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Wedding Recap: Receiving Line and Limo

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After the ceremony, we decided to have a receiving line.  I figured it was a quick way to see everyone and thank them for coming and still have the entire reception to do whatever I wanted.  Our church has a beautiful garden (and it was a gorgeous day), so we did it out there.

0152_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0153_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0154_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0156_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0155_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


We then took some formal pictures inside and hit the road in our limo!! 




Champagne was had by a few


And Matt had a Snickers.  He wasn’t feeling so great, so he was hungry.  My bridesmaid, Brooke, said “I have a Snicker’s bar!” Matt, being the gentleman that he is, at first turned down the Snickers.  This prompted his best man to declare, “That is the first time that he has ever turned down chocolate!”  Finally he decided to take her up on the offer.  Mmmmm . . . . . tasty.

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

So now that we’ve walked down the aisle (ugly crying face and all), it was time for the actual reason to be there:  THE CEREMONY! 

0099_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0100_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0102_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0103_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

The entire time that my dad was up there he was shaking.  I couldn’t believe it. We said our “I do’s” and it was time to pray.

0104_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0105_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

My cousin Ellen read from the Old Testament Song of Solomon 2:10-17 (yup, it was RACY!).  I felt like it was a joyful verse declaring love.  Our friend, Theo, read from the New Testament Romans 12:1-2,9-18, which was about being a good person (Matt is such a good person!)

0106_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0107_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

During the readings, I kept thinking “Did I choose the longest verses in the Bible?”  I was also staring at the altar wondering where my expensive flower arrangements were. (They were on the lower railing).  I also kept looking at my Aunt Mary (who was the organist), but then looking away when I saw the tears in her eyes.

0108_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0111_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0110_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0112_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Clearly everyone was paying attention to the sermon.  I honestly had no idea what he was saying.  I was wondering how long it was until the reception.

0113_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0114_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0115_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

We then moved up to the altar to say our vows (we did NOT write our own). 

0118_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Wow!  Matt looks so happy in that picture!

We exchanged rings.

0122_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0123_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And lit our unity candle.  I couldn’t find the wick on the candle lighter, so I whispered “Let’s just pick up the candles”.

0126_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0130_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

A quick prayer and then, I pronounce you husband and wife!

0132_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt surprised me by taking a nice long kiss.

0134_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0137_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Back down the aisle and one more quick kiss.

0138_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0140_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0141_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0142_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0143_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

One of our ring bearers, Colin, was given a raccoon for doing such a great job!

0144_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0145_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0146_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0147_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0148_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0149_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0150_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0151_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

YAY!!!  We got hitched!!  Everyone looks so relieved during the Recessional! (The Wedding March by Mendelssohn) Doesn’t that just make you think of a happy wedding?

Wedding Recap: Down the Aisle

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After waiting in the construction zone, I was informed it was time to begin.

My brothers, Jeff and Tom, went up to light the candles.

0055_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0056_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0057_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

After lighting the candles (apparently Jeff was much slower than Tom who was looking at him in the picture above asking Dude?  When will you be finished?), my brothers had to rush back and begin the seating of the grandparents. (My grandmother, mom’s mom, escorted by Tom; my grandma, dad’s mom, escorted by Jeff; Matt’s step-grandmom, mom’s stepmother, escorted by Diana; and Matt’s grandaad, mom’s dad, escorted by Amber.)

0067_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0068_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0069_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0070_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Music was very important to me.  I’ve played handbells since I was 8 years old.  Four of my lovely bell players from Purdue agreed to play “The Gift of Love” as the mothers were being seated.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a video recording of the ceremony (<—one regret), but it was very much like this (except with 4 people):

Here are my ladies playing.  They had only practiced for an hour or two earlier that day and I know that they sounded awesome!

0072_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Thanks Michelle, Karen, Jill, and Kate!!  My friend Beckey said that it brought tears to her eyes, because it was so me.  Open-mouthed smile

While the bells were playing, time to seat the mothers.  My stepmom escorted by my “baby” brother Robbie.  Yes he has surpassed me in height now.  DANG IT!

0073_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s sisters and parents.

0074_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0075_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s grandparents wondering when it’s time for cake.

0076_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

My mom escorted by her two sons along with my stepdad.

