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The Good Runs

Today we had one of those runs.  One of the good ones.  The kind that make the other horrible, crappy runs worth it.  Thank goodness!  I’ll be honest; our training for the half-marathon hasn’t been the greatest.  Our September was absolutely insane.  Between our weird schedules (Matt’s long days, my late classes), our living situation (being out in east bu-fu), and LOOKING FOR A HOUSE TO BUY!!, we have been crazy busy.  So we’ve done about 2/3 of the runs that we were supposed to do.  Our first runs were terrible.  I think I’m not built for running in the heat and humidity of east Tennessee.  At least, I’m not acclimated to it.  I mean, the last time I was training was January in Boston.  So our runs haven’t been the greatest, but we’ve been doing the miles (mostly). 

Anyway, yay for finally a good run!  They’ve been few and far between these days.

So about that buying a house thing, it took use about a month (and one losing out on a house) to find one that we liked.  We put an offer on it; they accepted.  We just had our inspection last week, and everything went pretty well.  We’re looking at closing in four weeks.  That’s Halloween!  I’m wondering if it’ll be a great way to meet our new neighbors.  “Hey kids!  Take a candy bar!  But first, carry this box into the house.  Thanks!”  We’re so excited to be moving in four weeks.  Four weeks left of doing our dishes by hand.  Four weeks left of doing the laundry in the garage with Matt’s car in the way.  Four weeks left of having to drive April to a place to go walking.  Four weeks left until we can unpack our boxes and find all of our kitchen utensils.  Don’t get me wrong, our situation has been convenient, but we’re so excited to be moving into our own home!  Our first home!

April is excited, too.  Her September was a bit stressful.  She’s not so happy about her short walks.  Although she loves our neighbors’ horses.  She even gave herself a hot spot and had to wear a cone for a little bit.


But now she is excited for fall (and her own backyard, that she doesn’t know about despite us telling her everyday).

portrait april 3 Fall 2012

That is her excited face.

How was your September?  Exciting things happening in October? Any good runs?

Let’s Get Physical


HA!  Okay, seriously.  Until tonight I hadn’t done anything more physical than walk the dog (oh there was that tap class and recital) since the Mini Heart 15K a week and a half ago.  I’ve been trying to brainstorm what to do with running and other ways of physical activities.  See, I want to run another half marathon, but the timing doesn’t work out until the fall.  That gives me about 5-6 months to “train”.  I have been corresponding with my friend (and sorority big sister), Marnie, who’s a professional runner!  Well not really, but she runs marathons and is pregnant with her third kid, so she must have some clue about where to go.  She sent me a novel about running bunch of suggestions, especially talking about speedwork to get faster!



( Insert incriminating picture of Marnie from college.  Maybe it’s good that digital cameras weren’t so prevalent when we lived together in 2001.  Let’s just say Marnie couldn’t sit on chairs without arms!)

Finally today I sat down with the internet and came across the Smart Coach on Runners World.  I put in my current half marathon pace (2:40) and how many miles I wanted to run and the intensity, and it spit out a training schedule for 24 weeks.  The schedule is full of tempo runs, speed runs, easy runs, and long runs.  Here’s my week 1:


Tonight I was supposed to do a 5 mile run with 3 miles @ 11:57 min/mile tempo.  Well, apparently a big bowl of pasta with Cincinnati chili and beans (aka a version of a “three-way”) is not the right thing to eat.  I did do the 3 miles @ tempo, but I didn’t do the warm up and cool down.

Has anyone ever used Smart Coach?  I find it very strange that it asks us to run at such a slow pace.   I mean, 13:36 min/mile is 4.4 mph??  What if I run faster than that?  It felt strange putting the treadmill on 5.0 mph.  I felt like a turtle.  It was not “easy”, but I wasn’t pushing myself.  In looking at the weeks, many, many weeks to come, these times do decrease, but it feels strange at first.

Advice on Smart Coach?

In other news . . . I’m also adding a fun “strength training / cardio” workout!  Inspired by my wedding planner who just did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, I downloaded it to my Tivo ($5 on Amazon for a direct download!)  I downloaded it about a week ago, but I didn’t have any hand weights.  Finally made it to Target tonight!  So starting tomorrow and continuing for 30 days (perhaps with two days off when I go to Vegas) I’ll be spending quality 20 minutes with Jillian Michaels!


So there are my plans for staying physical!  Are you embarking on any new exercise plans?  Completed anything that you loved?


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