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And It Begins

I’m baaack!  And I owe you some wedding recaps and a wonderful doggy 5k recap.  But today, I want to brag a bit.

I’d been struggling with running, but hanging in there with my Couch to 5k program (it’s such an awesome program).  Then we went to Tennessee to spend a Thanksgiving week with the in-laws.  Luckily for me (just wrote “fir”, yup, we was down south!), anyway, luckily for me, my mother and father in law are regulars at their gym.  So I went with them three times to run and lift weights.

And on Thanksgiving Day, I ran my own personal 5k!  Three miles straight!  In 36:40!! (Three minutes faster than my 5k just weeks earlier at the doggy 5k!)  I knew then that I would be ready to begin my HALF-MARATHON TRAINING!!!!

I decided to follow the Hal Higdon novice plan, which is 12 weeks to 13.1 miles!  Here is what my week 1 looks like:


So today, I had to run 3 miles.  I want to run in the morning (you know, when there is actually sun!?!), but I couldn’t sleep well, and then it was raining.  Lame excuses, but that just meant that I had to go to the gym tonight.  I was still nervous about running.  My tummy was feeling funny, and I thought that I might not make it.  But after my first 1/4 mile, I knew that I could do it.  It’s amazing how mental running can be.

Of course having some Christmas eye and ear candy helped, too.


So I ran 3 miles in 34 minutes (11:18 min/mile).  YAY!!  And I didn’t die! 

Here’s to tomorrow and some cross-training! 

And it begins . . .

Training has gone to the dogs

Long time no post.  I could talk about my ridiculous hours at work, but really, we all know that the fall tv schedule has interfered with my posting ability.

Anyway, while I was away, I made up my C25K training calendar to build up my mileage for beginning my HALF MARATHON TRAINING!

Here’s a screen shot:


Can you read it?  Basically: Mondays are tap class, Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll run with April and Matt in the morning, Wednesdays are weight-lifting, Saturday/Sunday I’ll run with April and Matt (both if I’m feeling good), and Fridays are rest days.

This past Tuesday Matt had to be at a seminar early, so I ran with April by myself.  She was pretty good.  Although she didn’t understand the running for three minutes and THEN walking for three minutes.  She wanted to sniff and fake pee all the time!

And speaking of running with April . . . we are doing a family 5k!


I read about it on Tina’s blog, but didn’t win her giveaway.  That’s okay.  I wanted to do it anyway.  It sounds like a great race!  Matt will be running with April, and I’ll be chugging along trying to run it all. We’re so excited for all of the doggies!!!  Since Matt runs her 3.5 miles twice a week, we figure she can handle 3.1.  HOORAY FOR GOALS!

Any neat 5k’s in your neck of the woods?


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