0077_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0078_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0082_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0083_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0084_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Our short little mothers lighting the candles.  I’m surprised that they could both reach.

Our little ring bearers apparently saw the mothers walking down the aisle, and decided it was their turn.  Apparently they went too early, but when you’re dealing with a 3.5 year old and 4 year old, you let them do whatever.  They looked cute.  Who cares?

0079_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

(See their mothers watching in the background?)

0080_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

In this picture, I’m imagining Colin (on the right) saying to Owen, “But I don’t want to!”0081_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Finally it was time for the bridesmaids.  Right before we walked over to the Narthex to walk down the aisle, my maid of honor, Kathleen, looked back at my dad and me.  While I know she didn’t intend to, but it made all of us tear up.  My dad was all “DANG YOU, KATHLEEN!”

Anyway, bridesmaids.  We all walked down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary, with a quieter section for the bridesmaids.

0085_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0086_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0087_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0088_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0089_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matron of Honor, Amy

0090_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Maid of Honor, Kathleen

And with that the doors shut and it was my turn.  I will always remember how my dad’s arm was shaking.  The guy was bawling and trying so hard to keep it together.  It surprised me so much.  Tearing up just now thinking about it.

0093_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Ugly crying face!

And there was my groom at the end of the aisle.

0091_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

As I was walking down the aisle, I was smiling at everyone, trying not to cry.  I remember seeing Matt’s best man’s wife holding a small child and thinking “Who is that kid?  Oh that must be one of Jamie (his other friend)’s kid.”

Anyway more walking down the aisle pictures.

0094_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0095_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0096_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0097_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0098_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Yeah, he’ll do.


Wedding Recap: Waiting to Walk Down the Aisle

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.


After all of our pictures with our bridal party, Matt and I had some portraits of ourselves taken.  Insert a plethora of narcissism:

0223_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0224_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0225_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0227_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0229_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0226_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0228_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0230_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0231_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0232_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0233_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0234_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0235_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0238_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt was nervously fiddling with his button, and the photographer asked him to do it again for the picture.

After all of this, we still had about an hour to kill.  My photographer asked if there was any picture that I wanted to get.  I told him about an idea of taking a picture with Matt but where we couldn’t see each other.  We cautiously made our way over to the spot (had to dodge all of the guests and Matt of course).

0236_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0237_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

We were scolded for saying hello while we took the pictures, but we definitely couldn’t see each other.  I love the natural light from the skylight above the balcony.  It’s kind of “Romeo and Juliet” esque.  Matthew, Matthew, wherefore art thou, Matthew?

Then we went back to our respective rooms to wait it out.  In the parlor we were sitting around chatting.  I started singing “Mean” by Taylor Swift.  Apparently that’s not the song you’re supposed to be singing 30 minutes before you get married.  Anyway, we were having a blast (as evidenced by my face).


Our guests were having fun waiting on the festivities to start:


That’s my little bro, Tom.  He’s “special”.


Our ring bearers were having fun meeting new friends.

IMG_1503IMG_1505249412_10100749628669999_6828596_66412623_1870017_n0060_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0062_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And our families were just working it!

Our guest book attendants (such a glamorous job.  Thanks, Amers, Gracie, and Elizabeth) were taking their jobs very seriously.


0058_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0059_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0061_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Finally, I was told to make our way to the construction zone staging area.  You can’t see it in the picture, but my church was renovating the space that used to be offices.

0066_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Obviously our photographer is very talented to make the space look glamorous.

While we were waiting, we got word that the hotel was being slow with getting everyone’s cars out of valet, so we decided to delay the start by 10 minutes.

However those 10 minutes went fast.  Next thing we knew, it was time to walk down the aisle.

Wedding Recap: Pictures Before the Ceremony

Note:  All of these pictures are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After arriving at the church and getting dressed, we had about 20 minutes to take pictures in the church garden before Matt and his people arrived.

I love the colors!  This is exactly what I was planning in my head and I’m so happy that it worked.  They are so vibrant and beautiful!

0038_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0039_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0040_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0041_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

For the next series of shots, we were told to fake laugh.  I guess we look pretty convincing, or else we just started laughing.


0043_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0044_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Actually this one looks kind of fake!!

0045_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0046_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0047_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

The day was just beautiful!

