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10 Miles! Check!

Well finished the final long run of my training.  It wasn’t the greatest, but it’s finished!

Since my usual route is only 6.5 miles long, I decided to switch it up and run a great route from Cambridge to Boston and back.  It was a beautiful day in Boston (45 degrees when I started) and there were lots of people along the way. 

I started right by Soldiers’ Field Road (by Harvard Stadium):


Then past Harvard/ Cambridge


In that first picture, I was trying to capture a guy that had been rowing on the Charles River.  He was only wearing a little rowing outfit. I kept thinking how chilly he must be, especially if his boat tipped over.

I was actually a bit over dressed in my longsleeves, fleece vest, hat, gloves, and pants.  I was afraid that it would be really chilly along the river with wind and such.  So I ended up taking off my gloves after 2 miles.  I would have taken off my hat, but it keeps my earbuds in my ears.  Also, I decided to stay on the southern side of the river, since it was in shadow much of the time and kept me pretty cool. 

My turn around point was the Esplanade and the Hatch Shell.


That’s the hatch shell, but I forgot to take my phone out when I ran past it.

I got back to my car at 9 miles, so I had to run past it  for 0.5 miles and get another mile in.  Starting around 8 miles, I started having cramps and my right shoulder started hurting.  For that last 0.5 miles, I turned on my closer song and just danced while I ran attempting to forget the pain.  What’s my closer song?  “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray.  Seriously, I dance to the “motion of the ocean”. I don’t care how crazy I looked.  I was RUNNING!

I challenge you to not dance to this song.   I always listen to it when I need a huge pick me up in a run.

So here’s the stats from my Garmin (geez love the Garmin Connect to see how I was running.)



So, not my 12:00 min/mile pace that I like to keep.  But see my 6 minutes of stoppage time?  Yeah, stupid Cambridge intersections.  There were only two or three of them, but I definitely stayed there for a few minutes.  Especially this one where there wasn’t a walk sign (just a cross-walk painted).  When I finally thought that I had a chance to go, I ended up getting honked at by a bunch of people who wanted to turn right.   I politely informed them that  it was a cross-walk (which you are required to stop for in Massachusetts.)  Okay, there might have been some colorful language.   Apparently I get road rage even when I’m not in a car!  Stupid Boston drivers!  I take all honks as a personal affront!

Phew, anyway, 10 miles! 


I love looking at the stats and the little player on my Garmin connect.  Now just a week from today, I’m supposed to do 13.1 miles!!  Here goes nothing!

Done any long runs lately?  What’s one of your favorite songs to pump you up?  Do you also hate Boston drivers?

And It Begins

I’m baaack!  And I owe you some wedding recaps and a wonderful doggy 5k recap.  But today, I want to brag a bit.

I’d been struggling with running, but hanging in there with my Couch to 5k program (it’s such an awesome program).  Then we went to Tennessee to spend a Thanksgiving week with the in-laws.  Luckily for me (just wrote “fir”, yup, we was down south!), anyway, luckily for me, my mother and father in law are regulars at their gym.  So I went with them three times to run and lift weights.

And on Thanksgiving Day, I ran my own personal 5k!  Three miles straight!  In 36:40!! (Three minutes faster than my 5k just weeks earlier at the doggy 5k!)  I knew then that I would be ready to begin my HALF-MARATHON TRAINING!!!!

I decided to follow the Hal Higdon novice plan, which is 12 weeks to 13.1 miles!  Here is what my week 1 looks like:


So today, I had to run 3 miles.  I want to run in the morning (you know, when there is actually sun!?!), but I couldn’t sleep well, and then it was raining.  Lame excuses, but that just meant that I had to go to the gym tonight.  I was still nervous about running.  My tummy was feeling funny, and I thought that I might not make it.  But after my first 1/4 mile, I knew that I could do it.  It’s amazing how mental running can be.

Of course having some Christmas eye and ear candy helped, too.


So I ran 3 miles in 34 minutes (11:18 min/mile).  YAY!!  And I didn’t die! 

Here’s to tomorrow and some cross-training! 

And it begins . . .

Graeters Sighting and Announcement!

Well, Saturday was a great day.  I actually made it back to the gym for the first time in almost two months.  Do you know what happens when you don’t go to the gym for a while?  You lose your fitness!!  At one point my biceps started cramping up after some bicep curls.  ARGH!!  Must get back in this habit!

Anyway, Saturday evening, we made a short (40 minute) drive to Hingham.  Why were we going to Hingham?  For GRAETER’S ICE CREAM!  Jen sent me a message the other day informing me that the incredible Cincinnati based Graeter’s had made its way to Boston!!!  Of course, Matt and I made a trip to Fresh Market as soon as we could to pick some up.  I actually had a dream on Friday night that they had run out of Graeter’s, so we called before we left.   Thank goodness I checked, because they looked as if they were running out.


And don’t worry, we brought a cooler (just purchased at CVS) for the trip!

Six pints in our basket, please!


We walked around the area, to make it seem as if we didn’t just drive 40 minutes for ice cream.  Unfortunately, this teeny-tiny mini-golf had just closed.  BOO!


So we drove home and packed our freezer full of yummy goodness!


We also picked up some sweet potato chips (we’ve been on the hunt for them for 6 months), wine, and a new leash on life for April.


Oh, and speaking of fitness . . . (remember when I talked about that earlier in the post), I have an announcement!!  I SIGNED UP FOR A HALF MARATHON!!!


OH YEAH!  Now I just have to get my 5k groove on and prepare for training to begin in October/November!


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