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Wedding Recap: Rehearsal

I was late to my own wedding . . . rehearsal.  Yup.  I said it.  My Matron of Honor, Amy, and I had appointments to get our nails done at 3:30pm.  The rehearsal wasn’t until 5:30pm.  Plenty of time right?  Apparently not.  I rushed into the church at 5:25 still needing to put on my rehearsal dress and makeup.  My hair had been curled, but we all know how well fine, straight hair does in the heat and humidity.  At least I got to say hi to my mom, cousin, and aunt while I was in the bathroom.  Plus, it’s odd changing in the bathroom of the church that you’ve attended since you were born, where you’ve changed hundreds of times for various reasons.

So without much ado, it was time to start the rehearsal.  Late.

As usual, first you start in your positions by the altar. I had my girls stand in order of how long I had known them.  I figured it was the most fair thing to do.

254211_553951481778_214700135_31957376_53525_n copy

Then we got to practice recessing.

254501_553951601538_214700135_31957380_3937802_n copyIMG_1609IMG_1610IMG_1611IMG_1612IMG_1613

After a few minutes of strategizing on our game plane,


we got to practice processing.

262131_553951711318_214700135_31957385_2204433_n copyIMG_0189IMG_0190IMG_0191IMG_0192IMG_0193IMG_0194IMG_0195IMG_0196

The readers got to practice their readings.


Our on-lookers were amazed at our ability to rehearse so quietly and efficiently (sarcasm).


Our ring bearers (Owen and Colin) and my nephew, Henry, were sitting quietly and definitely NOT drawing on Bibles or Hymnals.


There were hugs to go around.


Matt got to hang out with his best man.

252521_553951456828_214700135_31957374_2848_n copy

And was excited by the bow bouquet.

254896_553951661418_214700135_31957383_5480303_n copy

YAY FOR OUR REHEARSAL BEING OVER! (It took way too long).  Time for some barbeque!

261271_553951806128_214700135_31957388_6387604_n copy


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