed and snap.  Or not sleep.  Which brings me to Resolution #2

  2. Read more: I was that kid reading by light of the hallway, and then hiding the book under my pillow when my parents walked by.  Now, not so much.  I want to get into a habit of reading more, especially before bed.  Turn off the computer and curl up with a book.  I’d like to think that it will help me relax.  I’ve always been a night person, and my brain sometimes refuses to shut off when I go to bed.  Here’s hoping!
  3. Attend Church: for real this time!  I have a lead on a new church (and kind of actually know someone there).  Plus they have handbells.  I’d like to make it a regular thing.
  4. Get on a better schedule: Yes, I am writing this at 1:30am.  And I have to go to work in the morning.  I’ve gotten into a VERY bad habit of staying up until at least 1am.  Then I don’t roll out of bed until after 8am, and stroll into work around 9am (or later, who am I kidding).
  5. Make more meals at home: we have gotten so lazy these past few months.  I think that our demanding jobs combined with the dog and the fact that it’s dark at 4pm lead us to not want to do anything when we get home.  Now if only I had a plan to make meals . . . wait I could do that!  I mean if we’re this lazy now, what will we do when we have kids?  They will not be raised on McDonald’s Happy Meals!
  6. Learn how to roast vegetables: I think that Matt might like them if I roast them and bring out the sweetness.  Of course, I’d start with veggies that he already eats like carrots and green beans.  I don’t think that it’s hard, but I haven’t done it.
  7. Take down the Advent Calendar: seriously, it’s been up since last Christmas (as in 2009). 
  8. Be more active with the dog: Matt does a lot of the dog walking (he runs her every morning), so it’s pretty easy for me to just let him do it and stay home.  NOT ANY MORE!  Monday night, I started taking her on a short walk and thought “Hey, I don’t have much to do.  Kickoff’s not for another 2 hours.”  So I took her on our evening 2 mile walk instead.  One step at a time folks.
  9. Feel great walking down the aisle! Yes, in 4.5 months, I’m getting married.  I have about 7-10lbs to go.  Weight Watchers has helped me drop 4 lbs in 4 weeks.  I just don’t want to hate my pictures.  There, I said it; I’m vain.
  10. Run a 30 minute 5k.  I’m not a runner.  Never have been.  But I do appreciate it.  And cardio is my weakest link.  If I do more, I can start to run farther and faster.  Now to make a running plan.
  11. Blog regularly:  While I do love reading blogs that are updated 3X per day, I just can’t make that sort of commitment.  So I commit to 3-5 posts per week (preferably 5).

I think that’s a decent list.  I have some other things that are more like “To Do”s or small goals.  (i.e. donate my old computer that’s taking up space.  Clean up our big closet!)

Rear View Mirror 2010

Five days into 2011, I thought perhaps I should revisit 2010 (and it’s resolutions).

Looking Back at a Magical Year

As I said in my Christmas Card, 2010 was AWESOME.  We got engaged.

We studied really hard (like 15-20 hours per week) and passed the Professional Engineering exam.  We took our first big vacation by ourselves down to the Caribbean. We adopted a dog.

And that was in the first 6 months! 

Other major events were engagement pictures, celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday, walked 10,000+ steps per day in the “Shape Up the Nation” challenge,  MY BROTHER RETURNED FROM AFGHANISTAN, went to Purdue for a football game,

and had a cupcake bridal shower.

And 2011 is shaping up to be even better!

2010 resolutions

1. Read More:  This started out pretty strong, and then I stopped.  I think that I read about 8 books.

2. Go to church:  Ummm, yeah . . . A for half-ass effort?  We tried a church that was supposed to have a good young adults group.  During the service they had a woman come and basically talk about how she had been on a “bad path” (AKA was a lesbian) and she was saved by this group in Florida.  Now she’s married and having a baby.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Yeah, we haven’t been back.  I have a lead on another church that we will try next weekend.

3. Change focus of creative outlet:  I did quit bells, but I have yet to venture out of my comfort zone of tap class.


5. Save money: working on it, of course now it’s all going to the wedding.  I think I had a pretty good year of saving, considering I was only working 80% for 4 months.

6. More trips with Matt:  CRUISE! CHECK!  BEACH BY OURSELVES!  CHECK!  And another big trip together coming up in May. ;)

7. Get a dog: CHECK!

8.  Get engaged.  What?  That was on MY new year’s resolutions.  I just didn’t share it with anyone.  Except maybe Matt a few hundred times.

Not so bad.  But not great.  And look for my 2011 resolutions.  I’m working on them right now!

