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Wedding Recap: OOT Bags

So I think I alluded to it here, but the week before the wedding was absolutely insane.  I thought that I would have all of this time, but I seriously didn’t even have time to eat.

Monday: final meeting with reception venue (Paul Brown Stadium), visit with my brothers and 4 week old nephew, shopping with my mom, and dinner with my maid of honor, Kathleen, who was also hosting me for the week.

Tuesday: removal of excess hair, 1.5 hours with my stepmom’s brother (an Allstate agent) regarding insurance for the wedding, visiting my dad at school, hair trial with my mom (who was battling a stomach issue and went home), KROGER (!) shopping trip, wrote my personal evaluation for work, made 4 batches of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, Kathleen and I put together the wedding programs

Wednesday: redid the seating chart, made another batch of cookies, put together the out-of-town (OOT) bags with my mom, FINALLY MADE IT TO THE GYM, saw Bridesmaids with Sarah,  Beckey, and Kathleen.  MATT CAME TO TOWN!!

Thursday: got Matt’s tux, picked up our Marriage License, went to the Reds game (they lost!), picked up Matt’s college roommate (Matt) from the airport, put together our table numbers and table cards along with Matt’s sisters, all while having a BBQ with Kathleen, Mellissa, Matt, Matt, Diana, and Amber

Friday: final marriage counseling session, picked up wrapping things for the wedding party presents, packed the car and moved into the hotel, wrapped presents, manicures with Matron of Honor, Amy, and finally REHEARSAL!

AHHH!  If you read that, good for you!  Seriously it was absolutely insane!! I think that I lost a good 4 pounds that week, since I basically just didn’t eat.  I’d get to dinner time and realize the only that I’d eaten was a banana and two cookies.

So now for what you REALLY care about:  THE OOT BAGS!

The out-of-town goodie bags are new thing.  They are given to your friends and family when they check into your hotel as a WELCOME! goody bag.

For the boxes, I used the 9x6x6 white gable boxes from Box and Wrap.  Inside the boxes were some combination of the following:

  • Grippos potato chips
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Granola bar
  • Hershey’s miniatures and Reese’s cups (blue and pink from the Easter collection!)
  • Cincinnati Brochures
  • A welcome brochure
  • Mini bottles of water


Our brochure included the schedule for the weekend, directions to the church from the hotel, directions to the reception, parking information, suggestions of things to do in Cincinnati, and some great restaurant recommendations.  I created the trifold brochure using Publisher.



The water bottles had these cute labels that I made using a few inspirations that I found online.

waterbottlelabel copy

I printed them onto 8 x 2 Rectangle ULTRA Water-Resistant White Vinyl Inkjet Label Sheet purchased from and put onto 8 oz waterbottles.

It took my mom and I a good two hours to put these OOT boxes together.  I can’t remember any more how many there were, but I think it was about 60.



We used ribbon and circle labels with the A+M circle shown above printed on them.  (YAY VISTAPRINT!).  After the first set refused to stay together very well, we also used some leftover gluestrips to make a better bond.

After we finished, we called the front desk of the Hilton Netherland (this was all done in my mom’s room at the Netherland, why transport them already assembled?), and they sent up a bell hop to take them down to the front desk for distribution.  I hope that our guests enjoyed them!  I sure enjoyed a cookie or two the morning of the wedding.


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