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Wedding Recap: Receiving Line and Limo

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After the ceremony, we decided to have a receiving line.  I figured it was a quick way to see everyone and thank them for coming and still have the entire reception to do whatever I wanted.  Our church has a beautiful garden (and it was a gorgeous day), so we did it out there.

0152_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0153_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0154_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0156_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0155_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


We then took some formal pictures inside and hit the road in our limo!! 




Champagne was had by a few


And Matt had a Snickers.  He wasn’t feeling so great, so he was hungry.  My bridesmaid, Brooke, said “I have a Snicker’s bar!” Matt, being the gentleman that he is, at first turned down the Snickers.  This prompted his best man to declare, “That is the first time that he has ever turned down chocolate!”  Finally he decided to take her up on the offer.  Mmmmm . . . . . tasty.

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

So now that we’ve walked down the aisle (ugly crying face and all), it was time for the actual reason to be there:  THE CEREMONY! 

0099_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0100_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0102_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0103_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

The entire time that my dad was up there he was shaking.  I couldn’t believe it. We said our “I do’s” and it was time to pray.

0104_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0105_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

My cousin Ellen read from the Old Testament Song of Solomon 2:10-17 (yup, it was RACY!).  I felt like it was a joyful verse declaring love.  Our friend, Theo, read from the New Testament Romans 12:1-2,9-18, which was about being a good person (Matt is such a good person!)

0106_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0107_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

During the readings, I kept thinking “Did I choose the longest verses in the Bible?”  I was also staring at the altar wondering where my expensive flower arrangements were. (They were on the lower railing).  I also kept looking at my Aunt Mary (who was the organist), but then looking away when I saw the tears in her eyes.

0108_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0111_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0110_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0112_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Clearly everyone was paying attention to the sermon.  I honestly had no idea what he was saying.  I was wondering how long it was until the reception.

0113_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0114_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0115_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

We then moved up to the altar to say our vows (we did NOT write our own). 

0118_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Wow!  Matt looks so happy in that picture!

We exchanged rings.

0122_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0123_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And lit our unity candle.  I couldn’t find the wick on the candle lighter, so I whispered “Let’s just pick up the candles”.

0126_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0130_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

A quick prayer and then, I pronounce you husband and wife!

0132_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt surprised me by taking a nice long kiss.

0134_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0137_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Back down the aisle and one more quick kiss.

0138_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0140_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0141_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0142_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0143_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

One of our ring bearers, Colin, was given a raccoon for doing such a great job!

0144_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0145_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0146_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0147_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0148_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0149_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0150_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0151_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

YAY!!!  We got hitched!!  Everyone looks so relieved during the Recessional! (The Wedding March by Mendelssohn) Doesn’t that just make you think of a happy wedding?

Wedding Recap: Down the Aisle

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After waiting in the construction zone, I was informed it was time to begin.

My brothers, Jeff and Tom, went up to light the candles.

0055_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0056_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0057_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

After lighting the candles (apparently Jeff was much slower than Tom who was looking at him in the picture above asking Dude?  When will you be finished?), my brothers had to rush back and begin the seating of the grandparents. (My grandmother, mom’s mom, escorted by Tom; my grandma, dad’s mom, escorted by Jeff; Matt’s step-grandmom, mom’s stepmother, escorted by Diana; and Matt’s grandaad, mom’s dad, escorted by Amber.)

0067_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0068_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0069_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0070_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Music was very important to me.  I’ve played handbells since I was 8 years old.  Four of my lovely bell players from Purdue agreed to play “The Gift of Love” as the mothers were being seated.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a video recording of the ceremony (<—one regret), but it was very much like this (except with 4 people):

Here are my ladies playing.  They had only practiced for an hour or two earlier that day and I know that they sounded awesome!