Matt actually arrived while we were in the garden, but I think that someone ushered him to his room without him seeing me.

After we were safely secluded in the parlor, Matt and his best man and groomswomen took some group shots as well.

0049_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0050_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0051_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s best man, Matt, giving him a pep talk.

0052_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt nervously sitting on the bench in the Narthex of the church.

0053_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt surrounded by his soon to be brothers in law (Graham, Tom, Jeff, and Rob)

0054_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And then there was the photo shoot of our ring bearers.  Wait, I’m sorry, ring elephant and ring hippopotamus!  See, when my sister-in-law, Carrie, tried to tell my nephew, Owen, that he was going to be a ring bearer, he said, “NO! I want to be a ring elephant!”  When our other ring bearer, Colin, got wind of the name change, he declared that he wanted to be the ring hippopotamus!  That’s what happen when you have a 3.5 year old and a 4 year old.  Major props go to their mothers for getting them actually dressed.  Owen decided that he didn’t want to get dressed, so Colin didn’t want to either.  Finally one of the mom’s had an idea to make it a contest.  “I bet you can’t get dressed faster than Colin!” YAY!  They were dressed!  Now to take a few pictures.  These are adorable!

0031_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0036_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0032_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0033_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0034_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0035_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Owen can be a bit of ham!  Which is why we were all surprised when he didn’t want to get dressed at first.  That’s a 4 year old for you.  Colin is a bit more shy, as evidenced by when he came to visit me in the parlor!

0030_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

SO CUTE!!  Next up . . . the wait to walk down the aisle.

Wedding Recap: The Dress

With the arrival of my beautifully cleaned and preserved wedding dress today, as well as the announcement that Priscilla of Boston was closing, I felt it apropos to write a post about my wedding dress and the experience of buying “THE DRESS”.

Soon after we got engaged, I visited with my mom and grandmother, and of course the wedding was discussed.  My grandmother mentioned that she wore a Priscilla of Boston gown when she married my grandfather back in 1953.  Of course, it was a different time back then.  They were only engaged for 6 weeks, and she bought her dress off the rack at a department store.  Anyway, my mom and I decided to start looking at dresses by going the the Priscilla of Boston flagship store in downtown Boston.  We went on May 1, 2010 along with my Aunt Janean (my mom’s sister) and cousin, Mary.  Yes, I did end up purchasing the first dress that I tried on.  (You can see the dresses that weren’t here.)  Here are some pictures from my first appointment at Priscilla’s.




I loved the shape that it gave me.  I knew that, while I wanted to lose weight for the wedding, that I didn’t need to in this dress!  I absolutely loved it.  Even the ladies who were there with other girls said that it was the one.  But how could I purchase the first dress that I tried on?   I had to think about it.

A few weeks later, my consultant, Michelle, called me to say that there was a sale going on, and she asked if I wanted to come back and try the dress again.  I went on a Thursday night and took my mom and friend, Emily.  We tried on a few other dresses, and played with “blinging up” this rather plain dress.  Here are some pictures from that day.


I was worried about this “GIANT BOW”, which is the face that I’m making in the first picture.  So we played around with making it smaller or adding some bling to it.

In the end, I knew that this was my dress.  We ordered it right then.  (That was when I was told that the length of my upper body matched that of a 5’-10” model.  I’m only 5’-5”.)

We placed the order for my dress on May 20, 2010 (1 year and 1 day before the wedding).  The dress arrived on November 1, 2010.  I made an appointment to check the dress out and make sure that it was (A) the right dress, and (B) the right size.  I went with my mom, Aunt Therese (wife of my mom’s brother), cousin Elizabeth, and my grandmother.  My cousin was so excited!  She kept saying that it was her own version of Say Yes to the Dress.  While they were waiting on me to emerge from the dressing room, my family had some fun in the salon.


Here I came in MY wedding dress! (Ooo’s and ahhh’s abounded!)


I even brought my shoes!!



My dress stayed at Priscilla’s for a few more months until it was time to start alterations.  I had two alterations appointments.  The first (March 12, 2011) to do the major alterations (the dress was falling off!!  Hooray for Weight Watchers!)  They actually ended up putting a belt in my dress to go just under my bust (inside the dress) to keep it up.  See most dresses are supposed to sit on your hips.  However, I don’t actually have hips.  My mom actually put a similar belt in my senior prom dress (she made that dress).


