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Yup, I have 100 more days left as “Anne H”, then I’ll be “Anne T” (after some legal stuff).  I can’t begin to tell you how many things need to be done, decided, and debited (from my checking account) over the next 100 days.  I may or may not be freaking out:

Last night I had a real, bona fide wedding dream.  It started out as my bridal shower, where I realized that we had forgotten to go to our premarital counseling session that morning.  I  was worried that the pastor wouldn’t marry us after standing him up.  Then suddenly it was the wedding, and I didn’t have my hair done.  Then the makeup people didn’t show up.  I was so worried that I looked like crap.  AHHH!!

One fun thing about the impending doom wedding is the number of packages that I am now receiving almost daily.  Yesterday I received my package with a bunch more glue for the invitations.

And today we received a shower present:

(salt and pepper shakers).

I also received a bridal shower dress.  Remember the one that I was coveting?  Yeah, I found it on ebay for $50 less than retail.  And it fits GREAT!  (you’ll see it in two weeks at my bridal shower).

On a different note, I had my training session last night, and I’m very sore.  We did this bent over single cable reverse fly that totally worked my shoulders.

I felt like I was starting a lawn mower!  She commented that it’ll make my back look great in my dress.  Now I just have to go back to the gym more than twice per week.

Lame Excuse for Not Exercising

Want to hear the lamest excuse for not exercising?  It starts with snow.  I’d really like to go in the morning . . . except . . . So you may have heard that Boston has received A LOT of snow.  Like 70+ inches this year.  For a while, we were getting about 12″ per week.  We were running out of places to put it.  Our front yard pile was taller than Matt (and he’s 6′-3″).  The snow has also narrowed the streets.  Our street is so narrow that only one car can go down it at a time.  There is currently a 24 hr/day on street parking ban for secondary streets in our town.  What does this mean for me and the gym?  Well our drive way is one car wide, meaning that we park tandem.  Usually Matt’s car is blocking my car, since he leaves before me in the morning.  If I wanted to leave before him, I’d have to move is car to get to mine.  Now this isn’t ideal, but wasn’t a problem until the parking ban.  If I want to leave, I have to move his car, move my car, and then move his back.  It’d take me 10 minutes just to leave the house!  I actually felt trapped in the other day, when I wanted to run and errand, and his car was blocking me. STIR CRAZY! Here’s hoping that the 8 days of 35+ degree weather starting this weekend will melt the snow and take away my lame excuse.

What is your lamest excuse to not exercise?

Invitation Station

We’re planning on sending out the invitations in a month, and since there are 160 of them, I’m trying to put them together little by little.  For the return address on the invitation envelope, my mom ordered an embosser from Acorn.  She also ordered a rubber stamp to put the address on the RSVP envelope.

The embosser was a bit difficult (I could only do about 5 at a time before my hand would hurt), so Matt got in on the action.

Then I started doing the stamps on the RSVP envelopes.  It was actually kind of difficult to get it centered and not smudge it.  Plus, I had to let a set of them dry before moving on to the next.


Do you like the glass of wine next to the invitations?  Doesn’t it remind you of the Friends episode?  “The one with the videotape” where Rachel and Ross “you know” . . .

*dang I can’t find a video*

Anyway, it does remind me of this time that I was backpacking through Europe . . .

DIY Card Box

(note: I updated my Wedding Page AKA Finally a Bride!! page to be more organized.  Enjoy!)

Remember my current web obsessions?  I was really coveting this card box from etsy seller LaceyClaireDesigns.

I decided to tackle it myself.  So I ran out to Joann’s and Michael’s last night to pick up supplies:

  • 1 yard of fuschia silk shantung
  • 2 yards of wired 1.5″ wide white satin ribbon
  • 12″ diameter x 9″ tall hat box
  • Fabric glue
  • A piece of bling

First cut the hole in the lid.  I measured the hat box to find the center of it, and then used a greeting card to figure out the length of the opening.  Then I eyeballed the width of it.  I think it’s about 0.5″.  I used my utility knife to cut the opening.

Then cover the top of the lid and the bottom of the bottom. I cut a square that was about 13″ x 13″ for each, and then trimmed it so that the overhang was only about 0.5″.  I glued it to the circle and then glued the edges to the cylinder.