0072_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Thanks Michelle, Karen, Jill, and Kate!!  My friend Beckey said that it brought tears to her eyes, because it was so me.  Open-mouthed smile

While the bells were playing, time to seat the mothers.  My stepmom escorted by my “baby” brother Robbie.  Yes he has surpassed me in height now.  DANG IT!

0073_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s sisters and parents.

0074_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0075_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s grandparents wondering when it’s time for cake.

0076_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

My mom escorted by her two sons along with my stepdad.

0077_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0078_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0082_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0083_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0084_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Our short little mothers lighting the candles.  I’m surprised that they could both reach.

Our little ring bearers apparently saw the mothers walking down the aisle, and decided it was their turn.  Apparently they went too early, but when you’re dealing with a 3.5 year old and 4 year old, you let them do whatever.  They looked cute.  Who cares?

0079_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

(See their mothers watching in the background?)

0080_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

In this picture, I’m imagining Colin (on the right) saying to Owen, “But I don’t want to!”0081_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Finally it was time for the bridesmaids.  Right before we walked over to the Narthex to walk down the aisle, my maid of honor, Kathleen, looked back at my dad and me.  While I know she didn’t intend to, but it made all of us tear up.  My dad was all “DANG YOU, KATHLEEN!”

Anyway, bridesmaids.  We all walked down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary, with a quieter section for the bridesmaids.

0085_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0086_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0087_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0088_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0089_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matron of Honor, Amy

0090_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Maid of Honor, Kathleen

And with that the doors shut and it was my turn.  I will always remember how my dad’s arm was shaking.  The guy was bawling and trying so hard to keep it together.  It surprised me so much.  Tearing up just now thinking about it.

0093_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Ugly crying face!

And there was my groom at the end of the aisle.

0091_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

As I was walking down the aisle, I was smiling at everyone, trying not to cry.  I remember seeing Matt’s best man’s wife holding a small child and thinking “Who is that kid?  Oh that must be one of Jamie (his other friend)’s kid.”

Anyway more walking down the aisle pictures.

0094_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0095_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0096_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0097_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0098_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Yeah, he’ll do.


Wedding Recap: Waiting to Walk Down the Aisle

Note:  All of the pictures with watermarks are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.


After all of our pictures with our bridal party, Matt and I had some portraits of ourselves taken.  Insert a plethora of narcissism:

0223_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0224_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0225_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0227_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0229_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0226_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0228_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0230_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0231_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0232_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0233_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0234_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0235_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0238_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt was nervously fiddling with his button, and the photographer asked him to do it again for the picture.

After all of this, we still had about an hour to kill.  My photographer asked if there was any picture that I wanted to get.  I told him about an idea of taking a picture with Matt but where we couldn’t see each other.  We cautiously made our way over to the spot (had to dodge all of the guests and Matt of course).

0236_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0237_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

We were scolded for saying hello while we took the pictures, but we definitely couldn’t see each other.  I love the natural light from the skylight above the balcony.  It’s kind of “Romeo and Juliet” esque.  Matthew, Matthew, wherefore art thou, Matthew?

Then we went back to our respective rooms to wait it out.  In the parlor we were sitting around chatting.  I started singing “Mean” by Taylor Swift.  Apparently that’s not the song you’re supposed to be singing 30 minutes before you get married.  Anyway, we were having a blast (as evidenced by my face).


Our guests were having fun waiting on the festivities to start:


That’s my little bro, Tom.  He’s “special”.


Our ring bearers were having fun meeting new friends.

IMG_1503IMG_1505249412_10100749628669999_6828596_66412623_1870017_n0060_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0062_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And our families were just working it!

Our guest book attendants (such a glamorous job.  Thanks, Amers, Gracie, and Elizabeth) were taking their jobs very seriously.


0058_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0059_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy0061_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Finally, I was told to make our way to the construction zone staging area.  You can’t see it in the picture, but my church was renovating the space that used to be offices.

0066_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Obviously our photographer is very talented to make the space look glamorous.