Also at this appointment, my mom brought her “veil prototypes” (she was making my veil) and some brown tracing paper to get a better idea of how the veil would look with the dress and to measure the length of my train.

My second appointment (April 16 2011) was to check that the alterations were correct, and determine how the dress would be bustled.  My Aunt Mary (my mom’s other sister) was actually in town that weekend for some BAR stuff (you know like lawyer stuff, not drinking stuff).  It was a happy coincidence that she was able to accompany us to my second alterations appointment!


It was determined that we would do an English bustle (if you look closely you can see that the skirt is pinned up in a few places at the waistline), since it went with the lines of the dress.IMG_1566IMG_1567


I got to practice walking in the dress, and making sure that it wouldn’t fall down when I walked (which was happening at my first alterations appointment).IMG_1569IMG_1572



That is a great picture of me right there, no?

Some more shots from my aunt.


And with that my dress was finished!  All that was needed was the bustle fasteners put in place and for the dress to be steamed and pressed!

Funny story:  While we were waiting in the lobby, I turned around to find my coworker who was getting married the week after I was.  She also bought a PoB dress!  I got to see her in her dress after my appointment!

So that is my story of buying “THE DRESS”.  It was a great experience.  I was so happy to be able to share it with many of relatives, despite the fact that they all live in Western Mass (the Berkshires), Delaware, Michigan, and Indiana.  Also, I truly had a wonderful experience at Priscilla of Boston.  I’m actually very sad that they are closing.   Everyone we worked with at the store was incredibly nice, attentive, and helpful.  They really know their stuff, and I knew that I was buying a quality product.  

It was also great to buy the same brand of dress that my grandmother had purchased over 50 years earlier.  Here is a picture of me with my groom in my silk taffeta Priscilla of Boston dress.

0185_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

(Picture courtesy of Nathan Peel Photography)

And my grandmother with her groom in her silk organza Priscilla of Boston dress.

img060 copy

We actually gave a copy of this picture to the PoB salon in downtown Boston when I picked up my dress on May 7.  The put it in a plastic display and placed it on the front desk.  It was still there when I dropped my dress off for cleaning on June 11!!  Some people had inquired if it was Priscilla herself.  Ha!  So glad that the store appreciates and recognizes customer loyalty.  Sigh . . .

Wedding Recap: Get me to the church on time

Note:  Most of these pictures are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After getting our hair and makeup done at the hotel, we hopped in a limo and headed to the church.


Upon arriving at the church, I was greeted by my handbell players, who called out “How much?”  It was a big joke from our days at Purdue, and was just perfect!  I cracked up!

We all went to the parlor to finish getting dressed.  I had decided to get dressed at the church, because I was determined to NOT sit down in my dress prior to walking down the aisle.  My wedding planner, Julie, helped me to get dressed.  The only thing that I wore under my dress was my underwear.  I put on my dress feet first, and yup, I totally mooned Julie.  She laughed!

No pictures of me half naked, but here I am ready to have my mom zip me up.

0002_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Extra hands to zip.

0003_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Ta da!

0004_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

I think my mom looks kind of shifty in this picture.

0005_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Putting on my shoes!

0006_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0007_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0008_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

A few more shots of getting dressed.

0009_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0010_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0011_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0012_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Now to put on a few touches.  My earrings from Roxy’s Jewelry.0013_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0017_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

and fixing my hair.  It didn’t want to stay pinned in.

0015_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0014_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0016_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

My Grandmother helped me with my pearls.  She gave them to me.  She gave “add-a-pearl” necklaces to all of her granddaughters.  Mine started with about 8 pearls and is now a full 18” stand of pearls.

0018_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0019_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And finally the veil.  My mom made my veil with tulle and ribbon.  So much more cost effective than those ridiculously priced veils at the bridal salons.

0022_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0023_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Earlier that day, I meant to go to the ATM and get money for the honorarium to give to the minister.  Actually I meant to go much earlier that week, but it just never got done.  So my mom sent my brother to get some money.  Here he is delivering the money.  If you knew my brother you could imagine what he saying to my mom right now.  He can be kind of self-involved and douchy goofy.

