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The Big 3-0

Well, I’m officially 30!  Since my 30th birthday was on a Saturday, I knew that I had to have a party.  We invited some friends over for make your own pizzas, some drinks, and cupcakes.  Baking cupcakes, I got to bust out the Kitchenaid Mixer for its maiden voyage!


I also used my silicon cupcake liners.  They worked great in the oven, and they’re reusable!


For those asking, I used a triple chocolate cupcake recipe using cocoa powder, melted semi-sweet chocolate and chocolate chips!

We also used a bunch of our entertaining wedding gifts.  TA DA!


Cupcake tower, breadboard, lazy susan serving dish, and cheese board!

And my friends know me so well, I received a few bottles of wine for presents!  WOO HOO!  Now I don’t have to go back to the liquor for a week, maybe two . . ;P


So we did make your own pizzas and enjoyed each other’s company with random discussions of how people transgender (oh yeah, we went there), played some Euchre, and watched Clemson not blow it against Maryland!


And what did my new husband get me?  Oh he’s so smart.  Since we’re starting to train for a half marathon, he looked into running gadgets, and bought me a Garmin Forerunner 405.


I thought about asking for one, but I didn’t.  He found it all on his own.  Smart boy!

It was a great 30th birthday, and I feel lucky to have such great friends and family.


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