While we were waiting, we got word that the hotel was being slow with getting everyone’s cars out of valet, so we decided to delay the start by 10 minutes.

However those 10 minutes went fast.  Next thing we knew, it was time to walk down the aisle.

Wedding Recap: Pictures Before the Ceremony

Note:  All of these pictures are taken by our photographer, Nathan Peel.

After arriving at the church and getting dressed, we had about 20 minutes to take pictures in the church garden before Matt and his people arrived.

I love the colors!  This is exactly what I was planning in my head and I’m so happy that it worked.  They are so vibrant and beautiful!

0038_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0039_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0040_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0041_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

For the next series of shots, we were told to fake laugh.  I guess we look pretty convincing, or else we just started laughing.


0043_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0044_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Actually this one looks kind of fake!!

0045_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0046_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0047_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

The day was just beautiful!

Matt actually arrived while we were in the garden, but I think that someone ushered him to his room without him seeing me.

After we were safely secluded in the parlor, Matt and his best man and groomswomen took some group shots as well.

0049_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0050_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0051_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt’s best man, Matt, giving him a pep talk.

0052_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt nervously sitting on the bench in the Narthex of the church.

0053_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Matt surrounded by his soon to be brothers in law (Graham, Tom, Jeff, and Rob)

0054_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

And then there was the photo shoot of our ring bearers.  Wait, I’m sorry, ring elephant and ring hippopotamus!  See, when my sister-in-law, Carrie, tried to tell my nephew, Owen, that he was going to be a ring bearer, he said, “NO! I want to be a ring elephant!”  When our other ring bearer, Colin, got wind of the name change, he declared that he wanted to be the ring hippopotamus!  That’s what happen when you have a 3.5 year old and a 4 year old.  Major props go to their mothers for getting them actually dressed.  Owen decided that he didn’t want to get dressed, so Colin didn’t want to either.  Finally one of the mom’s had an idea to make it a contest.  “I bet you can’t get dressed faster than Colin!” YAY!  They were dressed!  Now to take a few pictures.  These are adorable!

0031_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy


0036_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0032_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0033_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0034_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

0035_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

Owen can be a bit of ham!  Which is why we were all surprised when he didn’t want to get dressed at first.  That’s a 4 year old for you.  Colin is a bit more shy, as evidenced by when he came to visit me in the parlor!

0030_20110521 Anne and Matt wedding copy

SO CUTE!!  Next up . . . the wait to walk down the aisle.

The Honour of Your Presence

is requested at the reveal of the INVITES!!  Now that most of them should be delivered (aside from the two going to Europe that just went out Saturday, did I mention that we have TWO people coming from Europe!?!)

Holy cow, did these things take FOR-EVER!  So I bought pocketfolds at Cards and Pockets back in June during their sidewalk sale.  I then started to design them using photoshop.  I used glue dots, lots and lots of glue dots to put together the invitation, mat, and pocket fold.  The aftermath of my gluing:


Finally after confirming dates, times, proofreading, etc.  I sent my pieces to be printed by Cards and Pockets.  I could have saved money by printing them myself, but with 175 to print and cut in the correct sizes, I decided to outsource.  Bonnie at the print shop of C&P was great to work with!  I’d highly recommend it to anyone!

After stuffing them two weeks ago, my mom and I finally put the finishing touches on them and stuffed the envelopes last weekend.


Matt joined in to help me to double check the addresses, stamp them, and lick the envelopes.


I just hope he isn’t poisoned from the glue and dies! (Seinfeld?  Anyone?  Anyone?)

We then made our way down to the mailbox Sunday night!


So do you want to see what they look like?

We have a “Sparkling Sapphire” pocket fold, with a metallic fuschia mat, and all of the white is metallic crystal.  I designed them all using Photoshop.  I got the little swirl from weddingclipart (I think).  You get two free downloads.  The script is Champignon and the print is Centabel Book (both from dafont).