 0024_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Oh, Tom!

And now my florist, Courtenay Lambert, arrived with the flowers!  She had gotten lost somewhere. 

0025_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0026_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

That meant it was time to get some pictures taken before the Matt and his people arrived.  They were on their way in the limo . . .

249410_174057062652291_100001439942453_463093_1487752_n250590_174057029318961_100001439942453_463092_8086226_n252511_553952030678_214700135_31957396_2804345_n254201_553952145448_214700135_31957400_2128833_n254976_553952095548_214700135_31957398_5209271_n259806_553952070598_214700135_31957397_5369086_nLimos are big

Next up . . . pre-wedding pictures!

Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

Well, after our awesome rehearsal dinner, we returned to the hotel, where I felt like a chicken with its head cut off for a few hours.  I had to organize stuff to take up to the honeymoon suite, take somethings downstairs to the lobby where Matt was hanging with his friends, retrieve stuff from the honeymoon suite, and finalize our slideshow.  At one point, I remember standing in the lobby realizing one more thing that I had to do, and I just crouched down behind a sofa all flustered!  It was exhilarating and stressful all at the same time.  I had four of my bridesmaids, as well as my great friend, Mellissa, sharing two adjoining rooms that night.  Finally, around 12:30am, Jan declared that we should go to bed.

I read a bit of a book, and then actually drifted off to sleep.  I didn’t realize how exhausted I was.  I slept pretty well, surprisingly.  Usually, I’m too excited to sleep.  I woke up at 6:45am, about 15 minutes before my alarm, and decided to get ready for the day.

For those of you planning weddings, here is one thing that I absolutely loved about that morning.  I had hair and makeup people come to the rooms and relaxed with my girls for about 4 hours.  It was marvelous!  If you can do it, I’d highly recommend it.

Our hair people (Kelly Whitaker, who actually did my friend Allison’s hair for her wedding, and Sarah Stears) arrived just before 8am.  Meanwhile, I had run down to my car looking for my white flip flops, to no avail, and Sarah ran over to Brueggers for bagels.

Let the getting ready commence! First in the hair chair was Brooke (always punctual!) and Amy.  Then came the girls from Minnesota, Jen and Jan.

From the back.

Both of them had super cool hair! 

While they were getting their hair done, the makeup people (Jean Folchi) arrived.  So Amy and Brooke hopped up in the chairs in the other room.


-Next in the hair chair was me.  You know, the Bride! 


Oh yeah, and Sarah, the bride for NEXT May!


After a few checks of the back


The finished product!  I’m sure that this is the best picture of my hair from the whole day. 


Or this one, which also shows my awesome ensemble!

249411_742463560306_39503437_37361889_6232995_n copy

Meanwhile, back in the makeup chairs, Jen and Jan were getting beautifed!

227195_742462702026_39503437_37361862_6050411_n copyIMG_1631

Okay, those are both Jen.  But I swear Jan’s there.  She’s just a tiny redhead.  We lose her sometimes.  Until she opens her mouth.  Then she is easily found.

While Jen was getting her makeup done, her Mom and 10 month old daughter dropped by.  Adele is seriously the cutest baby in the world!

229340_742462901626_39503437_37361868_4752716_n copy

Wait, who’s that in the bed?  It’s Mellissa.  She was in and out of consciousness during all of this craziness.  At one point, we were talking about fast food places we liked.  She woke up to exclaim “I LIKE CHIPOTLE!” and then go back to sleep.  More cute pictures of everyone hanging out.

250401_742463201026_39503437_37361878_2203409_n copy249834_742463026376_39503437_37361871_604233_n copy


Not too many shots of Amy.  She was running around the hotel trying to find my “missing flip flops”.  She even went up to the honeymoon suite to check my stuff.  She let herself in with my key, and Matt was in the shower.  She was praying that Matt wouldn’t come out.  It was so funny! 

Anyway, I couldn’t find my flip flops.  I even sent my mom back out to my car and then to her room to look for them.  It was actually a good task for my mom.  She had a bunch of nervous energy, and it gave her something to focus on. I only needed them for pictures on the football field.  My hairdresser was very surprised at how calm I was about it.  Eh . .  what could I do?  If it were my dress or veil?  Yeah, I’d be freaking out!  Well, we called Kathleen’s mom, to see if I had left them at Kathleen’s house.  Nope.  So we were just about to send her out to the store to buy another pair, when VOILA!  I found them.  They were in the closet.

