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Music Throwbacks

I have XM Satellite radio in my car and love Channel 90’s on 9.  My sisters-in-law and I were rocking out to it on our roadtrip the other day.  We knew the lyrics to all of the songs. It was amazing, considering some of the songs I hadn’t even THOUGHT of in years.  Like “Blue, da be dee da ba dye”?   Then today, I was reminded of the song “Roses” by Outkast.  I seriously watched this music video over and over in the fall of 2003.  It just makes me laugh!


Anyway, I made some running playlists to keep me motivated and have some great old and new stuff on there.  Some of this just makes me smile when it comes on:

What songs do you enjoy running to?  Fast? Slow?  Do also wish you could stay in the 90’s forever?  There was some awesome music back then!  Can you picture where you were when listening to some of these songs?  What am I missing?


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