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Training has gone to the dogs

Long time no post.  I could talk about my ridiculous hours at work, but really, we all know that the fall tv schedule has interfered with my posting ability.

Anyway, while I was away, I made up my C25K training calendar to build up my mileage for beginning my HALF MARATHON TRAINING!

Here’s a screen shot:


Can you read it?  Basically: Mondays are tap class, Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll run with April and Matt in the morning, Wednesdays are weight-lifting, Saturday/Sunday I’ll run with April and Matt (both if I’m feeling good), and Fridays are rest days.

This past Tuesday Matt had to be at a seminar early, so I ran with April by myself.  She was pretty good.  Although she didn’t understand the running for three minutes and THEN walking for three minutes.  She wanted to sniff and fake pee all the time!

And speaking of running with April . . . we are doing a family 5k!


I read about it on Tina’s blog, but didn’t win her giveaway.  That’s okay.  I wanted to do it anyway.  It sounds like a great race!  Matt will be running with April, and I’ll be chugging along trying to run it all. We’re so excited for all of the doggies!!!  Since Matt runs her 3.5 miles twice a week, we figure she can handle 3.1.  HOORAY FOR GOALS!

Any neat 5k’s in your neck of the woods?

Pushing Your Limits

Two stories about pushing your limits (at the gym):

A few weeks ago, my trainer had me do bicep curls on a declined (or inclined, pessimist vs. optimist) bench, like so:


I was using 12lb dumbbells and it was hard!  My right arm was doing okay, but my left arm, not so much.  I had to do 12 curls, and by the 6th one, my arm was having problems.  I struggled so much with the last three it was ridiculous!  So on Wednesday, she had me do them again.  And you know what, I didn’t struggle hardly at all!  Isn’t it amazing how quickly your muscles can adapt to new exercises?!  CRAZY!

On Tuesday I was all excited to start the C25K running at 6.2mph (the pace I’d need for a 30 minute 5K).  Well, on Wednesday with my trainer, after our two rounds of the weight lifting circuit, she said “Let’s go run.  How about a quarter mile at 6.5?”  Say wha?  That’s like almost 2.5 minutes running at a faster pace that I was used to.  And you know what?  I DID IT!  THREE TIMES!!  Needless to say, when I went to go run this morning (yup that’s twice this week!), I opted to go to week 3 of the C25K:

  • Jog at 6.2mph for 0.13 miles
  • Walk at 3.8mph for 0.12 miles
  • Jog at 6.2 for 0.25 miles
  • Walk at 3.8 for 0.25 miles.
  • Repeat

HOORAY!  Best part was that it only takes 25 minutes (including the warm up!)  OH YEAH!

Have you pushed yourself further recently?  Did you surprise yourself?

Morning Exercise Challenge

I know that I’ve bemoaned it many a time on the blog, but to say that I am not a morning person would be a gross understatement.


I am a night person.  I have not gone to sleep before 11pm, since I was 12 years old. When I was little (like under 5), my parents would dress me in the morning while I lay in bed, a bunch of dead weight.

Anyway, I have decided to challenge myself to start doing morning exercise.  Since we are busy with the dog and enjoying each other’s company (like Friday night date night), it’s hard to find time in the evenings to get to the gym.  I know that by going in the morning, I am essentially freeing up my evenings to perhaps clean my house (it’s seriously disgusting), work on wedding projects, or just snuggle with Matt.

Therefore I am challenging myself to go to the gym every weekday morning (except Wednesdays, since I have my trainer Wednesday evenings) for the next three weeks!  What’s at the end of those three weeks?  Why, my second dress fitting of course!  (Ah, there’s the real motivation!)  When I told Matt this, he scoffed and gave me a skeptical face.  So now I’m doing it to prove him wrong.  If I complete my challenge, he will give me lots of hugs.  If I don’t, I still get hugs.  :D

So what did I do this morning?  Well remember my goals for 2011?  One is to run a 5k in 30 minutes.  I did W1D1 of C25K with my walking at 3.8mph, and my running at 6.2mph.  I made it!  HA!

Are you a morning exerciser?  Want to join my personal challenge?


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