Speaking of Kathleen, her turn had arrived to get her hair done.

IMG_1625248293_742462632166_39503437_37361859_1019541_n copy

The girl has a ton of hair, so she was pretty impressed that Sarah the hair stylist did such a great job!

I moved over to the make up chair to get beautified.  Jean, the makeup artist, did a great job of covering the red skin caused by my eye brow waxing (Yeah, the eye brow waxer really irritated my skin on my left eyebrow.  It was peeling at one point.  I was kind of pissed!)  Anyway, a quick stroke of the airbrush foundation, and it disappeared!

250208_742462831766_39503437_37361865_4370964_n copy250501_742463121186_39503437_37361875_7398266_n copy

The finished product. (Kathleen’s with her mom on the phone in the background.  Thus her face asking her to find my “missing” flip flops.)


YAY!!  I’m getting married!

Side note: I wish that I had a picture of the view out of the window from the makeup chair.  Maybe it’s because I stared at it for 45 minutes, but I think I will always remember it.  We were looking straight south at the Roebling Bridge and the Ohio River.  With a little bit of Paul Brown Stadium on the right side.  I kept looking at the Paul Brown thinking “My planner is down there right now getting my reception ready!  AHHHH!!!!”

Kathleen’s turn in the beauty chair.

246910_742463355716_39503437_37361883_1141177_n copyIMG_1633

Meanwhile, Matt’s sisters had arrived to get their hair done.


Next thing you knew, it was time to pack up and head out!!  Oh yeah, and shave my armpits(which required borrowing Kathleen’s razor and deodorant, since mine was up in the honeymoon suite!) 

Don’t forget to write the checks! 

249810_742463265896_39503437_37361880_2067256_n copy

And we gathered everything to go down to the limo!

I took a few flip videos that are a bit funny. 

Amy, my mom, Kathleen, Mellissa, and Jen

Mellissa sleeps through it all.

Matt’s mom and sisters

We left Doug to pay the bill!

This one speaks for itself!

underwear discussions


Anyway, just like that it was almost 12:30!!  We went down to the lobby, ran into some family members, and got into the limo! 

Going to the chapel, ‘cause we’re gonna get married!

Wedding Recap: Rehearsal Dinner and Gifts

After our not entirely efficient rehearsal, we made our way down to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse.  This is a Cincinnati institution known for their sweet barbeque sauce.  I was so excited that Matt’s parents let us have the rehearsal dinner there.

Everyone was outfitted with bibs (because that’s how we roll at the Montgomery Inn).

249091_10150216271934497_825164496_6763395_7419430_n copy


225511_742460895646_39503437_37361812_4177688_n copy

Bridesmaid Jen and her hubby, Jon

228336_10150216271894497_825164496_6763394_4055872_n copy

Little brother Tom (a Marine)

230857_742460810816_39503437_37361810_6953986_n copy

Bridesmaid Jan and her husband, Erik (yes, he’s from Minnesota, how did you guess?)250526_10150216271984497_825164496_6763397_745448_n copy

This picture makes me laugh.  There’s Matt, very intensely admiring Karin’s food.  Behind him are my dad (left) and Uncle Bill (right).  Uncle Bill is a very successful lawyer, but even he knows how to relax and wear a bib!

Group shots!

226697_742460965506_39503437_37361813_1306943_n copy

Bridesmaid Jan, Groomswoman Diana (Matt’s twin sister), Groomswoman Amber (Matt’s little sister), Best Man Matt, and his wife Kristin.

226834_742460646146_39503437_37361806_403122_n copy

Friend from Mississippi Kelley, Bridesmaid Sarah (who’s getting married next May!), Maid of Honor Kathleen, Dan (husband of bell ringer Karen)

226956_742461234966_39503437_37361821_6663393_n copy

See even vegetarians find something to eat at a ribs joint (I did actually call her to make sure it was all okay.)

