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Running Shorts Sunday!

So, Matt and I will be running the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Savannah at the beginning of November.  We are two weeks into our training (two ugly weeks), and I have a dilemma.  A clothing dilemma.  See, I’ve only run in pants or capris.  If I wear shorts, the inseam of the shorts creeps up, and I get what I lovingly to refer to as “chub rub”.  It’s chafing of my inner thighs.  I’d like to blame my slender hips for this phenomenon.  The thighs just have no where to go.  My running friends that I asked for advice apparently discussed my issue on Friday night and back up my slender hip claim.

Anyway, now that we’re in Tennessee which is so humid and feels like the face of the sun at the moment, I thought that I might try shorts to keep cooler.  So I went out on a $17 limb and bought a pair of running shorts.



I maybe should have tried them on in the store, but I had to get to class.  They have a 2 1/2” inseam and felt like they had a lower waist than I am used to.  Not going to lie, I like to pull my pants up like Urkel.

So I took these babies on a test run this afternoon, and NO GO!  I only did 3 miles, before I had to cry uncle from the chub rub.  Granted I didn’t use any body glide, which might have helped, but I’m not sure.  One of my friends has recommended to me some $50 lululemon shorts.  I’m not sure if I should take the plunge, although if I buy another pair of shorts that don’t work, I might as well have spent the $50.


Does anybody else have issues with chafing?  Any suggestions for clothing?  Should I just get laser fat removal from my inner thighs?  Either that or birth a child in order to widen my hips?  Thoughts?

Let’s Get Physical


HA!  Okay, seriously.  Until tonight I hadn’t done anything more physical than walk the dog (oh there was that tap class and recital) since the Mini Heart 15K a week and a half ago.  I’ve been trying to brainstorm what to do with running and other ways of physical activities.  See, I want to run another half marathon, but the timing doesn’t work out until the fall.  That gives me about 5-6 months to “train”.  I have been corresponding with my friend (and sorority big sister), Marnie, who’s a professional runner!  Well not really, but she runs marathons and is pregnant with her third kid, so she must have some clue about where to go.  She sent me a novel about running bunch of suggestions, especially talking about speedwork to get faster!



( Insert incriminating picture of Marnie from college.  Maybe it’s good that digital cameras weren’t so prevalent when we lived together in 2001.  Let’s just say Marnie couldn’t sit on chairs without arms!)

Finally today I sat down with the internet and came across the Smart Coach on Runners World.  I put in my current half marathon pace (2:40) and how many miles I wanted to run and the intensity, and it spit out a training schedule for 24 weeks.  The schedule is full of tempo runs, speed runs, easy runs, and long runs.  Here’s my week 1:


Tonight I was supposed to do a 5 mile run with 3 miles @ 11:57 min/mile tempo.  Well, apparently a big bowl of pasta with Cincinnati chili and beans (aka a version of a “three-way”) is not the right thing to eat.  I did do the 3 miles @ tempo, but I didn’t do the warm up and cool down.

Has anyone ever used Smart Coach?  I find it very strange that it asks us to run at such a slow pace.   I mean, 13:36 min/mile is 4.4 mph??  What if I run faster than that?  It felt strange putting the treadmill on 5.0 mph.  I felt like a turtle.  It was not “easy”, but I wasn’t pushing myself.  In looking at the weeks, many, many weeks to come, these times do decrease, but it feels strange at first.

Advice on Smart Coach?

In other news . . . I’m also adding a fun “strength training / cardio” workout!  Inspired by my wedding planner who just did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, I downloaded it to my Tivo ($5 on Amazon for a direct download!)  I downloaded it about a week ago, but I didn’t have any hand weights.  Finally made it to Target tonight!  So starting tomorrow and continuing for 30 days (perhaps with two days off when I go to Vegas) I’ll be spending quality 20 minutes with Jillian Michaels!


So there are my plans for staying physical!  Are you embarking on any new exercise plans?  Completed anything that you loved?

Doggy 5k

I finally found my camera cord, so I can post some pictures from the fall!

Back in November we ran in the 2nd Annual Doggy 5k at Castle Island to benefit MSPCA-Angell.  I would highly recommend this race to anyone in the Boston area who love dogs and 5ks.  It was so much fun!

We were out at Castle Island, which is in Southie (that’s South Boston to the rest of the world).  It was a beautiful day, if only a bit windy out on the ocean.


Over three hundred people (176 of which brought dogs) showed up.  There were tons of dogs of all shapes and sizes.