Then I made the strip to go around the “cylinders”.  The width of the strip should be about 2″ wider than the height of the cylinder. (9″ + 2″ = 11″ for the bottom and 3″  + 2″ = 5″ for the lid)  Now, math question:  what should the length of the strip be?  Circumference = pi*diameter.  So (12″)*3.14 = approximately 38″.  Add an inch or two for the overlap.  To make a nice crease for the edge, I busted out the iron.

Then wrap the strip around the cylinder, and glue the edge of the fabric to the edge of the cylinder.

And glue the top edges to the inside of the cylinder.

Repeat for the top.

Now time for the cutting the card slit.  I just cut down the middle of the fabric in the hole, with two triangles at the ends.

Glue the fabric slit to the inside of the top.

Put the two pieces together.  Tie the ribbon around.  Add the bling.  And TA DA!

There’s some glue spots that I hope dry a little bit nicer.

Total cost = $35 (and 2.5 hours of my time)

  • Silk – $10
  • Ribbon – $4
  • Bling – $3
  • Hat Box – $13
  • Glue – $5

The one on etsy is $57.  So I guess that’d be a savings of $22!!  WOO HOO!  And I actually bought two yards of the silk shantung (for $10/yard), but didn’t use it all.  Now I can use it for the ring bearer pillows!

What do you think?  What do you plan on DIYing?

Current Web Obsessions

Now that we’re getting so close, I’m looking at a bunch of the details.  Of course the purse strings are growing tighter. Here are some things that I am currently coveting, but don’t know if I can pull the trigger:

Isn’t that purse just GORGEOUS!!  Plus, if I get it in a bright color, I can TOTALLY use it again!  (It’s by etsy seller DavieandChiyo)

And this cardbox!  I love all of LaceyClaireDesign‘s card boxes!  I’d love to figure out how to make it myself.  Perhaps I’ll brave the rain (NOT SNOW!) today and go to the fabric store.  Do they sell Duponi Silk at Joann’s?

I’m thinking about making these fabric flowers from Martha Stewart as a corsage for my handbell ringers (it’s hard to wear pins, etc when playing bells, since they have to damp bells on their upper chest).

This dress from Victoria’s Secret.  I think that would be great to have on the honeymoon in Hawaii, right?

Or how about a dress from Nordstrom for my shower in February?  I TOTALLY don’t need this at all.  I think that I found something else to wear, but doesn’t mean that I can’t covet it, right?

Other web obsessions?  I have to stay away from our registries!  I went on the other day and realized that people had started shopping for my bridal shower in three weeks!  AHH!!  I want to be surprised!  So exciting though?

Any current obsessions?  Coveting something ridiculous for your wedding or other parts of life?

Another Month, Another List

Another month, another list of things to do.

It’s like the list of tasks come down the queue!

Another month, another list of things to do.

At night I dream of them; it’s true!

Oh, yeah, I’m the REAL MCCOY!

It’s February and it’s going to be a BUSY MONTH!!  Here’s the updated master Excel sheet:

I’ve received parts of the invitations and started assembling them.  I even went to the craft store yesterday to pick up some more glue, so that I can work on them while we’re snowed in (insert diatribe about how much snow Boston has already received and will again get tomorrow!).  At the end of the month, we’re traveling to Cincinnati for a big wedding trip.  We’ll be having hair and make-up trials, premarital counseling, and tasting food.  Also planned?

YAY!!  My awesome bridesmaids are putting on a bridal shower!!  I can’t wait!  That means that the wedding might actually be coming soon!  Not much else to report.  Just stressing about how much needs to be done, how I need to go to the gym, how the snow just won’t quit, etc.

How about a cute picture of April?

She likes to pretend that she’s human and chill in the car.  It may be difficult to tell, but her arm is actually resting ON the arm rest.  I finally got a picture of it.

With this ring

Well, cross another thing off of the list!  We have wedding rings!!!  Matt and I went to Jared Sunday afternoon to look at rings.  I found mine right away, since I knew what I wanted.  He was a bit more overwhelmed (and the sales lady was a bit pushy), so we put it off.  We then did some more “homework” on just what type of metal he wanted, before returning to the store tonight.  We picked up mine, since it was being resized.


