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Blinging Out the Flip Flops

First let’s start with the tasty, fall meal that I made tonight.  Pork chops were on sale, and so I went to one of my favorite websites, Heather’s Recipes (great resource for recipes using mostly “whole foods”), and the very first pork recipe was this great pork chop recipe using apples and sweet potatoes (two things that I already had).  Unfortunately, when I was making the pork chops, I realized that my sweet potatoes had gone bad.  Oops . . .

So “Apple Crusted Pork with sans Sweet Potatoes”:

Pork covered in a sauce of applesauce, dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and cumin.  I also sprinkled some cinnamon on some of the apples.  While I don’t like cinnamon, I love the aroma that filled the house!


My Plate


I added some spinach for some greenery!  The pork was really flavorful.  Deliciouso!

Wedding Crafts Project

First of all, if you are one my bridesmaids and do NOT want to see what part of your gift will be, don’t scroll down.

Secondly, have I mentioned my love of craft projects?  Background for this project: we are going to be taking pictures on the football field at Paul Brown Stadium before the reception, however we are NOT allowed to wear heels.  I thought I would be a great idea to give my girls some fun, bright, sparkly flip flops!

What you will need:




  1. Flip flops (I got mine from Old Navy when they were on clearance)
  2. Matching ribbon (I used 1″ wide satin ribbon)
  3. Glue gun
  4. Fabric glue
  5. Bling! (I used 7mm hot pink rhinestones)

First, wrap the thong part of the flip flop in ribbon.  I used a 28″ continuous piece of ribbon, started at one side (affixing with hot glue), wrapped around the thong (including the toe wedgie thing), and hot glued it the other side.

Next affix the bling using fabric glue.  If you use hot glue, they will come off.  I also used tweezers to help put them on.

Let dry.

The finished product:

I’m so excited about them!  I know they’ll look great with the cobalt dresses.


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