There are five inserts (although you can only see four):

Reception card

Response Card

Accommodations (with Additional Information on the other side)

Directions to Ceremony

Directions to Reception (with the parking pass on the other side)


I’m pretty proud of my maps!  Dude, they were so hard to make in photoshop.  I have become a bit of a photoshop pro.

The close the pocketfolder, I used a blue ribbon and a metallic fuschia piece of card stock to write the names of those invited.


I had wanted to tie the ribbon, but we had some thickness issues.  The post office requires a maximum thickness of 1/4” for letters.  I measured the thickness at work using calipers, and it just barely made it.  So I squished them all with books before they went into the mailbox!

Since they fit the USPS requirements, the invitations only cost $0.61 to mail!  (Since they were just under 2oz).  WOO HOO!

Final cost of the invites: ~$5.50 each not including postage and the 30 hours of my time (and at my usual billing rate, that’s about $3,000).  We sent out 163 invitations, and actually ran out of envelopes.  So NO MORE!  As my mom said “These are the wedding guests.  There are no more.”

Other miscellaneous things (that I can’t show):  we used a blue envelope for the RSVP.  We then purchased a stamp and stamped the return address with white ink.  The return address on the back flap of the invite envelope was embossed.  Both the embosser and the stamp were purchased from acorn.  I used a white paint pen to address the envelopes.  The envelope paper isn’t very  porous, so the addresses streaked a bit through the USPS mail machine.  But whatever!  THEY’RE GONE!  And we received our first RSVP’s today!



Not only is it the first day of winter,

April discovers snow!


but it is five months until the wedding.  I feel like we just got engaged!  CRAZY!

Just 1.5 days of work left, and then it’s CHRISTMAS!  And that means it’s time TEN DAYS OFF!!  It’s going to be a busy ten days, but I’m excited.  I’ll spend time with my family, Matt’s family, and get a bunch of wedding stuff accomplished.  Here’s an updated to do list:

Lots of appointments in Cincinnati!  And I want to get started on those invitations!  I did make our guestbook the other day.  I can’t wait to show it off!  I also started purchasing some bridesmaid gifts (of course those won’t be revealed until May).

Speaking of bridesmaids and gifts, look what came in the mail today:

A beautiful scarf!  It looks so nice with my coat!  She thought that I might love the cobalt, seeing as the bridesmaid dresses are cobalt.

And speaking of those, did I mention that they have been ordered?  Here are the final picks for the six girls:


How to Organize a Wedding

Last night I was up until 2am “playing with money” and trying to ensure that I was following my budget to save $$ for the wedding. Then I was up until after 3am freaking out about the wedding, money, picking my clothes that have exploded in the closet, etc.

On the money front, I’m fine.  Really, I just hate not knowing exactly how much this will cost (since we don’t know our menu or our final numbers).

On the wedding front, I think I’m freaking out, because I actually don’t have anything to do.  The big things are booked.  There are tons of things I could be doing.  And then there are tons of things that need to wait until we go to Cincinnati or wait until I have accomplished XYZ, etc.  At tap the other night, I spoke my friend who got married in October.  She recommended doing as much as you can now, so you don’t have to do it last minute.  That is why I am on this crafting kick (plus I love arts & crafts).

Therefore, I made an Excel spreadsheet of everything that needs to be accomplished in the next 7 months, and organized the tasks by when I will/need to do them.  Aren’t I dork?

So not much to do in November, but there are those “ongoing things” that have to be done at some point, right?

Much of my list is based off of the checklist given on The Knot.  Obviously I tweaked some dates for when they are relevant to me.


Of course one major thing NOT on my to-do-list is GETTING IN BRIDAL SHAPE.  That is an ongoing process, perpetuated by my weekly visit with the personal trainer today.  Major move of the day: seated rear deltoid lifts

Holy cow were those hard.  I was only using 8lb dumbbells, and barely made it to 12 reps.

I hope I’m really sore tomorrow!


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