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Wedding Recap: Pictures Before the Ceremony

Note:  All of these pictures are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After arriving at the church and getting dressed, we had about 20 minutes to take pictures in the church garden before Matt and his people arrived.

I love the colors!  This is exactly what I was planning in my head and I’m so happy that it worked.  They are so vibrant and beautiful!

0038_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0039_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0040_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0041_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

For the next series of shots, we were told to fake laugh.  I guess we look pretty convincing, or else we just started laughing.


0043_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0044_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Actually this one looks kind of fake!!

0045_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0046_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0047_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

The day was just beautiful!

Matt actually arrived while we were in the garden, but I think that someone ushered him to his room without him seeing me.

After we were safely secluded in the parlor, Matt and his best man and groomswomen took some group shots as well.

0049_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0050_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0051_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s best man, Matt, giving him a pep talk.

0052_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt nervously sitting on the bench in the Narthex of the church.

0053_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt surrounded by his soon to be brothers in law (Graham, Tom, Jeff, and Rob)

0054_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And then there was the photo shoot of our ring bearers.  Wait, I’m sorry, ring elephant and ring hippopotamus!  See, when my sister-in-law, Carrie, tried to tell my nephew, Owen, that he was going to be a ring bearer, he said, “NO! I want to be a ring elephant!”  When our other ring bearer, Colin, got wind of the name change, he declared that he wanted to be the ring hippopotamus!  That’s what happen when you have a 3.5 year old and a 4 year old.  Major props go to their mothers for getting them actually dressed.  Owen decided that he didn’t want to get dressed, so Colin didn’t want to either.  Finally one of the mom’s had an idea to make it a contest.  “I bet you can’t get dressed faster than Colin!” YAY!  They were dressed!  Now to take a few pictures.  These are adorable!

0031_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0036_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0032_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0033_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0034_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0035_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Owen can be a bit of ham!  Which is why we were all surprised when he didn’t want to get dressed at first.  That’s a 4 year old for you.  Colin is a bit more shy, as evidenced by when he came to visit me in the parlor!

0030_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

SO CUTE!!  Next up . . . the wait to walk down the aisle.

Wedding Planning Extravaganza

Holy cow what an exhausting day.  I didn’t sleep very well (don’t know if it was nerves or the fact that my mom was hogging the bed), so I finally started sleeping when it was time to get up.  Ain’t that always the way?

Our day started with tours of three reception venues.  All very nice and informative. I apologize for the lack of pictures.  My mom was taking pictures and notes, while I was soaking it all in.

After that (which was exhausting and left ZERO time for food), we raced back to my friends house for a quick PB&J.  There were also some wardrobe malfunctions that precipitated this trip, but (BUTT) we won’t go there.

So we made it to the bridal shop with an hour and half or so to try on dresses. Along with two of my bridesmaids, we were joined by mom and the mom of one of my bridesmaids.  Luckily, the two bridesmaids graciously played fashion show and tried on at least 30 dresses!!  I’ve known all along that I wanted to give the girls choices, so we were looking through the choices and deciding what kind of parameters to give them.  Anyway, to make a long story short, we decided to go with Alfred Angelo, cobalt, chiffon, cocktail length.  They can choose the dress.  We have like 5-6 months to order them, so we should be good.  Here are two of our favorites:

Obviously these are NOT my bridesmaids.  I will not embarrass them with unflattering pictures in dresses that were either too big or too small or in ugly colors.  My mom and my friend’s mom were unsure at the BRIGHTNESS of the blue, but I think it’s PERFECT!  I love this color.  I hope it’s not too overwhelming.  That’s what accessories and flowers are for, right?

After dresses, we grabbed a bite, picked Matt up from the airport, (got him some Skyline Chili Coneys), stopped by a venue for another look, and then of course got some GRAETER’S ICE CREAM!  He was a happy Penguin!

Up for tomorrow: a photographer, another venue, visiting with my dad, brother, and future sister-in-law, and dinner at the Boathouse.  I really should take more pictures tomorrow.  I was just so exhausted today!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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