I decided to get a white gold band with channel set diamonds to match my engagement ring.  It is so sparkly!  But for now I’ll have to put it away, that is until we take it to the store to be engraved!!  Less than four months until I get to wear it for real.  Just practicing this evening.

We also purchased Matt’s ring.  The lady helping us tonight was much more friendly.  Matt decided to go with a tungsten ring:



He wanted something very simple and NOT shiny.  We debated between white gold and tungsten.  White gold was a bit more expensive (although that didn’t really matter), and it also could get scratched more easily, since it is a softer metal.  Tungsten is actually the strongest element aside from diamonds (carbon).  However, it cannot be resized, and if it is damaged, it can’t be repaired.  Matt liked how it felt much heavier in his hand compared to the white gold.  I let him decide; it is HIS ring after all.  We then had to get him sized and fill out paperwork, blah, blah, blah.  Matt actually has very slender fingers for a guy.  He was a 7.75! 

His should be at the store in a week or two and then we’ll just need to get it engraved as well. 


Everybody Likes Cake

Cakes have layers.  Everybody likes cake.  You know what else has layers.  Parfaits.  Did you ever hear anybody say, “Oh hell no, I don’t want no parfait!”?

Yeah, we quote this Shrek often.  We also used to quote it in Materials class when talking about stratified materials.  We’re dorks.

Anyway, after tasting the cakes while in Cincinnati, we have come to a conclusion!  First of all, we will be having cupcakes in a tower (maybe at tables, too not sure yet). I really like the look of this one:

However, we will have a mixture of white frosting, light pink frosting, and hot pink frosting.  I like the simple look of the swirl.  Bonus:  it’s much less expensive.  While I do enjoy shows like “Ace of Cakes”, I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on something that will be eaten. This is a picture from Tres Belle’s Facebook page.

So like the hot pink, minus the little flowers.

And finally for the flavors:

  • Strawberry with bavarian cream filling (and white buttercream frosting)
  • White cake with raspberry filling (and hot pink buttercream frosting)
  • Dark chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (and light pink frosting).

The last one reminds me of every birthday cake I had growing up.  While my brothers had my mom making weird cakes like peach and cherry, I asked for the same thing every year: “chocolate cake with pink frosting”.

I hope everyone finds a cake flavor that they like.  And if not, too bad!

What are your favorite cake flavors?  Do you always expect white cake at weddings?

Gifts, Guestbook, and a huGe check

We received another gift!  This wedding is starting to get close!  My cousin, Emily (who is getting married in July), gave us a cheeseboard!

Now I can think of her when I cut the cheese!

Oh yeah, I totally wrote that in a wedding card to my friend, Kirsten.  She laughed!

And speaking of wedding gifts, remember when Linda gave us plates to enjoy a romantic dinner on? We used them the other night!  I know that you are not supposed to use your wedding gifts until after the wedding, but she purposefully gave them to use to enjoy.  So I picked up some chicken and mozzarella ravioli at BJ’s and enjoyed a quick, tasty dinner.


I bulked mine up with some greenery.  Matt didn’t want any!

I also received our guestbook from Shutterfly.  Along with our free Christmas cards, I received a 20% off photobook.  I took advantage and made a photo guest book. It is a 12×12 book with 20 pages (and 126 lines for people to sign).  I’m pretty excited about it.


What do you think?

And finally a HUGE CHECK!  WE BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON!!  We will be going to Hawaii (Oahu and Maui).  At first we tried booking through Expedia, but we found better deals on the hotel and airline websites.  It actually saved us $3500 from the original (INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE) package presented through Expedia.    We are so excited, because we are staying at amazing places and hopefully seeing incredible scenery for a full 11 days!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  What are your recommendations for activities?

And finally, randomness.  So I’d like to wear white to our pre-wedding festivities, because, I mean, when else can I do that?  But I didn’t want to buy a bunch of white clothes.  Luckily, I remembered that I had a white dress from my high school graduation.  After digging through a “play clothes” box full of old dance costumes, I found it!


