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Wedding Recap: Rehearsal Dinner and Gifts

After our not entirely efficient rehearsal, we made our way down to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse.  This is a Cincinnati institution known for their sweet barbeque sauce.  I was so excited that Matt’s parents let us have the rehearsal dinner there.

Everyone was outfitted with bibs (because that’s how we roll at the Montgomery Inn).

249091_10150216271934497_825164496_6763395_7419430_n copy


225511_742460895646_39503437_37361812_4177688_n copy

Bridesmaid Jen and her hubby, Jon

228336_10150216271894497_825164496_6763394_4055872_n copy

Little brother Tom (a Marine)

230857_742460810816_39503437_37361810_6953986_n copy

Bridesmaid Jan and her husband, Erik (yes, he’s from Minnesota, how did you guess?)250526_10150216271984497_825164496_6763397_745448_n copy

This picture makes me laugh.  There’s Matt, very intensely admiring Karin’s food.  Behind him are my dad (left) and Uncle Bill (right).  Uncle Bill is a very successful lawyer, but even he knows how to relax and wear a bib!

Group shots!

226697_742460965506_39503437_37361813_1306943_n copy

Bridesmaid Jan, Groomswoman Diana (Matt’s twin sister), Groomswoman Amber (Matt’s little sister), Best Man Matt, and his wife Kristin.

226834_742460646146_39503437_37361806_403122_n copy

Friend from Mississippi Kelley, Bridesmaid Sarah (who’s getting married next May!), Maid of Honor Kathleen, Dan (husband of bell ringer Karen)

226956_742461234966_39503437_37361821_6663393_n copy

See even vegetarians find something to eat at a ribs joint (I did actually call her to make sure it was all okay.)

229237_742462158116_39503437_37361843_5057858_n copy

Grandmother, Me, Papa (stepdad’s dad), and stepdad Kerry

244237_10150216271849497_825164496_6763393_7611560_o copy

Ringbearer Colin and his mom, my cousin Jenny

246863_742460730976_39503437_37361808_3340516_n copy

Bell ringer Karen, Bell Ringer Kate, Andrew (husband of bridesmaid Brooke), and Bridesmaid Brooke

246880_742462063306_39503437_37361839_8069578_n copy

Matt and his two sisters

247306_10150216272034497_825164496_6763399_4663315_n copy

Colin and a pig!

225226_742462257916_39503437_37361846_6283510_n copy

Matron of Honor Amy and Me

230781_742462437556_39503437_37361853_338686_n copy

Matt and Anne!! (aka the bride and groom, you know, myself and my now husband)250228_742461958516_39503437_37361836_5095420_n copy

Brother Tom and Cousin Amy who drove up from Tennessee and got lost in Cincinnati.  She was late and looks pretty tired.

264991_553951920898_214700135_31957392_3472280_n copy

Matt’s parents (with his grandparents behind them)

For dessert we had our cake lady (Tracy with Tres Belle) make a football themed cake.

264521_553951821098_214700135_31957389_616348_n copy

Anyone see the significance?  Matt went to Clemson.  I went to Purdue.  We met at Virginia Tech for grad school!  I loved it!  She did a great job.  And it tasted great, too!


The rehearsal dinner is where I handed out the gifts for our wedding party.  (Note that Matt did give his sisters and best man gifts, I just didn’t take any pictures and wasn’t in charge of them.)

For my Aunt Mary, who was my organist, I found these cute little big soaps on Uncommon Goods.  She’s obsessed with pigs.  They are called trois petits couchons.  (French for Three Little Pigs)

250270_742461160116_39503437_37361818_6851262_n copy

For reader Theo, we got him a Virginia Tech ornament, since he also attended grad school with us.


My cousin Ellen was also a reader.  She is very girly and obsessed with her dogs, especially her little dachshund Phoebe (often called “WEENIE!” in a high pitched voice) that she grew up with.  I found her this super cute little doxie pillow by Persnickety Pelican on etsy.  She squeeled!


For our ring bearers, I was told by their parents that they didn’t need any more toys.  So I sent my mom out to find them some Disney coloring books and crayons (every kid could use something to keep them occupied on the drive back home, or at least their parents could).  Also, I got them each a college t-shirt.


