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Bridal Shower in Tennessee!

Finally, I’ll update with the bridal shower in Tennessee.  We went down there a few weeks ago.  My mom joined us, so that she could also meet Matt’s extended family and friends.  The first shower (yup first) was for the extended family at Matt’s parents house.  First we ate:


Then time to open presents.  At this shower, I had to answer a question, which wasn’t necessarily trivia, just a chance for the family to get to know me.


The funniest part was when a card was mixed up with a different package.  At first I dismissed the papers with the card.  Then I figured out what the papers in the card were actually telling me.


This was sitting on our porch at home!  A quick phone call to my friend Emily and it was safe at their house awaiting our return!

It was a great time.  Here’s a picture of me and the immediate family.


The second shower was on Sunday at Matt’s church.  It was crazy!!  It’s a southern thing to have a church shower.  Luckily, Matt’s name was also on the shower, so guess who got to open presents with me!


There were so many people. 


And I think that our dishes were DECIMATED!


Best part about the two showers!  New ribbon bouquets!!!!


I cannot believe the generosity of Matt’s family and friends!!  We are truly blessed!!

Cincinnati Bridal Shower

What a whirlwind weekend.  We flew to Cincinnati to take care of some wedding errands.  Aside from those (which may have to wait, since my camera battery died and most of the pictures are on my mom’s camera, BLOGGING 101, DUH!), I also attended my BRIDAL SHOWER!

My Maid of Honor, Kathleen, threw a fabulous shower at my friend, Sarah’s, mom’s house.  Sixteen people came in from all over the country!  First we started with food and drinks.  The party favors were these adorable wine glasses.


Here are some people shots:



1.Grandma, me, Marie (my sister-in-law), Anna Marie (my stepmom)

2. Kathleen (maid of honor), me, Sarah (bridesmaid), Nikki, Brooke (bridesmaid)

3. Sarah, Nikki

4. me, Kathleen

5. Amber (Matt’s sister), Melody (Matt’s mom), Diana (Matt’s twin sister), my mom, Anna Marie

6.  My mom, Anna Marie, Marie, Grandmother, Brooke

After eating, we started with the games.  First was to name the TV couples.  I actually won this game (helps when you can name all three couples of “Modern Family”), but I wasn’t allowed to get prizes!  Sad smile  The second game was a word game: let’s see who can make the most words of the letters of Anne’s new name.  I can’t see what they all are, but let’s just say that my new name has an abundance of n’s, t’s, r’s, and e’s.  The funniest word was “threaten”.  Matt’s sister Amber won with 65+ words!  She’s so smart!

Finally it was time to open presents.  However, there was a hitch in order to open presents!  I had to guess Matt’s answer to a personal question, before I could open each gift.  I should have had this videotaped!  If you know Matt, you’d totally understand why doing impressions of Matt is so funny.  He’s very unassuming, but here’s how the game started:


What is Matt’s favorite vegetable?


Ummm . . . peas?  carrots?  french fries?  sweet potato fries?

His answer: ketchup (AKA ketchtable)

And that’s how it started!

Present pictures (including cameos by Jen, awesome bridesmaid who flew in from Minneapolis!):


Of course, my matron of honor, Amy’s, favorite part of the opening presents was making my bow bouquet.


What a great time!  Thanks to Kathleen, Sarah, her mom, and all of my friends and family who were able to make it!  I can’t believe that this is the beginning of MY wedding season!

Another Month, Another List

Another month, another list of things to do.

It’s like the list of tasks come down the queue!

Another month, another list of things to do.

At night I dream of them; it’s true!

Oh, yeah, I’m the REAL MCCOY!

It’s February and it’s going to be a BUSY MONTH!!  Here’s the updated master Excel sheet:

I’ve received parts of the invitations and started assembling them.  I even went to the craft store yesterday to pick up some more glue, so that I can work on them while we’re snowed in (insert diatribe about how much snow Boston has already received and will again get tomorrow!).  At the end of the month, we’re traveling to Cincinnati for a big wedding trip.  We’ll be having hair and make-up trials, premarital counseling, and tasting food.  Also planned?

YAY!!  My awesome bridesmaids are putting on a bridal shower!!  I can’t wait!  That means that the wedding might actually be coming soon!  Not much else to report.  Just stressing about how much needs to be done, how I need to go to the gym, how the snow just won’t quit, etc.

How about a cute picture of April?

She likes to pretend that she’s human and chill in the car.  It may be difficult to tell, but her arm is actually resting ON the arm rest.  I finally got a picture of it.

A Cupcake Bridal Shower

It is traditional in my mom’s family to throw the bride a “personal shower” (AKA lingerie).  Since our family lives all over the eastern half of the states, my aunts decided to throw me a bridal shower over Thanksgiving.  When I walked into the room at the restaurant, I was so pleasantly surprised to see the pink cupcake decor!  (to go along with the cupcakes we will be serving at the wedding)


See the cupcake on the table.  HOT PADS!!  My mom is so crafty!  They were the favors.  (Shout out to my mom, Aunt Therese, and Elizabeth for the FAB-U-LOUS decorations!)  Here, Aunt Mary models the cupcake hotpads:


And what current party is complete without SILLY BANDS (or are they silly banz?  I’m so not with it!)

Wedding themed silly banz

My cousin, Mary, wrote a limerick to start off the dinner:

Anne’s getting married, it’s true
She’ll need something borrowed and blue
She’ll need a white dress
So she’ll look her best
And we’ll get her some panties, too

First we took pictures of the cousins (Amy, Grace, me, Elizabeth, Mary, and “invisible Ellen”)

Do you love my pink tiara and "blue" boa?


Next we ordered a drink.  Guess which wine I ordered:

Hint: it was a Reisling

Did you see the “Cupcake Reisling”?

For lunch I ordered the Thai Shrimp Noodles.  They were nice and spicy.

And finally, what cupcake shower is complete without, cupcakes!?!


While we were enjoying dessert, Amy read the list of “Do’s and Don’t's” of wedding advice.

This included such gems as:

  • DO NOT fart too frequently, if only to reduce the risk of poisoning Matt with fumes
  • DO NOT hire a hot nanny
  • DO let him think he is in charge at least once a week (even if he’s obviously not)
  • DO keep your sense of humor
  • DO fight fair and be careful not to throw words, punches, or cupcake potholders
  • DO remember tha
    50/50 or even 75/75, but more 150/150

And now for the main event.  Now it is said, that at such events, my great grandmother would always ask:  Why do night gowns have a ruffle at the bottom?  To keep your neck warm. Yeah, that’s how it goes in my family.  Anyway, a few pictures of the gifts:

There are definitely more racy pieces, but I will spare you.  Also certain rituals are included in this shower, such as throwing the lingerie.  Why?  Because we need to see how it looks flying through the air. ;)  We tried to capture a picture of me throwing it, but to no avail.




And finally a picture of the whole group:

It was such a great afternoon.  Thanks again!


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