Matt ran with April and I just tried to run the whole thing (didn’t work).  Matt and April finished in 29:42, and that was with a break to lay down!  April got worn out for a second.  I ran it in 39:40 (this was about a month before I started half marathon training, I’m much faster now).   The winning dog, named Murdoch, was a white Westie who ran it in 17:13!!  Doesn’t he look like he’s having fun!?!


There were tons of great pictures of Matt and April running.  See if you can spot them coming around the corner!


And here they come to the finish line:


At the end, I got some good kisses and snuggles from the best little runner (oh, and Matt, too)


It was a great day!  I hope we find another doggy 5k to run this spring or summer!

More Princess Stuff

So, the pictures and video are in!!  There are two videos at this link.

First a video of me crossing the finish line.  When the announcer starts saying names, my name is like the third one (hint, it’s “Anne”)  HA!!  And I cross the finish line around 2:59:20.  Pink shirt, black pants, skirt.  Then in the second is right after going through the castle.  I’m the one who stops and decides to wait in line for a picture! 

Then there are the pictures:


That one that I waited for in front of the castle.  That grimace after going under Spaceship Earth.  I was so ready to be finished by that point.  The big smile with my medal.  Oh, and the “Wait, are we taking a picutre?” with Meeko.

Speaking of princesses, who watches the Real Housewives series? (hangs head in shame, just started getting sucked into Atlanta . . it’s the last hold out for me). Check out this clip from SNL over the weekend:  The Real Housewives of Disney

So of course everyone’s question is, what’s next?

Well first, I’m running a 15K on March 18th in Cincinnati.  Then, I’m trying to figure out how to run another half marathon before the end of the year.  The logistics of finding one in a place that I am or want to go along with other plans for the year is a big difficult.  If I wasn’t in a wedding the weekend after, I’d seriously consider doing the Flying Pig.  It’s supposed to be a great hometown race, even better since it’s MY hometown!  Alas, the timing isn’t great.  Maybe another year.  So now I’m looking at some this fall.  Maybe the Chicago Half Marathon or the Air Force Half Marathon at Wright-Patt (my cousin is running her first half at this one.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I feel that I’ve been spoiled with running Disney first.  I just want a fun-ish, flat race, where I can run a bit faster, but not be the last person over the finish line.

10 Miles! Check!

Well finished the final long run of my training.  It wasn’t the greatest, but it’s finished!

Since my usual route is only 6.5 miles long, I decided to switch it up and run a great route from Cambridge to Boston and back.  It was a beautiful day in Boston (45 degrees when I started) and there were lots of people along the way. 

I started right by Soldiers’ Field Road (by Harvard Stadium):


Then past Harvard/ Cambridge


In that first picture, I was trying to capture a guy that had been rowing on the Charles River.  He was only wearing a little rowing outfit. I kept thinking how chilly he must be, especially if his boat tipped over.

I was actually a bit over dressed in my longsleeves, fleece vest, hat, gloves, and pants.  I was afraid that it would be really chilly along the river with wind and such.  So I ended up taking off my gloves after 2 miles.  I would have taken off my hat, but it keeps my earbuds in my ears.  Also, I decided to stay on the southern side of the river, since it was in shadow much of the time and kept me pretty cool. 

My turn around point was the Esplanade and the Hatch Shell.


That’s the hatch shell, but I forgot to take my phone out when I ran past it.

I got back to my car at 9 miles, so I had to run past it  for 0.5 miles and get another mile in.  Starting around 8 miles, I started having cramps and my right shoulder started hurting.  For that last 0.5 miles, I turned on my closer song and just danced while I ran attempting to forget the pain.  What’s my closer song?  “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray.  Seriously, I dance to the “motion of the ocean”. I don’t care how crazy I looked.  I was RUNNING!

I challenge you to not dance to this song.   I always listen to it when I need a huge pick me up in a run.

So here’s the stats from my Garmin (geez love the Garmin Connect to see how I was running.)



So, not my 12:00 min/mile pace that I like to keep.  But see my 6 minutes of stoppage time?  Yeah, stupid Cambridge intersections.  There were only two or three of them, but I definitely stayed there for a few minutes.  Especially this one where there wasn’t a walk sign (just a cross-walk painted).  When I finally thought that I had a chance to go, I ended up getting honked at by a bunch of people who wanted to turn right.   I politely informed them that  it was a cross-walk (which you are required to stop for in Massachusetts.)  Okay, there might have been some colorful language.   Apparently I get road rage even when I’m not in a car!  Stupid Boston drivers!  I take all honks as a personal affront!