Owen received a Miami University shirt (since his dad went there), and Colin received a Purdue shirt (thanks to my friend Mellissa who picked one up on her way down from Indianapolis!)  Colin’s parents actually met at IU (AKA Indiana University, the sworn enemy of Purdue), but Colin’s grammy, Aunt Becky, and great-grandma (as well as me) all love Purdue.  So I got him one for his first birthday, but I assumed he has grown out of it.  I hope that this one fits! (at least when he’s at grammy’s house).

Our ushers each received something small.  I gave Graham (my stepbrother and Owen’s dad), a Miami blanket.  I hope it keeps them warm on those cold Chicago nights!  Tom (my Marine brother) received an Ohio State flask.  Jeff (my oldest younger brother and new dad) received a Red Lobster gift certificate to enjoy with his wife (the kid has been eating seafood since he was two!).  And I gave Robbie (my 14 year old half brother) a Graeter’s gift certificate.  What 14 year old doesn’t need ice cream money?

For my bridesmaids, I got them each a necklace and then something funny/cute.  The necklaces were either from etsy seller AMintonJewelry or Sylvan Spirit.  I took a picture of the necklaces prior to wrapping.


Kathleen’s Calla Lily, Amy’s Deep blue sea necklace, Sarah’s dogwood blossomDSC02968

Jan’s blue lagoon pendant, Brooke’s rose, and Jen’s purple quartz and pearl necklace.

Then came the more personal presents. 

Kathleen received a set of Penguin Glasses.  Back in college, Kathleen had (actually she still has them) these plastic tumblers with flamingos on them.  The flamingos were starting to come off after washing.  While emptying the dishwasher she held them up and said to me “My penguins are fading.”  I replied “Your penguins?”  “Yes!  My penguins!”  “Kathleen, those are flamingos.”  It’s been a joke ever since. (See the laughing below).

230582_742461773886_39503437_37361830_2971804_n copy

Amy received a rose bowl pin.  In high school, she used to wear this rose bowl sweat shirt (probably had something to do with silly Ohio State).  I had a dream once that she was wearing it and everyone was calling her rose bowl and she was really upset.  So I got her a little Rose Bowl Pin.


Sarah is my oldest friend.  And she and I have done some crazy stuff.  She’s also really good at dancing.  (See my bachelorette pictures if you don’t believe me). We decided to pay homage to her abilities with some awesome coasters! You go girl!  (Obviously, Kathleen thinks it’s hilarious!)

247500_742461694046_39503437_37361827_5317249_n copy

Jan received some wrapping paper that I she throws on the floor.  See, Jan came to my 8th birthday party.  When it came time to open presents, Jan leaned over and said “The best part about birthday parties is throwing the wrapping paper on the floor!”  After the party, my mom asked me about that cute little redhaired girl.  So I got her some redhaired girl wrapping paper.  THROW AWAY!


Jen’s favorite color is lime green.  Like it’s seriously the color of her room growing up.  She also likes to sneak in adult beverages to football games.  It was very helpful when we went to the Purdue game last November and it was cold and raining (and we lost!)  So I got her this super awesome lime green polka dot flask!  I hope she sneaks it around wherever she can!


Brooke and I met freshman year at Purdue.  We were in the same chemistry lab/recitation.  She was also a member of the women’s chorus at Purdue.  I was a member of the Purdue bells.  Every year our groups put on the Purdue Christmas Show.  It’s a big deal (in our 6000 seat Elliott Hall of Music!).  Our directors used the students as advertising and made us put these giant buttons on our backpacks to wear around campus.  One day in chem recitation, I saw Brooke’s big button.  I exclaimed “I HAVE A BIG BUTTON, TOO!”  After her initial shock at this crazy girl talking to her, we became great friends.  Brooke is also a meteorologist (as in she loves a good storm and correctly predicted the destruction of New Orleans in 2005).  So I got her a giant button for her silly gift.  She proudly wore it that night!

246801_742461878676_39503437_37361833_5336944_n copy

(It says Meteorologists make great lovers).

I hope that all of our wedding party members enjoyed their gifts as much as I enjoyed shopping for them!

What did you give your bridal party?  Have you ever received anything that made you laugh? 


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