IT STILL FITS! I guess when I’m feeling down about myself, I should remember that I haven’t changed shape TOO much since high school.  Actually, I’m only about 10-15 lbs more than high school, and my chest size hasn’t really changed.  It’s my waist that changes.

Anyway, guess what else was in the “play clothes” box?


MY GRAETER’S APRON! (That’s where I worked in high school.) I’m not sure if I was supposed to turn it back in, but whatever!

So I had a great, productive wedding weekend!

Wedding Planning–CHECK!

Well, we are on our way out of Cincinnati, and a few things are now checked off of our wedding to do list!

First stop:  Men’s Warehouse.  I accompanied Matt, my dad, and little brother up to get the tux rentals set up and get them all measured.  I wanted to try and go with my other two brothers as well, but they had better things to do (work and a concert, which one of those is a legit excuse?).  We are very traditional people, so we picked out tradition, 2 button Calvin Klein wool tuxes.  Matt will be in ivory.  The best man and ushers will be blue.  The dads will be in black.  The one that we chose looks like


We chose the second one from the left, I believe.

Next up: LINENS!  For some reason, Matt decided to sleep in and not accompany Julie (the wedding planner), Kathleen (MOH), and me.  I think we had a pretty productive time.  We ended up liking the blue pintuck overlays for the guest tables.


(This picture is from our mock-ups earlier this year).

And then to spice up the cocktail/dance area PINK!


The pinks look different in the picture, but they are the same color in person.  The one on the left is a crinkle, and the one on the right is a pink ribbon taffeta.

We also looked at a rentable cupcake stand:


It’s the white/translucent thing in the middle.  It also lights up!  It holds 200 cupcakes.  What do you think?  After seeing it in person, it looked kind of 1980’s cheesy in my mind, but the pictures look better.

Speaking of cake, that was our next stop.  We rushed over to taste cake with Tracy of Tres Belle Cakes.  She gave us three cakes to try.


Strawberry with bavarian cream, amaretto with raspberry filling, and dark chocolate with hazelnut filling.  When she asked about flavors that we were looking for, and we told her peanut butter, she whipped up some peanut butter filling, too!


It was delicious!  And as you can tell from Matt’s empty plate (and my plate, that he helped finish), it was ALL delicious!  I really liked the strawberry cake, too!!  What is your favorite type of cake?

We will be ordering three different types of cupcakes, so get your orders in now!  Matt and I like peanut butter and chocolate, so that’s one flavor combo. 

After eating some cake, we drove downtown to check out the directions to the reception, which we will put on the invitations.  The stadium and area around it are a bit confusing, so I wanted to poke around a bit and write down the directions for our guests. 


Confession:  we actually ended up in Kentucky once after accidentally getting back on the interstate.  Of course, there is construction, so these directions may change.  I’ll check them out right before the wedding and print off some new ones if necessary to hand out after the ceremony.

Our other accomplishment was attending our first pre-marital counseling session with the pastor.  It was a very informal “let’s meet each” meeting.  But we have some homework to do!  We were given a workbook, and should have completed it already. 


OOPS!  We only got about 3/4 of the way through.  Did you have to do pre-marital counseling?  Did you enjoy it?

All in all, a very productive few days in Cincinnati!


Not only is it the first day of winter,

April discovers snow!


but it is five months until the wedding.  I feel like we just got engaged!  CRAZY!

Just 1.5 days of work left, and then it’s CHRISTMAS!  And that means it’s time TEN DAYS OFF!!  It’s going to be a busy ten days, but I’m excited.  I’ll spend time with my family, Matt’s family, and get a bunch of wedding stuff accomplished.  Here’s an updated to do list:

Lots of appointments in Cincinnati!  And I want to get started on those invitations!  I did make our guestbook the other day.  I can’t wait to show it off!  I also started purchasing some bridesmaid gifts (of course those won’t be revealed until May).

Speaking of bridesmaids and gifts, look what came in the mail today:

A beautiful scarf!  It looks so nice with my coat!  She thought that I might love the cobalt, seeing as the bridesmaid dresses are cobalt.

And speaking of those, did I mention that they have been ordered?  Here are the final picks for the six girls:



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