229237_742462158116_39503437_37361843_5057858_n copy

Grandmother, Me, Papa (stepdad’s dad), and stepdad Kerry

244237_10150216271849497_825164496_6763393_7611560_o copy

Ringbearer Colin and his mom, my cousin Jenny

246863_742460730976_39503437_37361808_3340516_n copy

Bell ringer Karen, Bell Ringer Kate, Andrew (husband of bridesmaid Brooke), and Bridesmaid Brooke

246880_742462063306_39503437_37361839_8069578_n copy

Matt and his two sisters

247306_10150216272034497_825164496_6763399_4663315_n copy

Colin and a pig!

225226_742462257916_39503437_37361846_6283510_n copy

Matron of Honor Amy and Me

230781_742462437556_39503437_37361853_338686_n copy

Matt and Anne!! (aka the bride and groom, you know, myself and my now husband)250228_742461958516_39503437_37361836_5095420_n copy

Brother Tom and Cousin Amy who drove up from Tennessee and got lost in Cincinnati.  She was late and looks pretty tired.

264991_553951920898_214700135_31957392_3472280_n copy

Matt’s parents (with his grandparents behind them)

For dessert we had our cake lady (Tracy with Tres Belle) make a football themed cake.

264521_553951821098_214700135_31957389_616348_n copy

Anyone see the significance?  Matt went to Clemson.  I went to Purdue.  We met at Virginia Tech for grad school!  I loved it!  She did a great job.  And it tasted great, too!


The rehearsal dinner is where I handed out the gifts for our wedding party.  (Note that Matt did give his sisters and best man gifts, I just didn’t take any pictures and wasn’t in charge of them.)

For my Aunt Mary, who was my organist, I found these cute little big soaps on Uncommon Goods.  She’s obsessed with pigs.  They are called trois petits couchons.  (French for Three Little Pigs)

250270_742461160116_39503437_37361818_6851262_n copy

For reader Theo, we got him a Virginia Tech ornament, since he also attended grad school with us.


My cousin Ellen was also a reader.  She is very girly and obsessed with her dogs, especially her little dachshund Phoebe (often called “WEENIE!” in a high pitched voice) that she grew up with.  I found her this super cute little doxie pillow by Persnickety Pelican on etsy.  She squeeled!


For our ring bearers, I was told by their parents that they didn’t need any more toys.  So I sent my mom out to find them some Disney coloring books and crayons (every kid could use something to keep them occupied on the drive back home, or at least their parents could).  Also, I got them each a college t-shirt.


Owen received a Miami University shirt (since his dad went there), and Colin received a Purdue shirt (thanks to my friend Mellissa who picked one up on her way down from Indianapolis!)  Colin’s parents actually met at IU (AKA Indiana University, the sworn enemy of Purdue), but Colin’s grammy, Aunt Becky, and great-grandma (as well as me) all love Purdue.  So I got him one for his first birthday, but I assumed he has grown out of it.  I hope that this one fits! (at least when he’s at grammy’s house).

Our ushers each received something small.  I gave Graham (my stepbrother and Owen’s dad), a Miami blanket.  I hope it keeps them warm on those cold Chicago nights!  Tom (my Marine brother) received an Ohio State flask.  Jeff (my oldest younger brother and new dad) received a Red Lobster gift certificate to enjoy with his wife (the kid has been eating seafood since he was two!).  And I gave Robbie (my 14 year old half brother) a Graeter’s gift certificate.  What 14 year old doesn’t need ice cream money?

For my bridesmaids, I got them each a necklace and then something funny/cute.  The necklaces were either from etsy seller AMintonJewelry or Sylvan Spirit.  I took a picture of the necklaces prior to wrapping.


Kathleen’s Calla Lily, Amy’s Deep blue sea necklace, Sarah’s dogwood blossomDSC02968

Jan’s blue lagoon pendant, Brooke’s rose, and Jen’s purple quartz and pearl necklace.

Then came the more personal presents. 

Kathleen received a set of Penguin Glasses.  Back in college, Kathleen had (actually she still has them) these plastic tumblers with flamingos on them.  The flamingos were starting to come off after washing.  While emptying the dishwasher she held them up and said to me “My penguins are fading.”  I replied “Your penguins?”  “Yes!  My penguins!”  “Kathleen, those are flamingos.”  It’s been a joke ever since. (See the laughing below).

