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Where Ma Girls At?

Well two days of school complete, and I’ve now attended all of my classes.  Well, except for the seminar which apparently isn’t organized enough yet to be held.  I wish they’d told me that before I went to a completely empty lecture hall and looked like a fool (to no one).

After being here for a few weeks, one thing is for certain:  there aren’t too many women engineering students at UT.  I’ve been blessed with tons of female engineering friends at Purdue, VT, and then at my old company.  Now it seems so weird to be surrounded by men.  I mean, I’m used to being in a minority.  But it’s different when you don’t know anybody and then you walk into a packed room of 30 people and the only women in the room are you and the professor.  At least there’s that I guess.  Two of my three professors are women.  Actually, in one of my classes, I’m closer to the professor’s age than the senior undergrads in the class.  Gosh, I’m old.

Anyway, see while I’m good at making friends, I’m best at making GIRL friends.  I’ve never been a huge GUY friend person.  I am NOT PJ Franklin.  By the way, whatever happened to “My Boys”?  That was a cute show!  Plus it was set in Chicago and had awesome Chicago jokes. 

I know it’s only the second day, but I’m really hoping that we can find some friends down here.  How do you make adult friends?  Work?  Church?  Interest group?


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