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The other night I was doing some Pinterest and trying to find this DIY project that I had seen on someone’s blog.  I started at the top of the Young House Love blogroll and visited Anna’s blog.  I hadn’t been there in a while, and was overwhelmed by what I read.  Her 12 year old son drowned in the flooding of Northern Virginia back in September.  As I read and read her entries both before and after the accident, I couldn’t help but cry.  I cried for how fleeting life is; here one day and gone the next.  I cried for a mother who never could have known that when she sent her son out to play in the rain, she would never seem him again.  I cried for a younger sister whose life will forever be defined by “before” and “after”.  It truly just breaks my heart.  His deep faith has also truly moved me.  For a 12 year old middle schooler (those are usually the kids we call “punk kids” as we shake our heads at them), he seemed wise beyond his years.  Her most recent post talks about how, since her son was taken from her at such a young age, Heaven must be greater than all of these experiences that he will no longer have.  To see how truly blessed I am, here’s my version of that list.

Heaven must be better than:

· Getting to stay out late with your friends on a school night all in the name of academics.

· Playing cards with your family and getting beaten by your great-grandmother.

· The first time your parents let you leave the house in a car without them.

· When your parents didn’t get mad that you had just totaled your second car.  They were just glad that you were okay.

· Dancing your heart out on stage and loving every minute of it.

· Staring at shooting stars on your last night before leaving for college.

· Having your job move you to Chicago, being scared out of your mind, only to realize how much you love the freedom and the big city.

· Realizing that you can still come home and pick up right where you left off.

· Playing vicious Uno with your friends until the sun comes up.

· Going to a bar where everybody actually does know your name.

· Cheering for your college football team (when they do well.)

· Staying home on a Saturday night in college making fun of a terrible movie.

· Seeing the curtain go down on your final Christmas Show performance with “Silent Night” still ringing in the air.

· Enjoying the company of your best friend over a five course meal and a bottle of wine.

· Finding out that the sweetest boy you know likes you back.

· Realizing that you have found the person who makes you happier than you ever thought possible.

· Feeling your dad cry as he walks you down the aisle.

· Coming home to a puppy that has missed you more than you will know.

· Not knowing what the future holds, but knowing that you are lucky to have friends and family who will be with you always.

What are you grateful for?  What does Heaven have to be better than for you?


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