230582_742461773886_39503437_37361830_2971804_n copy

Amy received a rose bowl pin.  In high school, she used to wear this rose bowl sweat shirt (probably had something to do with silly Ohio State).  I had a dream once that she was wearing it and everyone was calling her rose bowl and she was really upset.  So I got her a little Rose Bowl Pin.


Sarah is my oldest friend.  And she and I have done some crazy stuff.  She’s also really good at dancing.  (See my bachelorette pictures if you don’t believe me). We decided to pay homage to her abilities with some awesome coasters! You go girl!  (Obviously, Kathleen thinks it’s hilarious!)

247500_742461694046_39503437_37361827_5317249_n copy

Jan received some wrapping paper that I she throws on the floor.  See, Jan came to my 8th birthday party.  When it came time to open presents, Jan leaned over and said “The best part about birthday parties is throwing the wrapping paper on the floor!”  After the party, my mom asked me about that cute little redhaired girl.  So I got her some redhaired girl wrapping paper.  THROW AWAY!


Jen’s favorite color is lime green.  Like it’s seriously the color of her room growing up.  She also likes to sneak in adult beverages to football games.  It was very helpful when we went to the Purdue game last November and it was cold and raining (and we lost!)  So I got her this super awesome lime green polka dot flask!  I hope she sneaks it around wherever she can!


Brooke and I met freshman year at Purdue.  We were in the same chemistry lab/recitation.  She was also a member of the women’s chorus at Purdue.  I was a member of the Purdue bells.  Every year our groups put on the Purdue Christmas Show.  It’s a big deal (in our 6000 seat Elliott Hall of Music!).  Our directors used the students as advertising and made us put these giant buttons on our backpacks to wear around campus.  One day in chem recitation, I saw Brooke’s big button.  I exclaimed “I HAVE A BIG BUTTON, TOO!”  After her initial shock at this crazy girl talking to her, we became great friends.  Brooke is also a meteorologist (as in she loves a good storm and correctly predicted the destruction of New Orleans in 2005).  So I got her a giant button for her silly gift.  She proudly wore it that night!

246801_742461878676_39503437_37361833_5336944_n copy

(It says Meteorologists make great lovers).

I hope that all of our wedding party members enjoyed their gifts as much as I enjoyed shopping for them!

What did you give your bridal party?  Have you ever received anything that made you laugh? 

Wedding Recap: Rehearsal

I was late to my own wedding . . . rehearsal.  Yup.  I said it.  My Matron of Honor, Amy, and I had appointments to get our nails done at 3:30pm.  The rehearsal wasn’t until 5:30pm.  Plenty of time right?  Apparently not.  I rushed into the church at 5:25 still needing to put on my rehearsal dress and makeup.  My hair had been curled, but we all know how well fine, straight hair does in the heat and humidity.  At least I got to say hi to my mom, cousin, and aunt while I was in the bathroom.  Plus, it’s odd changing in the bathroom of the church that you’ve attended since you were born, where you’ve changed hundreds of times for various reasons.

So without much ado, it was time to start the rehearsal.  Late.

As usual, first you start in your positions by the altar. I had my girls stand in order of how long I had known them.  I figured it was the most fair thing to do.

254211_553951481778_214700135_31957376_53525_n copy

Then we got to practice recessing.

254501_553951601538_214700135_31957380_3937802_n copyIMG_1609IMG_1610IMG_1611IMG_1612IMG_1613

After a few minutes of strategizing on our game plane,


we got to practice processing.

262131_553951711318_214700135_31957385_2204433_n copyIMG_0189IMG_0190IMG_0191IMG_0192IMG_0193IMG_0194IMG_0195IMG_0196

The readers got to practice their readings.


Our on-lookers were amazed at our ability to rehearse so quietly and efficiently (sarcasm).


Our ring bearers (Owen and Colin) and my nephew, Henry, were sitting quietly and definitely NOT drawing on Bibles or Hymnals.


There were hugs to go around.


Matt got to hang out with his best man.

252521_553951456828_214700135_31957374_2848_n copy

And was excited by the bow bouquet.

254896_553951661418_214700135_31957383_5480303_n copy

YAY FOR OUR REHEARSAL BEING OVER! (It took way too long).  Time for some barbeque!

261271_553951806128_214700135_31957388_6387604_n copy


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