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Honeymoon Recap: Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

For our second full day on Oahu, we decided to try the snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. (Anyone else find it ironic that the boy who refused to go to Europe on his honeymoon, because he wanted to “relax”, kept finding stuff for us to do?)

Hanauma Bay is a beautiful, protected bay on the southeast side of Oahu.



While we waited for our safety video (a requirement to enter this National Park), we took aerial pictures of the bay.


And took pictures of the wildlife:


Is this a woodpecker?  We also spotted another mongoose, but were too slow with the camera. 

More of our Hanauma Bay photoshoot:


Aren’t those the most flattering pictures EVER?

After the video, it was time to make the climb down to the bay itself.  There is a little trolley that goes up and down.  It was like $1 on the way down and $2 on the way back.  We decided to just walk it ourselves.

We rented our snorkels, flippers, and goggles, and made our way out to the water.  Now, I’ve never snorkeled before, so it took a few minutes to get used to it.  It really freaked me out having to force myself to breathe through my mouth, but I eventually got the hang of it.  Matt figured it out, too!


Not 5 minutes after we started snorkeling, we spotted a turtle!!  Unfortunately, the turtle was faster at running away, than I was with the camera.


I swear he’s hiding under that rock!

Our first 20 minutes of snorkeling, we stayed in the very shallow part (the top part in the picture below).


We did this, because there were a lot less people.  Of course that was due to the shallowness of the area.  We were within inches of the coral, which not only we were not supposed to be touching, but also had sea urchins sitting on top.  We didn’t get stung.  However, I did get knocked into the coral by a wave.  I had a lovely scrape on my leg!  See how shallow:


After discussing the shallowness with a park ranger, they told us that we should stick to the deeper side (the bottom part of the picture), where every one else was.  BOO!! 

We tried to stay to the outskirts of the coral this time.  The following are my attempts at pictures of brightly colored fish. 




After snorkeling, we opted to lay out in the abundant sunshine, where we got our one and only sunburn.  I knew that the sun felt rather hot.


Hanauma Bay was absolutely beautiful!  And rather affordable.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for some relaxing beach and snorkeling time, even if you’re a first-timer like me!


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