Phew, anyway, 10 miles! 


I love looking at the stats and the little player on my Garmin connect.  Now just a week from today, I’m supposed to do 13.1 miles!!  Here goes nothing!

Done any long runs lately?  What’s one of your favorite songs to pump you up?  Do you also hate Boston drivers?

Training has gone to the dogs

Long time no post.  I could talk about my ridiculous hours at work, but really, we all know that the fall tv schedule has interfered with my posting ability.

Anyway, while I was away, I made up my C25K training calendar to build up my mileage for beginning my HALF MARATHON TRAINING!

Here’s a screen shot:


Can you read it?  Basically: Mondays are tap class, Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll run with April and Matt in the morning, Wednesdays are weight-lifting, Saturday/Sunday I’ll run with April and Matt (both if I’m feeling good), and Fridays are rest days.

This past Tuesday Matt had to be at a seminar early, so I ran with April by myself.  She was pretty good.  Although she didn’t understand the running for three minutes and THEN walking for three minutes.  She wanted to sniff and fake pee all the time!

And speaking of running with April . . . we are doing a family 5k!


I read about it on Tina’s blog, but didn’t win her giveaway.  That’s okay.  I wanted to do it anyway.  It sounds like a great race!  Matt will be running with April, and I’ll be chugging along trying to run it all. We’re so excited for all of the doggies!!!  Since Matt runs her 3.5 miles twice a week, we figure she can handle 3.1.  HOORAY FOR GOALS!

Any neat 5k’s in your neck of the woods?

Boston Marathon 2011

Well, since I live in Boston, I knew that I should make it to the Marathon some day.  This year, a friend of mine was running, so I figured this was a great year to do it.  Turns out that I knew three people running it!

Since Matt has Patriot’s Day off (especially due to the fact that the Marathon goes down the street that his work is on and he actually couldn’t get to work), he picked me up at my office around 11 for a “long lunch”.  We drove about 10  minutes down the road and a quick walk to Comm Ave, and we were there at mile 19.25 by 11:20am!  My friend, Rachel, had given us an approximate time that she would be there (12:15ish) and I left a bit of a buffer.  At Mile 19.25 we were at the beginning of a “Newton Hill” in the Heartbreak Hill area.

When we got to the Marathon, the runners were few and far between.   We had missed the elite women, and would only see women runners ever 3-5 minutes.  About 15 minutes after we got there, we see some trucks and police cars making their way down the course.  It was the elite men!!  I actually got a picture of the eventual winner, Geoffrey Mutai:


I swear that’s him!  Zoom in!

He and the rest of the elite men went by pretty fast:


Next up, we were looking for a coworker of mine.  Thank goodness for the online tracking so that we knew about when to expect him.  Since I didn’t know what he was wearing, I just started taking a video. 

Unfortunately, I got tired of holding the camera and turned it off.  He ran by about 10 seconds later!  But the video shows the atmosphere.  It was so great!  We liked it when people had on college shirts.  I decided to take the “Bowl Game” approach and cheer for teams like Ohio State and such.  Hey, these people were doing something that I couldn’t do.  And what was the most prevalent Big Ten school?  IOWA!  Seriously.

Luckily, Rachel had told me what she was wearing, so I picked her out (she’s the girl in the yellow, #5882).


We then decided to wait and see if we could find my friend’s dad.  And we were also trapped on the wrong side of the street.  If you didn’t know, 20,000 is A LOT!

We enjoyed seeing the funny costumes, too.


We ended up not finding my friend’s dad.  He probably ran by us and we missed him. 

How did Rachel do?  Rachel finished in 3:01:25!!  SERIOUSLY!  She was #117 for women!  It just blows my mind that she can run that fast for that long.

It was a great day and a really neat experience.  An absolutely gorgeous day for a run.  Sunny and 55 with a slight tail wind.  No wonder a new course record was set.

Pushing Your Limits

Two stories about pushing your limits (at the gym):

A few weeks ago, my trainer had me do bicep curls on a declined (or inclined, pessimist vs. optimist) bench, like so:


I was using 12lb dumbbells and it was hard!  My right arm was doing okay, but my left arm, not so much.  I had to do 12 curls, and by the 6th one, my arm was having problems.  I struggled so much with the last three it was ridiculous!  So on Wednesday, she had me do them again.  And you know what, I didn’t struggle hardly at all!  Isn’t it amazing how quickly your muscles can adapt to new exercises?!  CRAZY!

