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Another great run tonight!  4.5 miles @ 11 min/mile!  It’s amazing to me how quickly it feels like my body is acclimating to longer distances.  I guess this means that I should trust in the training program.  IT WORKS!

You know what is one of my most favorite things about running?  How much it lengthens your muscles!!!  I’d been really lax about my stretching routine for the past year and have been focusing on it throughout my training.  Running makes my muscles so long and pliable.  LOVE IT!

Since I’ve danced my entire life, I have my stretching routine down.  Here is generally how it goes:

Stretches in second

stretch (source)

Right, Left, Center, OH YEAH!  Pretty much follow what I have linked.  You’ll be a dancer in no time!

Runner’s Stretch Sequence

stretch2 (source)

Be sure to keep your knee at a 90 degree angle!!! 

Put your knee down and push your hips forward, and you can get a great stretch on your hip flexor. 

hip_flexor_stretch_214__1 (source)

Hurts so good!!

From there I like to straighten both my legs and get a great hamstring stretch.

stretch3 (source)

What was this sequence leading up to?  THE SPLITS!!  (Almost got them all the way back, 1/2” away!)

splits (source)

Notice these are the side splits, not straddle splits.  Heck no!  Those just don’t happen for everybody.

Straddle Split Stretch

I do however enjoy stretching my inner thighs with this stretch.  Just not forcing it.

FLEX-groin-stretch-seated-straddle (source)

Sun Salutations

Finally, I’ve been adding in some sun salutation stretches (like down dog.  April has inspired me!)

SunSalutationFinal (source)

Of course these are all mostly lower body stretches.  I don’t normally stretch my arms/upperback/pecs/etc. unless I have done strength training with those muscles.  I mean, come on, I’ve been a dancer.  We focus mostly on the lower body, perhaps to our detriment. 

What are your favorite stretches? 

Morning Hot Yoga!

I have been wanting to return to hot power yoga and complete more groupon sessions, but working 60 hours per week limits my free time.  So last night I declared to Matt “I will be going to the 6:15am hot power yoga!”  He was skeptical, and I felt like a challenge!  So when the alarm went off, I pressed snooze once, and talked myself into leaving the warm comfy bed for a hot, sweaty yoga room.

Have I mentioned how hard this stuff is?  Seriously, I went into child’s pose so many times, I don’t even remember.  My arms were killing me after the 15th down dog.  Next time I want to wear my heart rate monitor to figure out just how hard I am working.  If you haven’t tried this, you must!!  My friend told me that it does get easier, especially if you go twice per week.  Guess my morning motivation might be increasing.

Have you tried yoga?  Do you enjoy it?  Does it get easier?

Even April was getting in on the yoga act:

I finally caught her in down dog.  Isn’t she cute?

The rest of my morning was spent at the dentist.  I have to get a root canal redone (from 8 years ago) which was infected.  Turns out it is more infected than the endodontist, and he only cleaned it out.  Back next week to finish up.  But I have some nice pain meds!  The worst part was that it took a long time for me to get feeling back in my face, cheek, ear, and especially the tongue.  My tongue was the last to come back.  But I hadn’t eaten all morning.  When I finally ate some lunch, I couldn’t taste it on half of my tongue.  It was freaky!  I could have been eating rubber for all my tongue knew.  Weird . . .


Trying Something New

Recently I’ve been lamenting the loss of my flexibility (that’s what happens when you don’t stretch like you used to) and contemplating taking some yoga classes.

So when I received a Groupon email for Prana Power Yoga (which is near my house), I took them up on it.  I got a coupon for $30 (a $75 value) for 5 classes in a time period of 8 weeks.  I finally dug my yoga mat out of the closet and made my way to my first class this afternoon.

First of all, it was hot!  The studio was a balmy 90 degrees, at least.   I was seriously dripping and towards the end I could barely keep my hands in place during down-dog.  I also severely underestimated my in-shapeness (or maybe it was the veggie burger I ate an hour before), but I kept feeling sick and could barely catch my breath.  In a few warrior poses, I had to pause and go into child’s pose.  But the good news:  I still have tons of my flexibility and balance!  I can’t wait to try it again (this time with less food in my stomach) and see how it goes.  The instructor was also great, and didn’t make me feel bad at all for going into child’s pose.    And luckily, while I’ve only take about 2 yoga classes in my  life, I’ve taken Body Flow classes, which are tai chi, yoga and pilates, and knew many of the yoga poses he would call out.  I think that if you’ve never taken yoga, starting out with hot power would not be my recommendation.  Take an easier beginner class.  But it felt so great to move my muscles.  Four classes left!

For dinner this evening, I decided to actually make food at home (SHOCK!) and use the tomatoes our landlady gave us from her garden.  Matt wanted to order pizza.  I compromised and made home made pizza!  Guess which pizza belongs to which of us?

Veggie White Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Mine is the white pizza made with garlic (and garlic salt! I love garlic), spinach, tomatoes, and fat free mozzarella.  Matt’s is made with BBQ sauce, chicken, mozzarella, and cheddar.  I actually didn’t have any olive oil (who doesn’t have olive oil?), so I brushed the crust with canola oil.  No good olive oil taste, but still pretty darn great!  Matt said that he liked it (I don’t think he would say differently), and now we have lots of leftovers!  YAY!!

Update:  I took the hot power yoga on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday morning, I AM SORE!  My arms, shoulders, and abs (especially obliques) are definitely feeling it!  YAY!!  I love being sore!


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