2010 Resolutions, Mid-Year Check-In

Well I made some 2010 resolutions and I should probably see how I’m doing on them:

  1. Read more: My goals was to read 1 book/month.  I have read:  In Defense of Food, The Right Attitude to Rain, Twilight #4, Twenties Girl, Jane Austen Ruined My Life (Both of these were beach reads on vacation), and now I’m trying to read The Dog Listener.  So almost 1 book/month.
  2. Go to church: dang, we went once and there was a weird discussion on a camp that makes people who are gay become straight again.  I don’t think it was representative of the church, and I’d like to go back.  We should really do that then!
  3. Change focus of my creative outlet: halfway there, I’m finished with handbells.  Now to find something to audition for.  Hmmmm . . . I’ve written it down, so I really should follow through on that.
  4. PE Exam: BIG OL’ CHECK!  We studied hard, we took it, we vacationed, and WE PASSED!
  5. Save Money: well I just played with money (this is what I call balancing my checkbook), and I didn’t do so well the first half of the year.  I’d like to blame the fact that I only worked 4 days per week.  However, I just realized that I have paid for about 15% of the wedding.  I have about 20% in wedding savings, and another 11 months to go!  And I’ve only touched a bit of my savings that I’d saved up last year.  And I just got a raise!  I don’t think my savings will be doing so great this year, but it won’t be depleted from the money pit that is the wedding.
  6. More trips with Matt: We took our first vacation by ourselves:  a cruise to the western Caribbean.  You can read about it in Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, and Post 4.  It was awesome!
  7. Get a dog: We have a new addition (she’s been here 3 weeks now!), Meet April
  8. Get engaged: Oh wait, I didn’t actually write this one down, but it was present in my mind! ;)  YAY FOR SPARKLY THINGS!

How have I done?  I’d say about a “B”.  Need to step up the church, reading, and dancing/acting/singing thing.

Did you set 2010 resolutions/goals?  How you doin’?

2010 Resolutions

Yes, it is that time of year.  I’d like to think of mine more as goals than resolutions.  Not like “I resolve to change X, Y, and Z”, but “it is my goal to accomplish X, Y, and Z”.

Anyway, our delay in CLT helped me to think of these.  Quick anecdote then the meat of the post: got home at 2:30am.  Unpacked and ready for bed by 3am.  Three emails from a principal at work at 2:45am informing me that I have lots to do when I return.  We got up this morning with a goal of being to work by 10am.  Someone had very nicely shoveled our driveway from the 6-8 inches of snow we received in the past ten days.  We just had to clean off the cars.  UNFORTUNATELY, Matt’s car wouldn’t start.  And of course his car was blocking my car (which started just fine).  So we had to call AAA.  They said it might take 2 hours, but we were lucky and the guy was there in 15 minutes.  TA DA!  Into work by 10:45.  Not too shabby. 

Anyway, so I have 7 goals for 2010:

  1. Read more I would like to read one book per month either fiction or non fiction.  Hopefully my nonfictions will help to educate me about some exercise/health/nutrition so that I am better informed (Katie must be jumping up and down with excitement)
  2. Go to church Matt and I have been trying to do this for a while, but first we didn’t like the church we went to.  Then life (well bells and travels) got in the way.  But we’ve found a new one to try and I’m hoping it’ll work out.
  3. Change focus of my creative outlet Say what?  Well, I have been in Boston for three years now and this is my third season with New England Ringers (handbells).  I love the people and music, but it leaves little free time and even conflicts with some personal events.  So I will be quitting at the end of the spring season and moving onto enjoying other outlets.  I love to dance and do musical theater, so I’m hoping to do more dance (like jazz) and maybe even try out for theater . . . we shall see!
  4. PE EXAM really this should be #1.  We will be studying like mad until April 16th when we will take (and pass the first time!) this exam.  So not thinking about much until after April.
  5. Save money  I managed to save about 20% of my salary in 2009.  A lot of that is due in part to having a roommate ;-) and sharing expenses.  I truly need to look at my finances and make some cuts and budgets for this number to increase (Oh yeah and stop flying every other weekend).
  6. More trips with Matt we are planning on taking our first vacation EVER by ourselves (just the two of us, nobody to visit, no wedding to attend) after the PE Exam.  I’m also planning on taking him to Purdue for a football game in the fall.
  7. Get a dog  Matt has been asking for this for a while.  I finally relented (I wasn’t sure about having one in an apartment), and AFTER WE PASS THE PE, we will investigate this.  It might involve finding a new apartment or renegotiating our current lease.

There you have it!  2010 HERE I COME!!

December Goals

Well, busy evening.  Had my training session: 496 calories, 58 minutes, 143 AVG HR, 177 MAX HR.  Learned one of the hardest moves. It kinda looks like this:

Except that you bring in the opposite elbow to your knee (so you’re on one arm and one leg).  I got better by the third round.  But dang it was hard!

After training, we went to pick up my bridesmaid dress (made M go into a bridal shop).  Then we went to Chipotle for some healthy delicious burrito.  I love guacamole!

So now that the dress is here (picture tomorrow, left the cable at work),  I want to make some goals for December:

  • Focus on whole foods (aka core plan/simply filling) and that “full” feeling
  • Workout 5 days per week
  • Whittle my Middle
  • Apply for PE, obtain study materials
  • Christmas shopping
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Try new foods/recipes
  • Buy more running sports bras/workout shirts
  • Take running stuff to TN for holidays (make M do it too!)

I’ll keep you updated on how my progress is!  Five weeks until the wedding.  I’m feeling like I am in so much better shape than six months ago.  I had been feeling great, although it hasn’t showed up at the scale.  But I saw a new muscle in my arm today!  I will focus for the next five weeks!!  BRING IT!


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