On Tuesday I was all excited to start the C25K running at 6.2mph (the pace I’d need for a 30 minute 5K).  Well, on Wednesday with my trainer, after our two rounds of the weight lifting circuit, she said “Let’s go run.  How about a quarter mile at 6.5?”  Say wha?  That’s like almost 2.5 minutes running at a faster pace that I was used to.  And you know what?  I DID IT!  THREE TIMES!!  Needless to say, when I went to go run this morning (yup that’s twice this week!), I opted to go to week 3 of the C25K:

  • Jog at 6.2mph for 0.13 miles
  • Walk at 3.8mph for 0.12 miles
  • Jog at 6.2 for 0.25 miles
  • Walk at 3.8 for 0.25 miles.
  • Repeat

HOORAY!  Best part was that it only takes 25 minutes (including the warm up!)  OH YEAH!

Have you pushed yourself further recently?  Did you surprise yourself?

Morning Exercise Challenge

I know that I’ve bemoaned it many a time on the blog, but to say that I am not a morning person would be a gross understatement.


I am a night person.  I have not gone to sleep before 11pm, since I was 12 years old. When I was little (like under 5), my parents would dress me in the morning while I lay in bed, a bunch of dead weight.

Anyway, I have decided to challenge myself to start doing morning exercise.  Since we are busy with the dog and enjoying each other’s company (like Friday night date night), it’s hard to find time in the evenings to get to the gym.  I know that by going in the morning, I am essentially freeing up my evenings to perhaps clean my house (it’s seriously disgusting), work on wedding projects, or just snuggle with Matt.

Therefore I am challenging myself to go to the gym every weekday morning (except Wednesdays, since I have my trainer Wednesday evenings) for the next three weeks!  What’s at the end of those three weeks?  Why, my second dress fitting of course!  (Ah, there’s the real motivation!)  When I told Matt this, he scoffed and gave me a skeptical face.  So now I’m doing it to prove him wrong.  If I complete my challenge, he will give me lots of hugs.  If I don’t, I still get hugs.  :D

So what did I do this morning?  Well remember my goals for 2011?  One is to run a 5k in 30 minutes.  I did W1D1 of C25K with my walking at 3.8mph, and my running at 6.2mph.  I made it!  HA!

Are you a morning exerciser?  Want to join my personal challenge?

Dry Hacking Cough

Ugh, I don’t know if I’ve complained on here yet, but I’ve had this nasty cough for the past five days.  I’ve woken up at 4am, 6am, 7am, etc. and coughed uncontrollably for 30 minutes!  Not good.  I felt better yesterday (AKA I didn’t cough), and then I breathed in the nice cool air last night.  Bam!  The cough is back.  ARGH!  I seriously drank at least (6) 16 oz. bottles of water at work today (hooray for peeing clear!).  Then we (my running buddy, Christie, and I) went on our Monday run.

Not to brag or anything, but we totally rocked the run!  I’m pretty sure that we did the first mile sub 10 minutes!  (That’s fast for me).  We were just going along, and it was awesome!  Of course right after we finished it (waiting for the stoplight to cross the street), I started hacking.  My throat is just so dry!  We then walk/jogged the second mile.  Finally we jogged most of the third mile.  SUCCESS!!  Now to just substitute more jogging than walking and we’ll be set.  Seriously, I’m pretty proud of ourselves (aside from my nasty cough issues).

I’ve googled this cough thing (you know, in lieu of actually going to the doctor), and I really think it’s just a result of my cold from two weeks ago and breathing in cold air.  My throat is inflammed and causing me to cough.  I’ve already had three more big glasses of water since coming home from running.  Matt is looking up medicines for me, and I did take some advil, to help with the inflammation and pain.  This is so weird.  I feel fine (aside from a sore throat from coughing too much this morning), until I start coughing up a lung.

On another note:

Shape Up the Nation, Round 3

(Round 1) (Round 2)

The results are in.  And it’s my blog, so I’ll brag if I want to:

Weight Lost: -0.5% (every bit counts, right?)

Exercise Minutes: 855 minutes (61 minutes/day).  My exercise minutes have actually gone down each round.  But I can’t complain about 61 minutes per day!

Steps: 170,506 steps (12,179 steps/day)  HOLY COW!!  That’s almost “highly active” lifestyle!  Yay for having a dog!

Only four more weeks (two rounds) left!  I’m planning on stepping up the exercise minutes and maybe the weight will follow?

So no picture today.  When in doubt, include the dog, right?

Look at her snuggling up on Matt!!  Adorable!

P.S.  Anybody else watch My Boys last night?  It’s so funny!  Glad it’s back!


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